Dragon Age Inquisition Ranged Character Best Settings

Dragon Age Inquisition Ranged Character Best Settings by KineticGTR

Check out the video and the written guide below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9bbmH5CYnU

After dozens of tests with a variety of classes, characters, and behaviors settings, I’ve confirmed that the best way to keep your ranged characters from moving too close to the fight, is to set them to Follow themselves. This makes them keep the farthest range they can and out of harms way.

Some have suggested to have them follow/defend other characters by role, but you can only set them to do this by name. Which means if you change party members, then you have to change these settings each time. I wanted to simplify this since I often change party members.

Having characters set to defend themselves, sometimes resulted in the AI just going completely blank and the character would stand there and do nothing. This can be especially troublesome if set for your tank. During these tests, setting Blackwall (my tank) to Follow himself, also proved the most effective behavior setting.

As for other melee characters, I set them to follow controlled character, or follow the tank.

Regardless of your main characters role, these settings have the best results to ensure your party members are active, and in the right position most of the time. They may still wander around depending on their skills, so you’ll have to be sure your skill tactics are working effectively for how you want them to perform.

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