Hearthstone Druid Hobgoblin Token Deck

Hearthstone Druid Hobgoblin Token Deck by TwoBiers



Twitch-Chat-Reaction few days ago against Sjow – screenshot by a friend

Here are the cards!

Actual Decklist:

[0] – 2x Innervate – Very important card to gain tempo and boardcontrol. Keep Innervate every time! Turn 1 Innervate + Hobgoblin is pretty strong if you got a turn 2 follow up! But beware of earlyremovals. Use it to optimize your curve!

[1] – 2x Argent Squire – Best 1 drop for that deck. Stickiest 1 drop and synergizes with Hobgoblin, Power of the Wild and Blood Knight very well!

[2] – 2x Power of the Wild – Decent emergency 2 drop. Very nice synergy with violet teacher and you get much value if your board is flooded with low creatures

[2] – 2x Wrath – Your early removal, activation for Violet Teachers effect and awesome with spell power from your Azure Drakes. You can also use it to draw cards to improve your follow up or just for card draw

[2] – 2x Annoy-o-tron – Very annoying card! – for your opponent! Sticky minion, hard to remove – synergizes well with Hobgoblin(3-4 taunt with divine shield!!) and with Blood Knight

[2] – 2x Echoing Ooze – 2x 1-2 dudes for flooding the board, synergizes well with Power of the Wild and even more with Hobgoblin!! 2x 3/4(each 3 mana worth) !! That’s pretty strong!!

[2] – 2x Haunted Creeper – Next very sticky minion, helps to flood the board and synergizes with Power of the Wild

[3] – 2x Savage Roar – Very important finisher. Use it wisely, it can help you too for clearing the board but then you lose your damage potential against sustain classes like Priest or Warrior. Can be a good choice for board clear against aggro classes that lacks at aoe.

[3] – 1x Blood Knight – He is so strong in my opinion. That deck runs 4 cheap divine shield cards that can used to get a strong Blood Knight. If your opponent got no hardremoval, then you almost won, that guy can be a game breaker!! Also, many Mech-Decks runs Annoy-o-tron, Paladins plays Shielded Minibot and Tirion. Steal all the bubbles!

[3] – 2x Hobgoblin – One of the important cards in the deck. With that guy u can gain so much value and tempo! Incredible! You got 8 targets for him and if he stays on board and u can use his ability many times.. it’s just amazing. Wow. Scary af for your opponent!

[4] – 1x Soul of the Forest – I think that card is underrated! The way to win against that deck is aoe board clear and that card can improve that weakness. You have pretty often early and midgame board control and that card can prevent your opponent to clear your entire board

[4] – 2x Swipe – Helps for board clear and synergizes well with Azure Drake. Important card against Paladins, Hunters and Zoos!

[4] – 2x Violet Teacher – Second important card besides Hobgoblin. That card can really powerful with Power of the Wild. Tokens for the win!

[5] – 2x Azure Drake – Awesome 5 Drop. Helps your lack at card draw and you get important Spell Power. It’s a nice 4/4 body!

[6] – 1x Force of Nature – Sometimes useful for board clear if you are in trouble. Most of the time finishing combo with savage roar!

[7] – 2x Ancient of Lore – Best card draw card in thegame and helps in emergencies with heal against aggro decks. important lategame card!

[7] – 1x Dr. Boom – Best new neutral legendary card. No exception in that deck because u got many synergizes with your other cards too.

Some other useful cards can be:

Keeper of the Grove – Didn’t like that card too much in that deck but silence is normally good.

Big Game Hunter – Can be good, because many decks runs now Dr. Boom, good against Control Warriors and Handlocks, otherwise it is just bad, trades with 2 drops and some 1 drops – got many bad situations with that card, wasn’t continuous good enough for me.

Enhance-o-mechano – That card won me some games,(Like HERE but if you don’t get a strong board, that card isn’t great at all – win more card

Loatheb – Great card, but I think Azure Drake with card draw and Spell Power seems more powerful and got more synergy.

The Black Knight – Situational card! If you face many decks with taunts – run it!

Used Cards before the finished deck:

Claw – Good against aggro decks but your early game is good enough and no good synergy with other cards. Bad in all other phases.

Wild Growth – Your deck is more early game/mid game oriented. It’s not that easy to regain board control with that deck. Useless card in midgame. Don’t use it here

Grove Tender – Don’t like the draw ability, it’s like a oracle with 1 card draw, meh. Ramp ability is bad, cause you dont want to skip your own strong phase.

Poison Seeds – Only good if your opponent got more than 1 big creature otherwise that card suck.

Dark Wispers – Too expensive, killed by every aoe spell.

Wisp – Funny card with Hobgoblin 3-3 Card for 0 Mana OP! But with out Hobgoblin it’s pretty bad, can be used with Power of the Wild and Soul of the Forest for some more value, but it empties your hand to fast. Can be good with Jeeves.

Cogmaster – Synergizes with Mechs and Hobgoblin but I cut most of the mechs cause the sticky low drops seems to be way better

Mechwarper – I cut the mechs but important card for mech decks

Thalnos – Synergizes well with Hobgoblin, swipe and wrath, but I got so many better 2 drops already – seems to be to much.

Micro Machine – Like Cogmaster, the sticky minions seems to be better

Novice Engineer – Like Thalnos without a Spell Power and we got enough card draw.

Demolisher – Synergizes with Hobgoblin and is a mech. But 3 mana with Hobgoblin seems to be too much

Imp Master – Same like Demolisher + helps flooding the board

Cult Master – Can be good, synergizes pretty well with sticky minions, tokens and Impmaster but Azure Drakes with Ancient of Lore have a better body and are more continuous. Bad if you have no board.

Jeeves – played him really often, 2 jeeves on hand is aweful, u can’t empty your hand efficiently with cards like Savage Roar and Soul of the Forest. You need many low drops. Force of Nature and Dr. Boom seems to be to high mana cost to run with Jeeves – If you dont draw your Jeeves without other card draw, you’ll lose in late game

Mogu’shan Warden – 3-9 taunt with Hobgoblin, but 7 mana is way to much for that combo

Common Match-Ups:

Control-Warrior(55/45) – Can be tricky, but Squire, Creeper and Anoy-o-tron are good against fire war axe. Make it hard to trade effienctly for him. Use Power of the Wild to be safe against Death’s Bite activation or Whirlwind. Soul of the Forest is great against brawl. Dont use savage roar for trading otherwise u can’t kill the Warrior with tons of armor. Late game can be hard if you don’t get your card draw.

*Midrange-Paladin (55/45) *- Blood Knight is here very good.Keep it for Shielded Minibot. Swipe is important against Muster for Battle. Watch out for Consecration and Consecration-Equality-Combo. Don’t overextend!

Mech-Mage(75/25) – Pretty easy Match-up. They lack at aoe. Only Goblin Blastmage can ruin your day. If they need to use their hero power they lose tempo. Hard for them to clear your sticky board. Blood Knight can be cruel, because they use Annoy-o-tron!

Priest-Control (45/55) – One of the hardest match-ups. Heavy aoe clear and they can use Cabal and Shadow Madness on so many Targets. But if they didnt get the right cards, you can just overrun them easily.

Hunter (65/35) – You can keep up with the early game of the hunter. Try to get Wrath and sticky minions or power of the wild. You can rush them in mid game easily. Just Explosive Traps or Snake Traps without Swipe can be tricky here.

Zoo (40/60) – You need Wrath, Sticky Minions and pray for Innervate. If you lose board control and get no Swipe against that board, especially with the new Imp-losion, you are pretty screwed

Handlock (80/20) – Pretty easy match-up. Try to rush them down with Savage Roar. Play around Molten Giants and Shadowflame. Hellfire can clear your board too. Soul of the Forest can be here pretty good!

Ramp Druid (70/30) – They are too slow to compete with you most of the time. Just rush them down. Druids have no good aoe clear against sticky minions.

Midrange Druid (50/50) – Can be tricky if they get early Wild Growths and Innervate. Try to get so much board control as possible.

Try the deck out, it’s so much fun to play!!! :)

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