Destiny Fast Leveling Guide

Destiny Fast Leveling Guide by si5yphus

1-4: just do story missions on easy.

4+: focus on completing bounties in conjunction with story missions. Don’t bother doing missions on hard if it puts the mission over your level–while that offers more XP, it also makes the mission take longer and will slow down your leveling.

For Crucible bounties, only focus on the ones that are quick and easy to complete, don’t bother with anything that’s very time consuming and try to complete the bounties in the playlist that offers bonus XP. I generally don’t even bother with the Crucible bounties before level 18.

Going from 1 to 20 should only take about 6 hours if you plan out the bounty completions and have a good familiarity with how to clear missions quickly.

18+: Grind vanguard and crucible rep to rank 2 and farm marks.

For vanguard rep, the fastest way to grind is 3 man Patrol on Cosmodrome, with the 3 people taking 3 different areas: Steppes & Mothyard, Skywatch, Divide & Rocketyard. Focus on completing the kill anything (target symbol), material gathering (diamond shape) and VIP (star) patrols for the best rep/minute. Also, do the daily story, the weekly heroic and the bounties.

Patrol Farming Intro

For vanguard marks, use one of the event timers and farm the events, see–also see what options you have available on any of your other devices (I use Destiny Timers on Android). You can easily do about 6 per hour (24 marks plus the bonus 2 for 1st gold event). These also drop ascendant mats (I got 16 shards over a few hours once) and you can complete patrols and farm mats while waiting for them.

Event Farming

For crucible rep and marks, play crucible and complete the crucible bounties.

Buy an exotic piece of gear from Xur on Friday/Saturday with 13 Strange Coins. Strange coins can be obtained from the public events, weekly heroic, sometimes on the Nightfall, and occasionally from engrams. Upgrade it completely.

Strange Coins and Ascendant Materials

For your other 3 pieces of gear, helms cost 120 marks, while chest, legs and gloves are just 65. The cap for marks is 100 per week, which resets Tuesday morning at 5am EDT (Credit to JHFrank). Do not upgrade these completely, only get the first shard upgrade in 2 of the items to hit 28 and start running VoG. After a few VoG runs, you’ll have more ascendant mats than you know what to do with. Upgrade your gear from VoG fully to hit level 30. Obviously for the mats you’ll need to farm the 4 different upgrade mats, but this can be quick once you get used to it. Lastly a couple videos for farming reference.


Helium Filaments

Spirit Bloom

Relic Iron

I actually don’t use any of these areas to farm typically, but I couldn’t find any decent videos of the routes that I use and I don’t have any recording equipment. SORRY! I hope you enjoyed the guide.

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