Guild Wars 2 Bioluminescence Collection Guide

Guild Wars 2 Bioluminescence Collection Guide by fur_tea_tree

This guide became longer than I though it would, hopefully it is useful for someone. I’ve used a title that should make searching for it easier.

Edit – Something I forgot to mention… if you replay episode 6 on other characters you get another BL key. Which can be useful/a nice reward.

For a lot of you this information is already known, however for new/returning players or those who’ve not bothered with it until now, I thought I’d put a complete guide together as there were things in here that I didn’t know until recently that have helped me (the HoT hype train and Christmas break are probably the main culprits for me missing the information).

The rewards:

  • An ascended armour chest that lets you pick one piece of ascended armour.
  • 5 Transmutation charges
  • The title ‘Light in the Darkness’
  • 30 achievement points
  • Both the Carapace and Luminescent armours for every armour class; In game codes, Dulfy’s for images, or check them out at your bank.

For this achievement you will need:

  • Episodes 5 to 8 unlocked of living story season 2
  • Each armour class of the 6 carapace armours (18 total)
  • 6 ascended trinkets
  • 6 organs from each of the 4 boss types; husk, troll, thrasher and teragriff (24 total)
  • 6 miscellaneous items in your inventory when you interact with the ‘luminescent pollen clouds’ found after defeating a boss underground during the breach
  • 6 items obtained from SW quartermasters

For collecting the armour pieces:

ShoulderEpisode 5, repeatable on different characters.1000 crests & 1 gold.Rare drop from champions in SW.
GlovesEpisode 6, one time only and PvP SW reward track, one time only.1000 crests & 1 gold.Rare drop from ‘lost bandit chests’ and ‘greater nightmare pod’.
BootsNone.After completing ‘ambassador’s aid’ achievement, 1000 crests & 1 gold.Rare drop from ‘lost bandit chests’.
LeggingsEpisode 7, repeatable on different characters.1000 crests & 1 gold.None.
HelmEpisode 8, repeatable on different characters.1000 crests & 1 gold.None.
ChestFirst kill of ‘mordrem vinewrath’.None.Rare(ish) drop from chest after killing the ‘mordrem vinewrath’ (Drop rates vary greatly but looks to be ~20%).

For collecting the ascended trinkets:

Collection pieceItem nameAcquired
ShouldersCaithe’s BlossomComplete all episode 5 achievements.
GlovesPlague SignetComplete all episode 6 achievements.
BootsWynne’s LocketComplete all episode 7 achievements.
LeggingsVerata’s Seared RingBought for 1000 crests & 10 gold.
HelmJurah’s JewelBought for 1000 crests & 10 gold.
ChestCaithe’s RemorseComplete all episode 8 achievements.

For the organ pieces you need to use a ‘mordrem extraction device’ before killing one of the bosses in the breach. (Note, it is no longer possible to tag every boss and get the organ bag of each.) Use the device before entering the breach and kill the boss to automatically consume the 3 hour effect applied by the device and receive a bag for that boss. You can also use specific extractors that cost more than the random (2 silver and 30 crests instead of 80 copper and 12 crests). You may, after killing the boss have a chance to go to another fort, use another device and get a second bag from one breach event. The blue and amber forts are usually the first to kill the bosses, though this isn’t always the case. It is also possible to use the ‘mordrem extraction device’ before going through the vinewall in the event after the breach to get an organ bag from the thrasher, troll and teragriff bosses there. (Note, that the eye and kidney do not have a specific extractor as of writing this, you can get 1 from the story achievements of episode 8, it is likely but not certain that specific extractors for these organs will be added later).

FortBoss typeMordrem Vinewrath Path
BlueThrasherMiddle Path
IndigoTeragriffNorth Path
AmberTrollSouth Path

These organ pieces can be handed in for more crests to the cryptobotanist for extra bandit crests who moves around every 30 minutes giving higher rewards for certain organs depending on where he is (he follows a set track asking for the same organs at the same places). Final note regarding organs, you have a chance to get a rare or exotic organ worth more crests that doesn’t count towards the collection achievement.

For the miscellaneous items you will need the following in your inventory during the breach:

Interact with the underground pollen cloud after the breach (once for each item in inventory) you can now sell the items.

For the items obtained from the quartermasters you simply need to talk to the SW quartermasters when a fort is held by the pact and not under attack with 3 stacks of perseverance (you get them every time you complete an event in SW) which you will ‘trade’ for 1 of six luminescent armour parts, i.e. you need to trade a total of 18 stacks, 3 at a time (can only have a maximum of 5 stacks at any one time).

Tips – If you can get an armour piece without spending crests, do, you’ll be needing a lot of crests. Buy the ascended jewellery before the armour pieces, many of the armour boxes can drop, the jewellery can’t. You can do all 6 miscellaneous items at once. Keep collecting organs after you have all of them, only use specific extractors at the end as they cost more crests. Keys, whilst alluring are a good way to use up your crests, although there is the chance to drop armour pieces it’s a gamble, IMPORTANT – Magic find does effect the drops, so get 5 stacks of perseverance (can anyone confirm if other MF effects boost your chance?).

Useful Links

Dulfy guides for achievements:

Silverwastes Survival Guide

But where do I start?!

  • Complete each episode story and then that episode achievements using the dulfy guides.
  • Repeat the story of episode 5, 7 and 8 on two other characters.
  • Buy a few organ extractors.
  • Use LFG to find a SW map with 25-50% completion, join and participate in events for crests.
  • Breach, go to the fort, jump down (aim for the middle of the mouth or you might bug out and die for some reason) don’t forget extractor.
  • Mordem Vinewrath, go to the far west, participate, use the extractor before fighting the boss, wait for others to kill, go through and open the chest.
  • Use LFG to find a SW map with…. and repeat.

Again, I hope this helps, let me know if anything is missing/wrong and I will make changes when I can.

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