SMITE Ao Kuang Guide

SMITE Ao Kuang Guide by Inphektion

This is guide I’m piecing together, feel free to give comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Graceful Winds
Increases magical power by 5% of maximum mana.
This passive makes his build possibilities very versatile.


Ao Kuang fires a projectile breath attack that hits the first enemy in its path, doing 35/75/115/150/195 (+60% of all your magical power) magical damage and slowing all enemies in the area around the target. Cost 70/80/90/100/110 mana. Cooldown – 7s.

This is a nice way to finish off other gods or fight the pesky melee gods.

Ao Kuang channels the wind, allowing him to move 5/8/11/14/17% faster plus an additional 3/4/5/6/7% for each enemy (up to 6) within a 20ft radius for 4 seconds. A nearby player will give the maximum benefit. Cost – 8 mana. Cooldown – 15s.

Your get away, use it to kite and run.

Ao Kuang summons a tornado at his ground target location. A smaller tornado branches off onto any enemies that come within the radius doing 10/20/30/40/50 (+15% of your magical power) magical damage every .5s for 3s and is refreshed if enemies stay within the radius. Cost 70/90/110/130/150 mana. Cooldown – 15/14/13/12/11s.

The majority of your damage, after you get Meditation spam it.

Spirit’s Tempest

Ao Kuang summons the spirit of one of his fallen allies to breath down destruction onto his enemies in a path infront of him, doing 400/500/600/700/800 (+120% of your magical power) magical damage and knock all of the enemies to the side. Cost 100/110/120/130/140 mana. Cooldown

Landing this wins fights.


Solo mid

if you do duo lane
Lane Partners:

People that give you trouble:
Artemis( if she gets the jump on you )
Hades ( you can’t get out of his ult without Purification Beads)
Sobek ( He can chase you all day)
Odin ( you can’t get out of his ult period.)
Bastet ( its like being mauled by an army of little kittens)

Start: Tier 1 MidasBoots, Tier 1 Warlock’s Sash, and 2/3 Mana Pots.(you can also start tier 2 Midas Boots, not recommended though
Skills: Take Tornado’s at level 1( Most of your damage)(max first)

Note: When minions spawn, you want to move up and drop a tornado under the opposing turret, placed to have all the enemy minions run through it because pushing is good. If a turret hits a minion that minion is worth less gold.

On your first back, grab the ability Meditation. Great Ability, 75% of your mana, 180s Cooldown, 500 gold. Way better than Mana Pots. Also rank up your Midas’ Boots as fast as possible so you can capitalize on the extra gold and XP.

When you come back to lane take down the Cooldown Buff on the right side of your lane and Blue Buff if no one has taken it.

Farming: Place your Tornado’s on the Roman Archer’s or the minions in the back, it wont kill them before level 7 or 8 so you’ll have to auto them down and then Squall or auto the big minions in the front.

When your pushed to the enemy tower you want to drop tornadoes to the right of the tower when enemy minions approach to keep your wave pushed as long as possible.

Ideal Final build:

Warlock’s Sash
Midas’ Boots (eventually swapped out for Boots of the Magi)
Void Stone
Gem of Isolation
Magi’s Blessing (this makes you hard to kill, and gives you more damage)

If the other team has Ra or Hel I would suggest getting a
Divine Ruin for the healing debuff.

if they dont Rod of Tahuti is a nice choice
so is Obsidian Shard if they have a tanky team

facing a heavy AD team grab Breastplate of Valor in place of Magi’s Blessing[/b

Glass Cannon Au Kuang

Warlock’s Sash
Boots of the Magi
Book of Thoth
Pythagorem’s Piece
Rod of Tahuti

Assuming you take the Rod of Tahuti in both builds
with build A you have the following bonus’:
+600 HP
+110 Magic Protection
+Spell shield every minute
+35% slow
+ a 30 Magic Protection Debuff on enemys
and a final Magic Power count of 432

with build B you have the following bonus’:
+25% Magic Lifesteal
+100% of Magic Power Auto Attack every time you cast an ability
+35 Magic Power buff for allies
+15 mp5
and a final Magic power count of 595

finally, if you want to build Ao Kuang kind of like Ryze from League of Legends

Breastplate of Valor
Magi’s Blessing
Void Stone
Warlock’s Sash
Polynomicon ( Rod of Tahuti can go in place of this)
Boots of the Magi

which gives you a total of 236 Magic Power
+ 75 Physical Protection
+ 10% Magic Lifesteal
+100% of Magic Power Auto Attack every time you cast an ability

over build A

so this build makes you tanky as f*** and you still do decent damage.

The build order is really up to you and how you play but I strongly suggest grabbing
Warlock’s Sash and Midas boots first for the level and gold advantage they give you.

Aiming and timing your ult is probably the most difficult thing to learn about Au Kuang. Its great when aimed is sync with Hades ult, Odin’sult, and through team fights in the jungle because all of these things put or pull people into a narrow area and its your best chance to hit the most people with it. When a few enemy’s are chasing your team mates through the jungle and you can have it go off right as they turn the corner, that’s usually an easy one to hit.

And you can always pick up an Aegis Amulet for 500 gold to save you from the 5 man gank.

if your having trouble out running some faster gods, try kiting them back and forth through the Tornado’s and as soon as its done pop Slither to slither on away.

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