Guild Wars 2 Temple of Grenth Tips and Tricks

Guild Wars 2 Temple of Grenth Tips and Tricks by Slender Man

The Temple of Grenth is one of the 5 Temple meta chains that exists in the Orrian region. Each of the 5 Temples control’s statues all over the area, that have negative effects on you when you’re near them. They are as such.

  • Balthazar

-Meteors rain from the sky randomly around his statues

  • Dwayna

-You cannot heal while under Dwanya’s Lament

  • Grenth

-You periodically take damage while under Grenth’s Touch

  • Lyssa

-Summons AoE’s that stun and daze anyone that touchs them

  • Melandru

-Bleeds and Cripples people that enter her statues influence.
As you can see, the various debilitating effects can make it difficult to progress through certain areas (Like events, and skill challenges), and it’s definitely a wise idea to regain control of the temples if possible.

The reward for completing any temple, is a Chest; A karma NPC that will sell the temples respective exotic armor set, and the disabling of all corresponding statues.

Each of the temples contains a Champion Risen Priest event, which is usually the hardest part of the chain (Melandru is an exception in this case.) They usually contain their own set of special mechanics to make the encounter interesting and difficult.

The Temple of Grenth starts out at the Bottom left island of Cursed Shore, You start the event by drawing close to the broken bridge on the top eastern side of the island, and a Helicopter will drop 3 NPC’s for you. Your goal is to escort these NPC’s all the way into the heart of the Temple to defeat the Risen Priest.

The first event involves you escorting them until Jonez realizes that you’ll need a method to deal with the Risen Claws (The Fish Catapults) in order to get any reinforcements later on.

The second event involves you defending Footi until she can erect a cannon to take down the Claws

The third event involves you escorting Jonez and Ambrose to the light house so you can flag down your reinforcements

The fourth event involves you destroying 4 energy pods near the light house to clear it up.

The fifth event involves you escorting Jonez into the heart of the temple.

The sixth event is the battle with the Priest

The seventh event is to defend Jonez while he clear the corruption.

Temple of Grenth is probably the easiest Temple to complete, next to Temple of Dwayna. It’s still extremely difficult for unorganized groups, and moderately difficult for organized groups who don’t fully understand the encounter.

The only real difficulty, is defeating the priest. While you are fighting the Risen Priest of Grenth, You must protect Jonez or you will fail the event. The Risen Priest drops Ice Comets periodically which will 2 shot Jonez, these Comets also summon small Ice elementals that will suicide bomb for roughly 700~ damage. On top of this, there are shades that will periodically spawn, these shades are invulnerable to damage, unless you have the “Entered Grenth’s Realm” debuff.

The shape of the room is a +, on the horizontal ends of the room, there are 2 purple pits that form when the event starts. Entering these pits will put the Grenths Realm debuff on you, and take away your ability to assist fallen allies. Not only this, but you will take stacks of Grenth’s Corruption faster; which amplifies any damage you are taking.

The strategy of the fight is rather simple once you have a large enough group and are organized. You split half of the group to be on Shade Duty, and the other half to be on Priest Duty. The Shade group should be the first ones in, their job is to touch the pits, then pull the shades and kill them. After this, it’s advised you clear the room as much as you can before you engage the Priest. The Priest group, will engage the Priest first, and at no time is allowed to back off. If the Priest is pulled close to Jonez, you’ve failed the event, he’ll die to Comet AoE’s. Every 10-20%, have the Shade group pull away from the Priest and wait for Shades to respawn, then clear them.

Rinse and repeat, and you’ve defeated the Temple Priest.

The Temple of Grenth armor stats are Condition Damage, Power, and Toughness. They contain Runes of Superior Grenth and are of Exotic level 80 Quality.

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