LoL Rune Pages Quick Guide

LoL Rune Pages Quick Guide by ItsMeKupo

Apologies in advance for a somewhat lengthy post. Brace yourselves, wall of text incoming..

(A quick preface, I’m only Gold V on OCE. That does not however, detract from the legitimacy of these pages.)

It seems very common that the question of runes comes up and nobody gives a succinct answer to the question that is such a core element of the game. I will attempt to.

Keep in mind this is only a short post, this could quite easily have been 5x as long with a lot more information but I figured this would be something to help some of the newer players get started on their own pages.

I’ll detail some of my pages and let you cherry pick what you will. These are taken from here if you’re interested.

Keep in mind these are just general pages, if you’re looking for more niche pages, you can easily find them on that site or feel free to PM me :)

I suggest buying a full 20 pages. I wish I had twice that. Being able to use a specific page per match up and champ helps tremendously towards winning your lane and snowballing the game in your favour.

Now that’s over with, let’s move onto some basic rune pages~


AD/CDR Jungle Page (Typically used on Lee/Kha/Rengar)

  1. 1x Crit Mark
  2. 8x AD Marks
  3. 9x Armor Seals
  4. 6x Flat CDR Glyphs
  5. 3x Flat MR Glyphs
  6. 3x Flat AD Quints

AD/AS Jungle Page (Typically used on J4/Vi among others)

  1. 9x AD Marks (Can use 1x Crit, up to you~)
  2. 9x Armor Seals
  3. Can use either 9x Flat MR or 9x Flat CDR glyphs here, dependent on enemy team)
  4. 3x AS Quints

AS/MS Jungle Page (Typically used on Udyr/Shyvana/Rammus and others)

  1. 9x AS Marks
  2. 9x Armor Seals
  3. 9x Flat/Scaling MR Glyphs
  4. 3x MS Quints


Standard AP Page

  1. 9x Magic/Hybrid Pen. Marks
  2. 9x Armor/HP/Scaling HP Seals
  3. 9x Flat MR/Flat AP/Scaling AP Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat AP/MS Quints

A page like:

  1. 9x Hybrid Pen Marks
  2. 9x Scaling HP Seals
  3. 9x Scaling AP Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat AP Quints

Is something you can use on just about any AP midlaner.

You can use movement speed quints on practically any champ you want to, but typically you want to only use them on say Twisted Fate since he relies so heavily on mobility.

Different champs and playstyles use Magic/Hybrid Pen. Marks better than others. Someone like Xerath you would like Magic Pen. because you don’t tend to auto attack champions very often with him (I hope you don’t), whereas champs like Orianna/Lux/Leblanc use auto attacks quite frequently in lane to harass. The difference is very minimal in the grand scheme of things.

Now for AD Midlaners (Zed/Jayce etc) things get a bit different.

  1. 9x Armor Pen. Marks
  2. 9x Scaling HP/Flat Armor Seals
  3. 9x Flat CDR/Scaling CDR/Flat MR Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat AD Quints


  1. 9x AD Marks
  2. 9x Armor Seals (Can use a mixture of HP/Armor.
  3. 9x Flat MR Glyphs OR 6x Flat MR Glyphs & 3x Flat Mana Regen Glyphs (Lucian/Corki etc)
  4. 3x AS Quints (Can use 1x AD Quint & 2x AS Quints)

Can use 1 Crit Chance Mark if you want. Can win trades/lane randomly :) Some prefer to use a mixture of Flat HP/Armor seals. Some champs benefit from these more than others (Looking at you Graves, with that passive of yours)

Some champs benefit more from AS (Caitlyn/Twitch/Vayne etc) and others from Flat AD (Lucian/Corki/Ezreal etc). 2 ADC pages are very nice. More if you want to pick into specific lanes (Flat MR against Zyra/Karma supports or Mana Regen and Scaling MR against something like Thresh)


These are a bit more niche depending on which champion you play.


  1. 9x AD Marks
  2. 9x HP Seals
  3. 9x Flat MR Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat Armor Quints


  1. 9x Armor Marks
  2. 9x HP Seals
  3. 6x Flat MR Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat Mana Regen Glyphs
  5. 2x Flat Armor Quints
  6. 1x Flat Mana Regen Quint


  1. 9x Armor Marks
  2. 9x Flat HP Seals
  3. 9x Flat AP Glyphs
  4. 2x Flat Armor Quints
  5. 1x Flat AP Quint


  1. 9x Hybrid Pen. Marks
  2. 9x Flat HP Seals
  3. 6x Flat MR Glyphs
  4. 3x Flat Mana Regen Glyphs
  5. 2x Flat Armor Quints
  6. 1x Flat Mana Regen Quint


I don’t play toplane enough to have an informed opinion on the rune pages used outside of standard pages. A key note is that flat resistances benefit you most here, and a quick search should help illustrate what you should be using.

Hopefully this helped some of you :)

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