Destiny Flawless Raider Guide

Destiny Flawless Raider Guide by GenericDreadHead

Authors Note:
I kept all the backstory stuff at the bottom as the guide is the most important thing. I hope some of you find this helpful.

EDIT: I posted some incorrect figures and made some changes (like not being obsessed with using Abyss Defiant)

Why CE and not VoG?
Lvl32 in Normal VOG receives 50% damage approx
Lvl32 in Normal Crota receives 40% damage approx
The jumping puzzle, gorgons maze and Atheon glitches provide too many variables and if you have an issue at that point you are 30-60 minutes into the Raid, if you mess up at the Bridge or Ir Yut, you’ve only wasted 15-20 minutes.

General Tips:
Everyone be level 32
No Rockets unless otherwise stated
Try and use as many Titans as possible
Have the Swordbearer be “host” and be extremely comfortable using the sword Play with players who are calm
Avoid having too much general chit-chat during the run as you might not hear “I need help with this totem guys”
Don’t be too nervous of having to retry
Set a definite limit on the amount of runs you are going to try before calling it a day
Try and have Helm of Saint 14 equipped where possible
If you notice lag early on, change host and retry, if it persists, try another day
Play with players you know and trust
Take it slow and steady
Try and bring as many CE Raid weapons as you have and make sure they are levelled up
Bring Ammo Synths and use them before each section
Don’t under estimate “Shooting through knights shields” perk
If you have upgraded CE weapons, use them

The Guide

The Abyss:
Don’t jump into the Hellmouth at the start, walk in, the jump is why you die.
Easiest way is have your hunter/Swordbearer player solo this with “Don’t Touch Me” as a Bladedancer.
This can be made easier with Mida Multi Tool. Everyone else wait at the spawn.

The Bridge:
You’ll hear “Guardian Down”, ignore it.
Decide before hand what order your players cross the bridge in.
I recommend sending your Hunter over first so they can hide after killing the gatekeeper.
Titan bubbles with Helm of Saint 14 are great for holding down Totems and Bridge platforms here.
2nd send over either a Titan or Warlock. 3rd Send over a Titan.
Away team now uses the Titan tol hold the bridge plate and the others guard the totems.
4th and 5th Players, once over and with the Gatekeepers killed, snipe back with Icebreakers at the next Swordbearers from the Bridgeplate.
The 3rd player over acts as an Auxiliary helping the 2 players on Totems and assisting with Knight Majors and Wizards.
Once the 6th player is over, everyone go to the Right and bunch up and pop and Ammo synth if it’s clear.
Use Titan Bubbles with various benefits to make things safer.
Kill the Ogres and Wizards with Machine Guns and Snipers.

The Thrallway:
Ignore the chest, it is not worth it, get it on Hard Mode or with another character or something.
Have 1 player walk in and G-Horn the Shrieker while the other 5 ensure mobs don’t get near him.
Don’t ever stand in front of your Rocket user here.
Run out of the room back to bridge and stay away from the death blast.
Go back in and proceed slowly and steadily killing mobs, prioritise Cursed Thralls.
Don’t use grenades which can hurt you.
Make your way about halfway up the hallway and kill the 2nd Shrieker.
Run back to the entrance and pop a bubble and have everyone hide in it.
Again proceed about halfway up the hallway killing mobs and once close enough, have your hunter go invisible and run to the Ir Yut encounter.

Ir Yut:
Have 2 players go left (when looking at the Oversoul), including your Swordbearer. The other 4 players go right.
Left team, hunter pulls the wizard out, the support player uses Rockets/Icebreaker/Abyss Defiant to kill it while the hunter is running back to the tower.
Once the left wizard is down, have the hunter go invisible, run in and use 2 G-Horns to kill the Shrieker.
Hunter here should again have “Don’t Touch Me” equipped so if they do get hit, they survive. In fact its the best Exotic Armour for the most of this guide for Hunters as it emphasises surviving.
Run out and avoid the death blast. Make your way to the other side to join up with the other 4 players.
Right team, have a Titan lure the wizard out, have a player “stun” the wizard if possible (with Abyss Defiant or Flashbang grenade).
Kill the Shrieker and move back out to avoid the death blast.
Go in slowly and steadily as a group. Dedicate one player to watch the spawn door (on the left as you walk in, behind you if you’re looking at Ir Yut).
This player just needs to kill thralls but this is vitally important to allow the other 5 to focus.
Kill all the majors and other enemies between you and the Crystal, keep moving at a steady pace.
Keep killing mobs, if you time it right, the room should be pretty much clear of the biggest threats once she begins her song. Have 4 players hit her with everything you have while 2 players keep adds/mobs from causing issues.
Don’t panic here, she sings for 30 seconds here and stands still while doing so.
This entire encounter and killing her is where you are most likely to mess up all your good work if you don’t keep calm.
Once she is dead, go out the way you came in and go back to the Right tower.
Use Icebreakers to kill all the mobs left outside and if you need to go back indoors, take it slow.
Several additional waves spawn here so be careful of trying to start the Crota encounter too quickly. There is no such thing as waiting too long at this part.

Use whatever strategy your group is familiar with here. Ideally one with the least risk.
We used the “Left Strategy”, everyone in the left room (looking at the Oversoul), with one player with Icebreaker killing the boomers.
Get the Swordbearers down as quickly as possible. Voidwalkers can generate some orbs and kill big groups of thralls here safely enough.
Once your Swordbearer is about to engage Crota, STAND STILL! You do NOT want people strafing around with rockets at this point.
Shoot all the rockets and Go for 3 safe slams each time here.
While Crota is down, have a quick look at the boomer tower as sometimes they stand in such a way the sniper cant’ see them.
Hide in the Crystal room and rinse and repeat.
You should be able to get him down in 2 swords as a 32 in Normal mode.
But if not, don’t worry, just send everyone down below for the ogres.
Hide in the Hallway beneath the Crystal room and Snipe the ogres (no rockets, the hallway is too narrow to risk it).
Pull the Swordbearer towards you and take him out.
Don’t bother going back upstairs or left. Just stay in the hallway and Rocket Crota from here.
Again, STAND STILL! Don’t be strafing around like a jerk.
Kill Crota, Dance, congratulate each other, get a screen shot, have a beer, clap, cry, screw your significant other, raise your controller up in the air like it’s Simba, sing the “Circle of Life” and dance again.

About me:
I’m an “Day 1” Irish player who is involved in running one of Irelands most active clans.
I have played for 500 hours and use a Warlock and Hunter. I work full time, have a partner who I love, 2 cats who I tolerate and no kids.
I love Destiny despite it’s flaws, it’s why I bought my limited edition Destiny PS4, Destiny Headset, Destiny T-Shirt etc.
I write a lot of guides and do some twitch streaming also.
I love getting drunk and having a laugh with my Destiny pals when doing Raids and Strikes.

My group:
We’re not exactly hardcore players, in fact we’d never really bother trying for Flawless Raider before.
I know many players can solo this achievement and others did it 4 months ago in VoG, and good for them, they are truly legends :)
We decided to try this as during our 2 Normal mode runs (we wanted more Raid Secondaries and Heavies) on Tuesday this week we noticed we did both completions in about 27 minutes with only 3 or 4 deaths and no wipes both times.
We weren’t even trying for flawless, but realised if we had, we’d be able for it.
We decided we’d limit ourselves to 3 runs and a maximum of 90 minutes. If we failed, we’d come back another day and try again.
We didn’t want it to become this “big thing” and everyone to get cranky or feel under pressure.
We had one wipe very early on when our Hunter forgot to equip “Don’t Touch Me” before soloing the Abyss.
Our 2nd wipe came when I (Voidwalker) used a Vortex grenade in the Thrallway trying to stall some cursed thralls.
The grenade hit the inside of the Titan bubble and somehow reacted with an incoming Shrieker death blast to kill me (lesson learned).

I hope you enjoyed the guide and I welcome any feedback or advice.
Good luck out there guardians! I’m off to level my Titan and finally get that Platinum trophy :)

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