Destiny Winning Rumble Guide

Destiny Winning Rumble Guide by EA_Forum_Moderator

TL:DR The only thing you need to do to win rumble is to win your gunfights.

That’s literally it. Go in with the mindset that the other five players are terrible (they usually are), and that you will win absolutely every gunfight. I’m pretty bad myself, you just have to say I will make sure I’m less bad then the opponents.

Each map has a spot you can sit/camp between 2-3 spawn points, just sit there and people will literally feed you kills. Spawn points are usually in the vicinity of a special ammo crate. Every rumble game has a hot-spot where people will gravitate to and gunfights will mostly be in that area for the rest of the game. All you have to do is not get stuck between multiple people, and rotate between spawn points properly so you’re only ever fighting 1v1s.

  • Anomaly — You have to run around this map. However, hanging out over by B/C points is where you can net the most kills since there are like 3 different C point spawns. C heavy spawn is usually heavily contested, so rotating closer to A might be an option during heavy ammo spawns.
  • Asylum — Top of A stairs since there are two spawn points down low, and there’s sort of two B spawn points. If you kill people at A, run to B, then back to A. If you don’t see anyone still run over past the top of heavy ammo towards C stairs then back to A.
  • Blind Watch – Sit on that circular rotunda looking thing by A side heavy ammo spawn–it has lots of cover especially up at the very top. You can also camp back C, but you have to know how to force spawns.
  • Burning Shrine — You can run a pattern between the two outside spawn points, but running a pattern inside is better since there’s 4 spawn points. If you forget the outside of the map exists just imagine the inside is a square and the spawn points are the corners. Across from C point (opposite side from the heavy ammo spawn) you can kill the people running inside from A point, look over to see if dead people are re-spawning at C point, then run to the center chasm thing and kill people gun fighting in the center.
  • Exodus Blue – You can sit on C point and there will be a guy that spawns near heavy ammo, another spawn further down the ramp, there’s also a guy that spawns in the open area outside C point, there’s a spawn near the train at C, and people like to gunfight outside the area near B. You can also run a route between the A spawn and the spawn point opposite under the bridge near the ramp that goes toward C.
  • Firebase Delphi — Hang out around C heavy ammo spawn/C side doorway or window. C point is really far out there and people will spawn there a lot. B point is a hotspot for gun fights. So just run a pattern between C heavy (open the door to kill the guy jumping up from A point), to C window, to back by the ramp that goes down, then back to B point, and C heavy.
  • Rusted Lands — Between B and C where the heavy/special ammo spawns are. The guy that spawns at B will usually rush A, unless you just killed him which in that case he’ll come find you again. Same with the guy that spawns C, although the C guy usually runs towards water tower. You can also run a pattern between B and A, but that requires a lot more movement and opening yourself up.
  • Shores of Time — You can camp at A point, there’s two spawn points outside leading to B point near the special ammo crates and there is another two spawn points by the special ammo spawn leading to C point. You can also sit on the platform between B/C points and kill the people spawning at B and C.
  • Twilight Gap — There’s a spot near C heavy ammo spawn at the top of the stairs where you can consistently kill the guys that spawns low C, and every now and then catch the guy coming from top B. However, I don’t know how to do that and it is fairly difficult to time it properly. I’ve seen She’s My Nerd win rumbles killing people that come off that C point (it’s only one spawn). There’s a spot at the end of the railway between A/B points kill the people spawning A point, and the person spawning at B point.
  • The one time I played Rumble on the DLC maps I got the Wreck treatment.

That’s map control, but a lot of people need to work on mind control. People make all the excuses for losing/dying – fusion rifles OP, shotguns OP, shoulder charge OP, X super is OP, blink/slide shotgun OP, etc. But really the reason people die/lose is simply because they were not good enough. Some people know they are not good, still complain about game balance, and actively refuse to get better. There is an important life skill that people are supposed to develop and it is the ability to evaluate what you are doing wrong and rectify it to achieve more desirable outcomes. Some people fail at evaluating their shortcomings, make excuses/blame others for poor performance, and expect good things (wins) to just happen not realizing they don’t deserve it.

If you join a Rumble that is in progress don’t count yourself out. If the leader hasn’t scored more than 1500 points before the first heavy ammo spawn, or no one has 1800-2000 points by time the 5:00 mark rols around you can still very easily win.

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