Brave Frontier Frontier Hunter Advanced Team Buildling

Brave Frontier Frontier Hunter Advanced Team Buildling by Formana


  • If you plan to take on Terminus, this is the place for you!
  • If you’re new to Frontier Hunter, please check out the Team Building and General Guide!
  • Play by Play and Survival guides will be available every season within 24 hours after the event starts.

What’s different?

  • Significantly harder!
  • Spawns do not change at all!
  • Requires a lot of planning and precision!



  • Grah – you can never go wrong with Grah. He provides well rounded stats as well as mitigation. He also provides a light/dark element buff for the whole team.


  • Rainbow Leaders – I wouldn’t recommend a mono team for Terminus because you would be missing out on too much Elemental Weakness points. Good rainbow leaders include Lodin and Dia, who also provides BC generation.
  • Raging Might Leaders – Also doubles up as a BC Production leader when sparking. Recommended for this category is Luther, who also provides a BC up buff as well as a 28-hit SBB built into his kit. This works best with another Raging Might Leader or an Ares Leader and a high-hit count squad.
  • Maxwell Leader – Best suited for OTK teams. Only provides a 30% Crit buff but can be easily remedied by spheres. If you’re going to run a Maxwell leader, might as well run a Maxwell friend too. If you can’t OTK, go for the other route.

BC Production

  • Ares Leaders – Recommended leaders include Felneus and Uda because they also have a BC drop buff included in their kit. Other Ares Leaders like Faris and Elza would suffice but the team would require a BC up buff from another source to make sure that the team is consistent.
  • Deemo – I would only recommend Deemo if all your units have an upward of 20 hits on their BB/SBB and you can spark well. He provides a very solid 0.5 Spark buff but his stats are low because he’s a 5* unit.
  • Zelnite Leader – A solid all around leader and also provides a decent drop rate buff for HC along with BC. Also gives BC to all of your other squadmates upon activation of BB/SBB.


  • Every season of Terminus is no pushover, so make sure your units are at max level and SBB. This way, you’ll worry less about adding in additional mechanics to your team in order to make up for the lack of damage, mitigation or whatsoever.
  • The main focus is to first be able to sustain unlimited BB against at least two enemies.
  • Then you have to decide whether you can OTK, 3TK or just clear.

Elemental Changers

  • The most essential part of an FH team. These units make sure that you are dealing at least natural damage to enemies. A well built FH team takes advantage of all the elemental changers that can be squeezed into the squad. Recommended units incldue Grah, who can fill the role of a mitigation leader as well as provide light/dark element to your squad. Always use Elemental Changers first if you can take advantage of it.

Offensive Buffs

  • Spark up – The most consistent damage buff in the game but depends greatly on your team’s sparking synergy and your ability to spark. Great spark up units include Luther and Elza.
  • Crit up – Where most of the damage comes from, up this buff second after changing elements if you have a high multiplier for Critical Hits. Great Crit buffers include Maxwell, the most ideal leader for an OTK team and SGX, who provides the highest Crit buff in the game and can also change elements.
  • ATK up – The least important buff in FH. It provides a miniscule increase in damage compared to Elemental Weakness, Critical Hits and Sparks while spamming Brave Bursts. Great ATK up units include Michele, who can also change elements and Kuda, who can also provide a Crit buff.

Defensive Buffs

  • Status Immunity – Very important if you’re planning to go for the long haul because you’re certainly going to run out of resources. Recommended units include Melchio, who can provide light element to your squad but not purge status conditions and Exvehl, who has a solid 24-hit SBB along with the ability to purge status conditions.
  • Mitigation – Certainly not required for OTK and not required for any kind of clear but is a nice addition and can make the team very consistent. The sad part here is, Darvanshel is the only mitigator that has a MT attack and having an MT attack built into the kit is very important for FH.
  • DEF up – Not that good by itself anymore and is overshadowed by mitigation. If you really want to use a DEF up buff, use the ones that can provide another buff like Zelban and Bran, who are also elemental changers. Darvanshel also has a DEF buff built into his kit.

Production Buffs

  • BC up – The second most important part of an FH team and makes sure that your unlimited SBB engine keeps running. The best unit for this would undoubtedly be Zelnite who, provides a BC up buff as well as a BC up upon BB/SBB. The next best alternative is Dia, who can also change elements.
  • HC up – Mostly unneeded but is a welcome addition to a team aiming for longer clears. Great HC up units include Faris who also has a high amount of hits to take advantage of the HC mechanic.


  • Stat up – You can never go wrong in using basic stat up spheres like Sacred Jewels and better versions.
  • Amanohabaken – The base sphere for an OTK team. With these, you’ll end up at a healthy 60% crit chance with Maxwell’s Crit buff.
  • Spark Up – Consistent damage dealing spheres. Put these on your compact high-hit count units like Luther.
  • Geldnite Axe – This sphere will help you deal the most damage. Put this sphere on your strong units or the ones that will most likely attack first like Maxwell.

Clear Types

Survival Clear

  • This is the entry level method for Terminus and is focused on surviving and being able to get the rewards.
  • This method is aimed at players who are new to Terminus or who can’t put together a team that can 3TK or OTK.
  • The best way that the community can help you is to post all your possible units in the Live Guide that I will be posting every Terminus season.
  • For these survival guides, I’ll be limiting my team to free units like Grah and Deemo and easy to acquire spheres like Sacred Jewels.

Three Turn Kill

  • This method yields the most points and gets the most out orb.
  • The hardest part of this method is formulating a bulky enough team to tank through at most three turns and killing all of them at the same time.
  • Elemental changers are definitely required for this team. The more elements you can exploit, the better the yield. You can opt not to bring the counter-element if it only shows up once or twice in the run.

One Turn Kill

  • This method does not yield the most points but can do the fastest clear. This method is recommended for the players competing for top spots.
  • The hardest part of this method is balancing damage and BC production. The easiest way to currently remedy this is to have a Maxwell Leader and Friend and have BC drop buff unit as a squadmate.
  • Never be satisfied that you can simply OTK. Constatly make adjustments to your team to push more damage for more overkill points. Adding in more Elemental Changers to cover what you might have missed may help to push for more points!

Sample Squads

Basic F2P

  • Deemo – Medulla Gem (Leader)
  • Deemo – Sacred Jewel
  • Deemo – Sacred Jewel
  • Deemo – Sacred Jewel
  • Deemo – Sacred Jewel
  • Darvanshel – Dandelga, Fake Stone (Friend)

Basic 3TK

  • Grah – Legwand Gem (Leader)
  • Michele – Medulla Gem
  • Duel-SGX – Medulla Gem
  • Darvanshel – Dandelga, Evil Shard
  • Exvehl – Drevas
  • Uda – Legwand Gem, Sol Creator (Friend)

Basic OTK

  • Maxwell – Amanohabaken, Geldnite Axe (Leader)
  • Michele – Heavenly Bud
  • Duel-SGX – Steeple Rose
  • Luther – Batootha
  • Douglas – Steeple Rose
  • Maxwell – Amanohabaken, Geldnite Axe (Friend)

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