LoL Ryze Tips

LoL Ryze Tips by SpokingZZ

Hi there summoners!

I recently made a Ryze guide that explains how to play the laning phase and how to teamfight with Ryze. Additionally I go through runes, masteries, item build, summoner spells and combos that will help you to get started with Ryze. Did you always think that Ryze is a champion that you would like to learn? Well, this guide will get you started!

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If there are any questions about Ryze that you would like to get answered, please comment below!

The script:

Ryze Guide Season 4

  • Hey everyone and welcome to this brand new season 4 guide. In this guide I’ll be teaching you how to play Ryze. I hope you enjoy the video.
  • Let’s get started with champion select. Here you have an overview of my rune page, mastery page, summoners spells and item build. Feel free to copy these if you want to. Please note that these are not by any means THE best settings, but it has proven to work for me.
  • Then let’s jump straight into the game with the laning phase. In my opinion ryze is really strong at this part because of his lack of skillshots. This allows him to hit every skill as harass, no matter if there is anything blocking him. If you practice it you will be able to farm and harass at the same time.
  • On level one your Q hits really hard onto your enemies. I tend to start with my Q just because of the early damage you can put out while lasthitting your minions with autoattacks. Everytime your enemy gets in close, hit him with a Q and return to lasthitting.
  • When you get your next spells, your W and E, do the same. Combo like this: Q > W > E > Q. After that last Q, back off to farm until your skills are available again.
  • Because ryze his skills scale on mana you will have to stack your tear of the goddess as fast as you can. Keep spamming your skills on minions and enemies to gain more mana and to gain more strength.
  • There is not a lot of killing potential on a ryze 1v1 lane unless your opponent doesn’t know what he’s doing. The only way to kill someone is to get them by surprise. Try to passively farm and harass a bit, and then all of the sudden go all-in for him. They will not be familiar with the damage you can put out and that might be your chance to get a kill.
  • If you don’t get a kill, it’s fine. Ryze scales very well into the lategame because of his damage based on mana. The later you get, the more mana ryze will get thus the more strong he will become. Atleast make sure you don’t die too often.
  • I say that because dying is a relatively common thing on Ryze. A gank from a CC oriented jungler can lock you down easily because of Ryze’s lack of mobility. Ryze has no real escape, you can only snare someone with your W.I usually try to fight them with my ultimate on to maybe get a kill or to deal good damage to them. Running away is almost impossible unless you have flash up.
  • This is why teleport is so good. If you just got ganked but you dealt a lot of damage before you died, your opponent has to go back. Because you have teleport, you will be back faster on lane and get an XP edge over your opponent. You will most likely still be able to fight him because of that.
  • You should also use teleport to help your team out. Ryze is a really dominating champion in teamfights because of his tankyness and power. Go for a gank on bottom lane that results in a kill plus dragon. Try to be there for
    your team, because on lane it’s likely that you’re not going to get any kills or turrets.
  • Group as much as you can. In teamfights Ryze works as a protecting tank. It’s hard as ryze to really get to the backlines of your enemies, but ryze also deals quite some damage to tanks when built correctly. You can use this to peel for your AD carries and your mid laner.
  • Here is a ryze combo that deals the most amount of damage possible. The reset on the cooldowns of the spells allow you to use certain skills multiple times, dealing tons of damage.
  • It is most important to stay between your ad carry and the enemy team in fights. Ryze combined with an ad carry will be a deadly combo during teamfights, and since you can protect eachother it works out most of the times.
  • Once you have a tear, a rod of ages and a void staff you’re ready to deal tons of damage in teamfights. You should really force fights everywhere once you got these items.
  • And that’s pretty much all there is to it. Practice using his combos and learn about his ranges to get the most out of Ryze. Once you’ve got that under controll you’ll figure out how strong he actually is.
  • Thank you all for watching. Please like & subscribe for more content and let me know which champion you want to learn next in the comment section below. Goodluck with Ryze and I hope to see you guys next time.

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