Dragon Age Inquisition Masterwork Crafting Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Masterwork Crafting Guide by KineticGTR

Check out the video and the short written guide below!

This guide is going to assume you know nothing at all about crafting, and build you up from the basics to advanced details about what is what, and how to put together a Masterwork equipment!

The most powerful armor and weapons are not going to come easy in Dragon Age Inquisition. And even some of the best pieces of gear you find for loot, still have room for improvement with upgrades to stats and looks!

That’s where Masterwork crafting comes in. It gives you the power to create the perfect weapon and armor in the style you want, with the stats you want, and the badass rune effects!

If you haven’t figured out by now, almost all gear is random. From the corpse on the ground, to the chest sitting at the bottom of the dungeons. The good news though is that even if RNG hates you, there’s always merchants that will sell you weapons, armor, schematics, and crafting materials. It’s not top of the line, but it’ll help you fill in the gaps in your arsenal if you really want it.

Once you have a schematic you want, it’s time to hit the blacksmith area. Four benches: Craft Armor, Craft Weapons and Modify Armor, to Modify Weapons. At the crafting stations, you’ll fill in the material slots with items you’ve scavenged and gathered in your journeys.

Each slot in the schematic represents a type of improvement to stats like Offence and Defense. Using metals, leathers, and cloth bring a wide variety of stat improvements based on the type of armor or weapon, that can boost for example your maximum health or critical hit chance.

Want to take it a step further? Insert a Masterwork material for an added bonus effects. Once your piece is crafted, runes are also a great way to add even more damage! Even if you don’t use a masterwork material or have runes to apply, you’re still likely to have access to upgrade schematics for your weapons and armor. Handles for your weapons and arm guards can also be crafted at the stations for your armor sets and weapons to provide more ways to customize and add more power to your gear!

When it comes down to getting the best gear for your character, the only limitation is: “How far are you willing to go for it?” I spend hours on farming materials, studying the crafting tables, and analyzing stat combinations to learn how to make gear. This video is the short cut to getting all that info, and on your way to battlefield faster with better gear!

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