Destiny Truth Guide

Destiny Truth Guide by Halcyon87

So you’ve decided to invest in a shiny, new, rocket-throwing Truth. You can now fulfill your lifelong dream of being able to send a mini-nuke into any room in the inner Solar System. Now what?

First up, know its strengths and weaknesses:

  • The two perks – proximity detonation and trueseeking – work best in tandem. Get it upgraded past its main feature and then watch how much better it’ll work.
  • This rocket launcher is best suited to long-range devastation. Within roughly 20 feet or so, a rocket will turn you into a bloody, void-filled mess. At medium ranges, you might have to dumb fire (firing a rocket without it locking on) a round. So try just to keep a good distance with it equipped.
  • The trueseeking isn’t gamebreaking – and in some cases, it isn’t notable whatsoever – but it is extremely gratifying to watch people try to jump over a building in First Light to avoid a rocket and it goes up an over with them. So don’t underestimate it. You’re going to have a “MOM GET THE CAMERA” moment eventually.
  • Truth is the bane of all vehicles. Sparrows, turrets, Pikes, they’ll all get smoked. Interceptors will take two rockets because interceptors don’t want you having fun.

On to the upgrade tree.

First up, we have the rocket modifiers in the first branch: Hard Launch, Warhead Verniers, and Confined Launch. A lot deal with Stability, which means absolutely nothing on a rocket launcher. It’s all about blast radius & velocity in this one. Warhead Verniers will give you the most velo, Hard Launch is a hair lower than that, and Confined Launch has the lowest velo of them all. While I chose the Verniers, which helps turn the rocket into a meteor of death, Confined Launch isn’t a bad choice either. It makes medium-range targets much more susceptible to being tracked and killed, but long-range targets can pull the rocket into an obstacle if they’re savvy enough. Once you get either of those two upgrades, Hard Launch should never be used again. It’s too similar to Verniers and less effective.

Then you have the Grenades and Horseshoes perk, which gives the rocket the proximity detonation. Here’s a review of it: 10/10, would fuck shit up again. I’ve had this thing clear out the B flag room on Firebase Delphi with one rocket. It’s magical.

After the first power upgrade, we have the second upgrade branch: Javelin, Heavy Payload and Flared Magwell. Javelin increases the warhead speed, Heavy Payload increases blast radius, and Magwell increases reload speed. I can’t really recommend Heavy Payload. Destiny DB rates the blast radius at 96(!!), and Heavy Payload increased it only by that marginal amount to 100. For the other two, it’s a toss-up to what you want. I chose Javelin to increase its speed because I love firing deadly Void comets, but others like the quick reload speed that Magwell offers. NOTE: Choosing Confined Launch and either Heavy Payload or Flared Magwell will drop the rocket’s velo to the lowest point, if that’s what you’re aiming for – pun intended.

Then we come to the Prototype Trueseeker. It’s…well, it’s there. The tracking will be a little bit improved – you’ll see it fly around obstacles other rockets couldn’t do, etc. – but until we get a clear definition on the “aggressive” tracking, we probably won’t see or know the full benefits.

As in the last guide, if you like it after all that, fill out that final branch.

  • Really good against: Minotaurs, large groups of red-bar enemies, those damn Void-shielded Psions.
  • Crappy against: Spread-out groups, anything that quickly moves, ie; Centurions, Stealth Vandals.

On comparing it to Gjallarhorn: Truth is better for PvP because of how much it throws in to tracking targets. Gjallarhorn absolutely wrecks everything in PvE. But the proximity detonation keeps Truth from missing more often than Gjallarhorn, and you need that accuracy in the Crucible, even if it’s slight.

TL;DR: Truth is amazing as a rocket launcher, as it gives an interesting combo of precision and devastation. It’s perfect for the VoG and anything else with Vex, and it’s nearly unbeatable as a heavy in the Crucible, especially on large, open maps.

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