Destiny Material Chaining Guide

Destiny Material Chaining Guide by DeliciousCrepes

Hi everyone. Here’s a quick little guide I made on material chaining/cycling. To my knowledge, this is the fastest way to get any kind of planetary materials you might need. Yes, of course you can just do Roc Strikes and turn in marks for materials. I know many people here may not need more materials at the moment, but this may be some handy new information for you, and is a nice way to build up a nice stash of materials for House of Wolves while also saving your marks for the new vendor gear. Also if, you know, you just need some materials now. Here’s a video guide if that’s what you prefer:

It’s nothing too fancy. I’ve never edited a video before, but it should cover everything for you.

Also, here’s a text guide if you’d rather read!

Material chaining makes use of the mechanics of opening materials/chests and switching areas while on a patrol. Let’s say for example we find a helium node in Archer’s Line. If we open it, normally other players will have a short time to open it as well before it disappears. However, the mechanics change a bit if we’re in a patrol by ourselves. If nobody else is in Archer’s Line with us, we can open the material, hop on our sparrow, and fly over to the hellmouth, and then return to that helium node. As long as we make it to The Hellmouth before it disappears, it will have reset to an unopened state.

  • Material nodes last 60 seconds before disappearing
  • Chests last 20 seconds before disappearing

Keeping this in mind, we can setup a nice group of materials to repeatedly farm.

Before we start that, we need to get a patrol by ourselves.

  • PS4 users get another exclusive here. While in orbit, open your Playstation setting, go to Date and Time, then manually set the date. Set it to any previous date and confirm it, then join the patrol. This prevents any kind of matchmaking, so if you want to do a Weekly or other strike by yourself, this works for that as well.
  • Other players will have a bit of a harder time. You want to get your NAT type to be strict. The best way to do this is to open your router settings in your browser, and go to the Port Forwarding settings. Make sure all port forwarding and triggering is disabled for your console, and also disable UPnP and DMZ. This will usually get you into a strict NAT type, which will make it much more difficult for people to connect to you.

If you can’t get a solo patrol, you can also do this in a zone where few people ever travel.

After your patrol is established, it’s time to start manipulating the materials. You want to materials to be in a group, as close as possible to the loading point between zones. On the moon for example, I like to push everything over to the left side of Archer’s Line, close to the Hellmouth. To do this, simply search out and open materials and chests that are on the right side or middle of the map. Eventually, they will start to appear on the left side.

Once you have 3-4 materials and hopefully one chest, you can start the cycle. Remember that once you open a material, you have 60 seconds to get to the Hellmouth and 20 seconds from opening a chest, so open the materials first, chest last. Once you’ve opened everything, fly to the Hellmouth as fast as possible. As soon as you see the Hellmouth title popup, you know you’ve gone far enough and can turn around. Head back to your first material, and start again.

General tips:

  • Use your sparrow often, between materials if it’s faster than sprinting.
  • Max your agaility, and use a MIDA Multitool or any weapon with the Lightweight perk to max your movement speed.
  • Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect setup. There are generally 4-5~ materials and 2~ chests on a map at a time, variable depending on the size of the map. Once you have 3 materials grouped together, it can be time-consuming to find that last one or two straggling on the other side of the map. A run of 3 materials and a chest can be fine.

I prefer the following locations:

  • Moon: Farm at Archer’s Line, reset at the Hellmouth.
  • Earth: Farm at The Divide, reset at Rocketyard.
  • Venus: Farm at The Citadel, reset at Waking Ruins.
  • Mars: Farm at Valley of the Kings, reset at Giants’ Pass.

TL;DR: Get a patrol by yourself. Open materials and chests on one side of the map until you have 4 or 5 spawned close to the loading point between zones. Open the materials, then your chest, and sparrow to the loading point within 60 seconds of opening the first material. Once you see the title of the new zone, turn around and repeat.

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