SMITE Support Roles Itemization Guide

SMITE Support Roles Itemization Guide by Novercalis

This guide is based around Guardians only and in CONQUEST only. There is Technically 2 paths you can take in Support:

  • 1) The Duo Laner Support who doesn’t Roam as much, nor counter Jungle and stays with their ADC. Their total time spent in lane with an ADC tends to be 15-20minutes before they begin to Rotate more consistantly. I recommend this path for newbie Supports. Learn your god, the laning phase and mastering the early stages before moving on to the Roaming Support.
  • 2) The Roaming Support who constantly leaves the Duo Lane for Mid camps, Enemy Blue/Red/Orange Camps, Harpy Camps & rotating to different lanes to help push or defend. Their total time spent in lane with an ADC tends to be 5-8 minutes. This is current Meta that requires a lot of attention and experience.

Mandatory Core Items For Duo Laner Support.

  • Watcher’s Gift
  • Midas Boot
  • Sovereignty

Mandatory Core Items for Roaming Support:

  • Midas Boot
  • Sovereignty

Also you should be building your defensive items in this pattern

Physical (Sovereignty), Magical, Physical, Magical, Physical, Magical. Never Physical, Physical, Magical or Magical, Magical, Physical. In the event you feel you need to do that – Purchase Hide of the Urchin – See below for Detail.

Experienced Supports or when you are up ahead can includes Magical Power items or other Situational Items, but a safe route, full Tank build – stick with the pattern.

This is a small Guide on to help you decide which Items to get and why. Which Items works best for specific enemy gods that you are facing. This Guide does not reflect on WHEN to purchase the items but WHY to purchase those items when the Circumstance presents itself.

Magical Items

  • Spirit Robe is good against enemies such as Agni, Anubis, Chronos, Isis, Nu Wa, and Scylla

Why? Because those gods has some form of Hard CC (Stuns). So Having the ability to Mitigate 15% dmg is very handy when you get stunned or hard CC. This item also helps against enemies Support and their CC abilities as well.

  • Pestilence is a must have when the following enemy team consist 2 of the following gods: Hel, Aphrodite, Ra, Isis

However there is an exception to this rule with 2 specific Support Gods that can skip this item.

SOBEK because his skill #3 has anti-healing reduction built in (50%) and you should automatically be picking up Weakening curse. Thus having enough healing reduction to skip Pestilence and allows you the chance to buy a different Magical Protection Item.

The second god is BACCHUS – while his 3 isn’t as strong as Sobek, you should also be purchasing Weakening Curse. I would replace Pestilence with Divine Ruin. Divine Ruin is a huge benefit to Bacchus overall. It stacks with his 3 that has anti healing reduction and increases Bacchus Dmg output which is pretty high to begin with for a Support. Ideally you want to buy this items after you have 1 physical and 1 magical protection item.

  • Stone of Gaia is good against the following gods: Anubis, AO, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Ra, Zhong Kui

Why? Because those gods have DOT damage and Stone is a great counter item for Dots. Those Dots racks up pretty quick. This allows us to regen HP back up quickly. We don’t want to be retreating constantly or going back to base because of the amount of HP it shaved off. Also this item is the highest Magical Protection as well, so you can even take a Whirlpool + Kraken to face and laugh it off.

  • Bulwark of Hope is a great items against Scylla, Zeus or When any of the enemy mages are Fed and are dealing huge BURST damage.

Bulwark = Anti Burst. It has 450 HP and 60 Magical Protection with a great Passive. Overall – when you do not know what magical protection to buy – Bulwark is ALWAYS A SAFE BET to buy, no matter what!

  • Magi Blessing – Only use this item on Bacchus, Athena and Ares. Or when facing off a Kumba, if so, buy this items as a 5th or 6th item.

While this item is great on ALL supports. Bacchus is almost mandatory.. almost. This helps secure your skill #3 from being interrupted so you can land that Stun. Same goes for Ares Flames! Now for Athena – this item is very good to be able to secure your taunt thus securing a kill. Most enemies facing off a Athena already can expect/predict when you are going to Taunt, so they are always gonna stun you before they retreat. Not anymore.

  • Void Stone – Use this item on Athena, Bacchus, Ymir, or Ares and ONLY when you and your team are winning over a 5k margin and you have 1-2 fed players.
  • Hide of the Urchin – Buy this item ONLY after you purchased Sovereignty.

By the time Sovereignty is completed, you’ll know if the enemy team has a Fed Jungler/Solo Laner who does physical Damage. As I stated above, you want to have a pattern on buying your items: phys, magic, phys, magic, etc.. But if they have a fed physical dmg dealer, you’re being forced to buy another physical item, leaving you weak against the magical gods. This items prevents that from happening. Lastly, this items requires stacks and it can be hard to get 10 assist asap. The sooner the better!

Physical Item

  • Witchblade is great against Apollo, Artemis, Cupid, Chronos, Fatalis Vamana, Mercury, Ne Zha, Nemesis or any Fed ADC/Jungler.

These gods tends to build/rely on Attack Speed and Auto Attacks. This helps your teammates from taking too much dmg during a teamfight.

  • Hide of the Nemean Lion – When enemy team has a Fed ADC or any fed Baka, Loki, Ne Zha, Mercury, Serqet, Chaac

This item should only be bought as a counter item. If the enemy team is losing or doing average and you and your team is doing fine – you don’t really need this item. Most of the time, they will just ignore the support if they aren’t fed.

  • Midgardian Mail – See Witchblade detail. When the enemy team is up ahead and you already have a Witchblade first. This is usually 5th/6th item.
  • Breastplate of Valor – This items tends to be the last item a support would get If the game is going well or even.

Do not buy this item if your team is behind. This item is no longer mandatory for Bacchus either with the recent mana reduction costs to his spells. Reason many Support purchases this item is for the CDR. After this item, Support will sell off their Midas Boot and purchase either the Pen Boots or CDR Boots.

  • Mail of Renewal – NO. JUST NO.
  • Mystical Mail – When you’re up ahead or the game is pretty even. This Item is also great to put on the following Supports: Athena, Ares, Ymir.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM ON KUMBA as this will cancel Kumba Mez!

Transitional Item – Once you have purchased all your items and sold the Watcher’s Gift, there is one more item you need to sell…

  • Midas to Penetration Boots: Bacchus, Hades, Ares, Ymir,
  • Midas to CDR Boots: Athena, Kumba, Geb, Ymir, Sobek


  • HOG 3 – All Support should have this
  • Weakening Curse – When you have to buy Pestilence, then you should also be buying this.
  • Enfeeblement Curse – If you have to buy Witchblade, then you should also be buying this. Only exception is – if they also have Healers, Get Weakening Curse over Enfeeblement Curse.
  • Blink – For experienced Ymir, Kumba, Geb, Ares only. If not, it’s a safe bet to purchase the Curses.

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