Brave Frontier Trial X1 Guide

Brave Frontier Trial X1 Guide by ChangMania

With the recent release of Trial X1 and no guide as of yet, today I bring to you the guide for conquering the Trial X1!

For this Trial, I will go over the clusterf*ck of attacks these units have and some strategies on team buildups, suggested units and spheres, and more!

If you’re here, Trial X1 probably destroyed you, or you’re wanting to read up on a guide so you have the highest chance of winning. Regardless, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to do this!

1.The Basics

  • As usual, it is 50 energy to access the trial.
  • You only need to beat Trial 001 to access this trial.
  • There are a total of 3 enemies with 2 transformations, first is Cursed Estia, who transforms into Princess Estia, who then transforms into Xenon and Estia.
  • ALL ENEMIES are light element. As such, I strongly recommend not to bring dark units other than Lily Matah and Cardes.
  • You absolutely NEED a status nullifier and preventer, otherwise you will be in for a world of hurt.
  • BB Drain is prominent during this fight. As such, leaders such as Lily Matah are incredibly helpful during this fight!
  • This is a battle of endurance. You will need to be able to withstand constant BB drain and have a way to mitigate almost every turn to prevent casualties.

2.The Items

Probably self explanatory, most trials use these standard items.

  • 10 cures
  • 5 Fujins (2 Fujin Potions, 3 Fujin Tonic)
  • 3/4 Revives (2 Revive Light and 1 Revive OR 2 Crescent Dews)
  • Minor Note: I used every single one of my items after Xenon and Estia reached 50% HP (Elysian Grandeur is VERY POWERFUL) so don’t be surprised is some unlucky focus targeting kills one of your units. MITIGATION IS VITAL AND SHOULD BE UP ALMOST EVERY TURN!

3.The Units To Bring

The main groups of units that will be incredibly helpful for this Trial include mitigation (vital!), status nullifier and preventer (vital!), some form of innate light/dark mitigation (Cardes works really well for this role), and also BB gauge upkeep. Make sure and over prepare your teams!

Viable Leaders

I recommend a dark/light damage mitigation leader skill (Grah, Cardes, etc) for the first leader skill and a BB when attacked (Lily, Orna) as the second leader skill.

  • Tridon
  • Grah
  • Cardes
  • Lily Matah
  • Orna
  • Zelnite
  • Rin
  • Semira
  • Any status null lead


Mitigation is obviously incredibly useful to survive. I don’t know how far not having a mitigation will take you, but having one greatly increases your chance of survival.

  • Oulu
  • Darvanshel
  • Narza
  • Shera

Status Nullifiers and Preventers

Princess Estia will cast an AOE every turn which has 1 100% curse rate. As such, status prevention is vital. The other 2 bosses also inflict status, but not as high of a degree. Status prevention is VITAL.

  • RignessJKI’msorryGlobaldoesn’thaveRignessyet…
  • Ulkina
  • Exvehl
  • Altri
  • Lemenara

BB Gauge Increased When Attacked

For this trial, it’s particularly valuable to have a BC when attacked unit, since the BB drain can be partially remedied since the BB drain occurs before the attack, meaning you’ll recover your BC after the enemy has finished their attack.

  • Lily Matah (On LS, BB, SBB)
  • Orna (On LS only)
  • Narza (On SBB only)

Infinite SBBer

Since there is only one enemy per stage, an infinite SBB unit will help greatly with ensuring that your DPS per turn is high. Just be careful about the BB drain, since that could harm their versatility.

  • Arus
  • Lilith
  • Sergio
  • Nemia
  • Rowgen

Filler Units

Basically any filler which helps with damage output (crit, spark, atk up) or BB filling (BC buffers, BB over time, instant BB fill) are viable for this trial. The units I list below are some, but not all, of the viable fillers you can use.

  • Kulha
  • Fiora
  • Ragshelm
  • Ardin
  • Yuleh
  • Ultor
  • Zelnite
  • Semira

There are plenty more, but I think you get the point now. Good leader skills combo again will viably include both BB sustainability and also adding some bulk (Extra HP, dark/light resist, etc.)

4.The Spheres

  • For this trial, endurance is everything. I recommend stat spheres such as any Legwands and Medulla gems that you have, and also the GGC spheres as well. Dandelga on your mitigator, Drevas on your status nullifier and preventer, Lexida on your high hit count unit, and Leomurg on your non-attacking unit. (Lily Matah and healers)
  • I highly recommend Blessed Robe and Sol Creators if you dual sphered your units as these spheres will be a great boon to your squad’s survivability and BB upkeep.
  • As usual, it’s not impossible to beat this trial without dual sphered units, but it sure does make it a lot easier. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU HAVE TO SWITCH AROUND SPHERES TO WIN!

5.The Attacks You Will See

I saw all of these attacks during my runs of this trial, so it’s safe to assume that you will have to deal with all of these attacks somehow, one way or another. Prepare for BB drain and status ailments.

Cursed Estia

  • Brutal Assault – 8 combo Dark attack on all enemies with a 5% chance to inflict Paralysis and a 25% chance to inflict Weaken.
  • Brutal Rampage – 8 combo strong Dark attack on all enemies with a 5% chance to inflict Paralysis and a 25% chance to inflict Weaken.
  • Plagued Blood – 8 combo weak Dark attack on all enemies with a 100% chance to drain 50% of enemies BB gauge and a 100% chance to remove buffs from all enemies.
  • Cursed Vengeance – Fixed damage attack on all enemies that deals between 25 ~ 30% HP.
  • Transforms into Princess Estia at ~1% HP and recovers HP to 100%.

For this battle, you REALLY want to Fujin your mitigator and/or guard first turn, since immediately after the first turn Cursed Estia starts to wreck you. She uses several AOEs that can deal heavy damage to your team, and will most likely inflict you with Poison, Paralysis and Curse. After 3 turns or so, you should be able to have a full BB gauge up to fight back against these attacks. The first fight is probably the easiest of the 3. Just make sure that your mitigation and some form of healing (HC buffer, pure healers, etc) up to ensure that you’ll have full BB gauges and mitigation when you fight Princess Estia, because she will attack right after Cursed Estiatransforms.

Princess Estia

  • Royal Starstrike – 10 combo Light attack on all enemies.
  • Golden Starlight – 10 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies and heals self for 20,000~25,000 HP.
  • Banishing Starfall – 6 combo Light attack on all enemies with a 25% chance to inflict Injury, Sick, and Weaken, and a 100% chance to remove buffs from all enemies
  • Star Seal AKA THE MOST ANNOYING ATTACK – 10 combo Light attack on a single enemy and a 100% chance to drain 100% of enemies BB gauge
  • Grand Star Seal – Fixed damage attack on all enemies that deals between 15~30% of their max HP with a 100% chance to inflict Curse and a 35% chance to inflict Sick.
  • Transforms into Xenon and Estia at ~1% HP and recovers HP to 100%.

This battle is probably the most annoying and will drag out the longest. Princess Estia uses many AOE attacks that inflict a very annoying Curse effect. If you don’t have a status cleanser with a Drevas/Refined Gem on, you will not survive. Otherwise, she doesn’t hit very hard, but Star Seal steals your BB gauge and is an incredibly annoying attack. At around 50% HP she will cast Star Sealmultiple times a turn, but luckily it doesn’t hit very hard. At around 25% Estia will switch back to AOE Curse-inflicting attacks, but they should be easier to deal with now. Make sure to have mitigation and full BB gauges for the next battle, since Xenon and Estia attack right after Princess Estia transforms.

Xenon and Estia

  • Tag Assault – 8 combo Light attack on all enemies with a 15% chance to inflict Weaken.
  • Elysian Grandeur VERY HARD HITTING ATTACK – 8 combo massive [600%] Light attack on all enemies with a 100% chance to inflict Poison.
  • Heartened Zeal – 8 combo weak Light attack on all enemies and boosts Atk by 95% and Def by 350% for 2 turns.
  • Tag Deception – 8 combo powerful Light attack on all enemies with a 100% chance to inflict Paralysis and a 100% chance to drain 50% of enemies BB gauge.
  • Royal Radiance – 6 combo attack on all enemies and gradually heals self for between 5,000~10,000 HP for 3 turns
  • Lunar Shroud – 6 combo weak attack on all enemies and casts strong Dark shield [40,000 HP and 600 Def] on self for 7 turns.

This battle should give you the least amount of trouble until the 50% HP mark. This fight hits a bit harder than the previous one. Once they drop below 50% HP though, they’ll start using an attack called Elysian Grandeur. This attack hits very hard even through mitigation and mitigation LS. Make sure to mitigate, heal, and guard all dark units. They do this for 3-4 turns, and after those turns, the fight is really easy. They spam Royal Radiance at below 25% HP, and cast Lunar Shroud below 10% HP, but the chance of this occurring is random. There is no revive loop so once you get them to 0% HP, congrats, you beat the trial!

6.The Rewards

You get the following rewards for the successful completion of this trial.

  • The Xentar sphere (Xentar: +30% ATK/HP, +15% DEF, +10% resistance to Dark, +10% BC drop rate)
  • 3,000,000 Zel plus any Zel obtained during the trial.
  • Any karma obtained during the trial.
  • 1 gem
  • 1 Sphere Frog
  • 60,000 XP

Congrats if you conquered this trial! Enjoy that Xentar sphere!

If there’s anything I’m missing, any information that is incorrect, or if you want to contribute, please PM me or post below!

Thanks for reading this guide and best of luck! :)


How to cheese this trial

Bring 3 units, no items needed. (They are optional)

  • Rin Lead (Any Sphere)
  • Rin Friend (Any Sphere)
  • Hadaron Subunit (SBB unlocked, Equip Lexida+Sol Creator)

Let both Rins die as Hadaron is the only unit surviving. You can expedite the process by fujining Hadaron. Make sure to follow this simple attack pattern.

SBB – Normal Attack – SBB -Normal Attack – SBB – etc.

You can either leave it on auto battle or do the trial manually, enjoying this free sphere in the process! Enjoy!

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