Destiny The Dark Below Video Guides

Destiny The Dark Below Video Guides by WilderMercy

Considering a lot of people would still be unsure of about the DLC and Xbox players haven’t gotten a taste of all the new content, I’m making a guide below for videos and links to all the new content from a variety of sources for you to check out!

Story Missions The story missions have all been linked to full videos with no commentary from Wilder Mercy (myself)

Strikes Both strikes have also been uploaded by Wilder Mercy (myself) with no commentary.

Raid The Dark Below featured one raid known as Crota’s End. DattoDoesDestiny has uploaded both a live playthrough, Guide on how to complete it and a Chest location video. He’s your best bet for Raid content.

Quests & Storylines The Dark Below featured three quests, two outside of the main story. One was titled Extermination and unlocked the Will of Crota. The other was called the Urn of Sacrifice which while the reward wasn’t great (Legendary Gauntlets) was a lot of fun!

Multiplayer Maps Three multiplayers maps were added in total: Pantheon, Skywatch & The Cauldron. Links are from various sources. I’ve attempted to get videos with minimal or no commentary at the start of the video… Just raw gameplay!

Weapons / Gear / Ships The Dark Below introduced new Legendary Gear/Armor from Vendors as well as new Legendary Ships, Raid Gear and Exotic Gear/Weapons. A new system was also introduced to level up old exotic gear to the new maximum damage.

Levelling to 31/32 As per your request, I’ve included a guide on how to reach level 31/32 detailing light level stats and gear.

Little Bit of Everything As many of you know, DestinyDB has details on everything in Destiny from gear to weapons, ships, activities and well everything! I would highly suggest to have a browse as you can see of lot of content coming in the future:

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