Hearthstone Warrior Useful Cards Guide

Hearthstone Warrior Useful Cards Guide by yasi1422


Hello, this is Yasi#1422 and I wanted to share with you guys a guide that I made on playing the Warrior class in Arena. This guide will only focus on useful cards to pick in the Arena for the Warrior class as everyone’s skill varies and every battle is dynamic.  Now, I understand that Warriors aren’t popular in PvP, but it’s arguably one of the easiest/best class to play in the Arena currently because many players like to play beatdown decks(a lot of low cost minions). It’s also the only class that can trade blows with the enemy because of his Hero Power–aside from Priest.  Personally, I prefer the Warrior’s hero power over the Priest’s because Priest cards cost a lot and you won’t have enough to actually use it throughout the game. I’ll list the cards I find useful below with a rating between 0 and 5 in front of the card’s name. There are too many neutral cards, so I’ll give honorable mentions.

Warrior Cards
(0/5)Charge: Not very good at all. You’ll mostly be playing charge cards anyway.
(0/5)Commanding Shout: Same reasoning as Inner Rage.
(0/5)Battle Rage: Don’t ever get this…Very situational and you won’t be trading monsters.
(0/5)Slam: This card is not good. Weaker version of Cleave.
(0/5)Armorsmith: Your hero power does what it needs to already. Works with Whirlwind, but is a bad combo.
(0/5)Cruel Taskmaster: Not good at all because it’s a 2cost for 2/1.
(0/5)Brawl: Not very good for this deck. You want to overwhelm your enemy, not give him an advantage.
(0/5)Frothing Berserker: Not good at all. You wont be trading monsters.
(1/5)Inner Rage: Very situational.  You don’t want to be trading monsters.
(1/5)Upgrade: Situational because you want to use your weapons ASAP.
(1/5)Rampage: Sucks…can only be used on a damaged minion. Very situational.
(2/5)Whirlwind: Good if you want to use it with Execute and don’t want to trade monsters.
(2/5)Shield Block: Decent deck thinner. Get only 1 if you have no other choice.
(3/5)Cleave: I like this card, but it can only be used if there are 2 monsters on enemy side. Get at least 1.
(4/5)Heroic Strike: It’s good when you want to kill a taunt minion. Get only 1 of this.
(4/5)Arathi Weaponsmith: Very good card that is practically a charge minion. Get at most 2.
(4/5)Arcanite Reaper: Good pseudo charge minion. Get at most 2.
(5/5)Execute: It allows you to take down minions like Twilight Drake. You want at least 1 of this in your deck.
(5/5)Fiery War Axe: 2mana for 3 attack. What more can you ask for. Take at least 2 of this.
(5/5)Warsong Commander: Extremely good card throughout the game. Get as many as you can within reason.
(5/5)Kor’kron Elite: A Warrior’s bread and butter. Get as many as you can within reason.

Neutral Cards
(2/5)GuruBashi: Cost too much and you don’t want to be hitting monsters. Get at most 1.
(3/5)Knife Juggler: Decent because you’ll be summoning minions costantly and you dont want to trade minions.
(3/5)Elven Archer: Good for Execute.
(3/5)Frostwolf Grunt: Decent taunt card.
(3/5)Novice Engineer: Decent deck thinner. Get at most 1.
(3/5)Ironforge Rifleman: Decent card to combo with execute.
(3/5)Shattered Sun Cleric: I find this situational, but good when you can use it.
(3/5)Stormwind Knight: Get at most 2. It’s a good charge minion with high HP.
(3/5)Frostwolf Warlord: Situational card. Get at most 2.
(3/5)Silverhand Knight: Get at least 1. Cost too much for a bad summon.
(4/5)Bloodsail Pirate: Combo with your weapons.
(4/5)Razorfen Hunter: Very good card. Low cost 2/3 minion with summoning.
(4/5)Fen Creeper: Good Taunt Card. Get at most 3.
(5/5)Faerie Dragon: Always get at leat 1 of this if you can.
(5/5)Harvest Golem: Get as many as you can without reason.
(5/5)Dread Corsair: Get as many as you can within reason. You have a lot of weapons.
(5/5)Sen’jin Shieldmasta: Best card in the game. Get as many as you want. Go crazy.
(5/5)Argent Commander: Every deck should have 1 of this. Can get you out of tight spots.

The game is currently in closed beta, so the skill pool for Arena might be a little low, but based on my experience so far, I am very successful in the Arena with the Warrior class using the fundamentals. That’s pretty much it for this guide. Comment if you disagree with what I wrote, would like to argue, or if I need to correct something. Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you the best in the Arena with the Warrior class.

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