MH4U Best Palico Armor Guide

MH4U Best Palico Armor Guide by Nightjerle


  • You must be g-special and have Shah Dalamadur quest completed !
  • 3 Unreal Blocking Palico
  • 1 Red, Yellow and Blue Onslaught Palico
  • 1 Skill Tech Palico
  • A lot of time and patience


  • 1 Red, Yellow and Blue Attack+ Palico
  • 1 Reward Reaper Palico

Meowster Dalamadur (red++ / blu+)is different from other Meowster encounter, he is much harder and require a lot more preparation to actually kill it. I’ve spent more than 15 hr recruiting Palico, leveling them up and doing all the Dalamadur needed to get the 3 set of armor wich are:

Gogmazios armor:

  • 9 Gogmazios Scrap+
  • 9 Handsome Scrap+
  • 8 Humble Scrap+

Dalamadur armor:

  • 9 Dalamadur Scrap+
  • 9 Handsome Scrap+
  • 8 Humble Scrap+

Amatsu (??) armor:

  • 9 Amatsu Scrap+
  • 9 Handsome Scrap+
  • 8 Humble Scrap+


You will need all the Palico I listed under requirement, if you do not have them best method I found to recruit is doing expedition. Just do 1 that has a wild Palico and hope ya get what you need, I’m afraid this will be time consuming and boring.

All the Palico should be at least lvl 17 (I killed it with Palico at around 15 but once your Palico are at least lvl 17+ it will be a lot easier ).

To level them up I just did the quest I missed in LR and HR, eat for Felyne Trainer (Fish + Vegetable), if you are just leveling and not trying Dalamadur you can also do fishing with them otherwise skip it as it will lower your cat enthusiasm, and we don’t want that.

You will also need to complete Shah Dala quest if you haven’t alredy, I suggest you also unlock all the other elder dragons as it will be easier to spawn Dalamadur if you do so.


One thing ya gotta understand is that Meowster hunter is rigged. No matter what you do, if you send a team, reset and send the same team doing the same action, the outcome will always be the same. One way to change it is to do a different action, let me make an example.

First try:

  • Turn 1- Yellow Attack (1 block)
  • Turn 2- Yellow Attack (no block)
  • Trun 3- Yellow Attack (dead)

You see on this try I was kinda unlucky

Second try:

  • Turn 1- Yellow Attack (1 block)
  • Turn 2- Yellow Attack (no block)
  • Turn 3- Yellow Attack (dead)

I resetted and kept on doing the same action, I get the same outcome, so next try I change something and

Third try:

  • Turn 1 – Yellow Attack (1 block)
  • Turn 2 – No attack (4 block)
  • Turn 3-6 – Yellow Attack (Blocked everything)

There, changing the 2nd turn action lead me to block everything on the other turns, ofc this will not always be the same, ya gotta cheat a bit and try out different action to kill it.

Another thing I noted, is that when you use only 1 attack Palico, Dala most of the time gets locked into a single color attack, not always but it happens.

The kill:

Ok all your Palico are ready and rested and you finally get Dalamadur to spawn,first thing ya should do is save, as most of the time we will need to reset a couple of time.

Once you saved check wich monster is the second.

You get a red: This is the best case scenario, you should send 3 Unreal Blocking, 1 skill tech, 1 yellow onslaught.

Up to Dala it shoulden’t be a problem. Once you get to Dala, you need to survive from 4 to 6 turns, depending on how your attacak Palico are doing. Most of the time, you will kill it just spamming yellow attacks(I’d say around 80%). If you fail there can be a couple of reason, most commonly because of unlucky blocks, try it again doing something different, it could be a different Palico, or change 1 Block (yea seems counterintuitive to remove a Blocking Palico because you didn’t block enough, but it works ) to a reward repear or Attack+. If instead you fail cause it’s using both Red and Blue attacks, ya should try to remove 1 Block and add in a red Palico, beware tho that will change his pattern, and you will need to adjust again. If you can’t kill even after changing a lot of things, ya should think about leveling up your Palico.

You get a yellow: This is the worst, I normally just skip it, especially if the second monster is yellow+(like Zamtrios) as it will just make it extremely unpredictable, it can be done as I did it, but I suggest ya don’t bother if you don’t want to spend an hr resetting to find the perfect combination of Palico and actions.

You get a blue: This is actually not bad, you should send 3 Unreal Blocking, 1 skill tech, 1 Red Onslaught. If you are lucky, Dala will get locked doing just Blue attack, and you will kill it without a sweat. If you are unlucky, you could try removing a Block and add in a Yellow.

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