Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Hammer vs Alatreon Guide

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Hammer vs Alatreon Guide by IggyKami

I’ve been farming Alatreon for the past few days just to get my hands on some Alatreo Direwings for my lance. Thank you Desire Sensor for denying me that third and last wing to have me make a guide to collect my thoughts. It should be noted that some Alatreon parts that could be gotten from breaks can be recieved in the rewards. This is very forgiving considering you should only be targetting the head, which is its major weak spot. I have taken hits using these tactics before but that’s because of my fast deteriorating focus during long quests.

I’ll answer any questions you have as long as they’re within my ability to.

The Armor I use: I have no trouble completing the quest in 35 minutes on average with Full Helios X. The charm I use is Handicraft+5 Tranquilizr+1 (Tranquilizr does nothing; it’s just there), and gemmed in is a Handicraft+1 jewel, 5 BombBoost+2 jewels, and the Grongigas provides a slot to negate the Demonic Protection with a Protection+1 or +2 jewel. The full skill set is HG Earplugs, Sharpness+1, Awaken, Partbreaker and Bombardier. This is a standard Grongigas Armor set.

The Hammer: The majority of the attacks you want to connect with are the triple combo, the level 1 charge to continue the triple combo when it’s KOed, level 2 charge (dubbed as the Hammer Flip; you will probably be using this the most), and stationary level 3 charge (dubbed as the Super Pound). The golf swing of the triple combo and spin attack does the most raw and KO in the hammer moveset. The second most raw delivered would be from the second hit of the Super Pound. The second most KO delivered would be from the Hammer Flip.

The Inventory: My standard inventory consists of max count Combo Books 1 and 2, Potions and Honey, Mega Potions, Max Potions, Ancient Potion, Attack and Defense Buff Charms and Talons, Cool Drinks, Cleansers, Flash Bombs, Farcaster, Whetstones, Might Seeds, and Nulberries. (DJ, I still don’t condone bringing combines for Ancient Potions. Having to combine each one at a time is too tedious for me.) I’m refraining from bringing Might Pills, Dash Juices, Farcaster combines, and Flash Bomb combines for the sake of saving resources.

Versus Alatreon: Starting off, the Alatreon is unaware of your presence. You want to close the gap about 3 steps before consuming a Might Pill or Might Seed. As soon as he notices you, walk away slightly while positioning yourself to its right facing inward. As soon as he starts his roar (he bows his head) you want to do an Unsheathe Attack and begin a triple combo. If all goes well, the second hit and the golf swing will connect (and maybe the Unsheathe Attack during his head bowing). Read up on The Turn-a-pound, Ground Mode, and Flight Mode before continuing. If you manage to KO him before he rages or enters flight mode, position yourself near his throat below and facing towards his chin. Start a Triple Combo and use a level 1 to begin another Triple Combo. You should be able to pull off 2 Triple Combos during each KO session, and each hit should connect with the head prompted by blood splatter and yellow lines of KO. During the end of the triple combo, you can follow up with a level 1 double smack or a Hammer Flip as he’s getting up. Feel free to finally drink that Cool Drink now because he’ll jump backwards and begin to fly. On the off chance he goes into rage mode first, he’ll jump back and give you an opening to pull off a Hammer Flip to KO him before he jumps back again and begin his flight. If you pull off a KO, do the double Triple Combo. If he jumps back to go into Flight Mode, feel free to take a Cool Drink and continue to KO him out of the air.

The Turn-a-pound – Timing and Positioning: During his Dragon Charges, you want to have him rush past you (without taking damage of course) and position yourself tail length’s away (just before the spikes begin from the shaft) anywhere past 90 degrees from his head. Anything less than 90 degrees guarantees a chance for him to do his pounce and you being locked into an attack animation. If still holding the charge (most times are when he’s pouncing), you deploy a Super Pound. There are 2 prompts to releasing the charge. Outside of rage mode, you release during around 50% of the turn. While in rage mode, you release just as his feet leave the ground. To perform a Hammer Flip (my preference to faster KOs), there are 2 prompts to look out for to start the charge. Outside of rage mode, you begin the charge as soon as his feet touch the ground the second time (he does his head flip, then lands his feet, and then once more to finds his bearings). The release should be timed correctly such that the Hammer Flip connects during the end of the turning animation. While in rage mode, you begin charging when his head is at the highest point and beginning to descend. Again, the release should be timed such that the level 2 is deployed and connects while his turning animation ends.

Ground Mode: His moves are mainly Fire and Dragon based. Turn-a-pounds are essential here. Next is the stationary Fireball Nova. I prefer Hammer Flips here, but Super Pounds can be substituted for more damage. Charge the instance the attack begins. Next is the Horn Grazing where he does 2 quick flicks of his head. You want to start your charge as soon as the attack begins, aim for the center of his chest and release a level 2 as soon as his second head flick is finished. If you find yourself within range of the attack, try to roll towards his underside. There is the rare occasional False Flight Mode. It begins with the same animation as his regular Flight Mode, but surrounds himself in Dragon element. I forget the timing, but you can pull off a level 2 upon him landing.

Flight Mode: Unlike in Tri and P3rd, breaking both Alatreon’s horns does not ground him indefinitely anymore. On the plus side, he has new openings while flying (added in P3rd), there is a Ballista Binder near the camp exit (I say exit because there’s no way back in except through Farcaster or fainting), and it only takes one flash bomb to make him drop out of the air for a free Triple Combo (so long as he’s not in rage mode prompted by the presence or absence of ice puffs escaping his mouth). If you have combines for Farcasters, you can use them to go back to base, sharpen, and he’ll be back on the ground when you exit. Before using a Farcaster, I suggest waiting to see if he will do his Ice Shard Hail Storm. It’s fairly easy to dodge just by walking away from the shadows on the ground. Upon entering flight mode, feel free to either sharpen your weapon or use an item. The opening is slim so be aware that he may do his electric charge. While in flight mode, his moves vary between being in and outside of rage mode. Outside of rage, he tends to mainly use his ice moves. The move you want to look out for is his thunderbolt. There are 2 variants of this attack. Either he’ll call down 3 simultaneous bolts near his front, or call down 2 consecutive bolts on your current location. You want to look out for the latter. It’s fairly easy to dodge just by walking or running. After the second bolt he’s open for an attack, namely the Hammer Flip. While avoiding the bolts, make your way towards him. Charge as soon as you’re out of range of the second bolt. If you find him doing his Frost Breath (inflicts Snowman) and Ice Projectiles (inflicts Iceblight) frequently, you want to be a good distance behind him while he does an attack. As soon as the attack finishes, toss a flash bomb at him. During rage mode, his moveset is predominantly lightning. Keep an eye on his lightning pound. There are 3 variants to this attack. He may do a quick single pound immediately after one of his other attacks. This does not have an opening. His triple lightning pound will home in on you and gives you an opening. While sheathed, you want to be in a similar position to the beginning of the quest, perform an unsheathe attack as his third pound hits the ground, and continue a triple pound immediately after. Timed correctly, the second hit will connect as he begins to growl and the golf swing will connect shortly after. Roll forward to avoid an upcoming second lightning pound or Ice Projectile attack. His quadruple pound is a set zigzag pattern either left-right-left-right or right-left-right-left. The opening is more appropriate for a Hammer Flip as you may be too far to begin a Triple Combo. Depending on your judgement, you may use an item instead. Charge up as soon as his fourth pound connects with the ground. If you feel the need to use the Ballista Binder, wait for him to begin his Frost Breath before running towards the Binder.

Flight Mode – Grounded: This moveset is similar to his Ground Mode apart from his lightning based attacks and regular attacks lacking Dragon Element. Turn-a-pounds apply here as well. Instead of a Fireball Nova, he sends a line of bolts in a zigzag pattern forward. It’s more difficult to pull off a Super Pound on his right than his left, so I suggest going for the Hammer Flip. Next is the Bolt Storm which makes him very susceptible to a Super Pound or a Hammer Flip depending on preference. The 2 Variants are him calling bolts down in a set pattern around him, or following you. Each fairly avoidable just by avoiding the predetermined blue flashes on the ground.

A small suggestion for attacking: whenever possible, position youself such that your attacks come in from the side. Doing so will give you more dodge options, thus mitigating the chances of getting caught in a Curving Dragon Charge.

Please feel free to point out anything I’m missing such as a specific attack Alatreon does. Practice makes perfect so keep at it. Vary your timing a little as you see fit as they may not be to exact specifications.

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