Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Timers Guide

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Timers Guide by Ruised


  • XX:00 Tendril, Race, Moa
  • XX:05 Serene, Froggy, South Mine, Queen (Serene might spawn early I noticed it during one MS instance at 2 minutes before her event start)
  • XX:10 North Mine, basket
  • XX:15 Tendril, Race, Moa
  • XX:20 Serene, Froggy, South Mine, Queen
  • XX:25 North Mine, basket
  • XX:30 Tendril, Race, Moa
  • XX:35 Serene, Froggy, South Mine, Queen


  • XX:40 – Mine blockade, Defeat the dust mites, Skritt Burglar, Escort Haze
  • XX:45 Devourer Queen (If T2 was reached)
  • XX:50 Small Dust Thingy (If T3 was reached), Escort Haze
  • XX:55 Big Dust Thingy (If T4 was reached)

Replace XX with whatever hour it is – note some events take a few seconds to spawn.

  • North mine is the rescue zephyrites event, which usually needs about 10-15 people South mine is the golem
  • Race usually needs 10-15 people
  • Skritt Burglar is like the other skritt burglars in the world, in that she spawns in a chest and you chase her from there.
  • Race, North Mine, Tendril and Basket all have a chance at bonus favor, though I’m willing to say you don’t need any bonus to reach tier 4, as the map I’m on has been hitting T4 part way through the XX:30 spawns.
  • Past T4, all pre-sandstorm events give 5 geodes. All sandstorm events give 10 geodes, which means a single sandstorm is worth up to 80 geodes.
  • North Mine blockade and the dust thingy swarm both die pretty fast though, so it’s very likely you don’t get both.
  • North Mine is easy to tag and leave; dust thingy drops a LOT of sand, especially if you zerg scale the event.
  • NOTE: If you do not kill the big dust thingy before the sandstorm dies down, you get reduced geode rewards. Happy farming!

MAP for event locations Done by Schtizzel

Event Timer by Drant

(I would like to thank Bald the Warrior, Fenrir Cinderspire, and Bregnok Damodred and whoever the other commander was, as well as all us little underlings that went 4 hours of T4)

This is what we noticed while running T4s today and it worked we hit T4 at 10 minutes left on the clock if you get a tier at 7 minutes then you should be fine.


  • One thing I wanted to add for the commanders or people leading each section make sure if you are leaving you have someone take over your route and when you do show them the route they will be leading ahead of time it will be a great help.
  • Roland Wind from [TTS] Whispered me stating that Serene can be activated during the sand storm.

Tendril Event – Basically this is a quick event where a Tendril will spawn with some roots AoEs are your friends here.This event can be done with 1-5 people and if they are zerker built this event shouldn’t take no more than a few seconds. To get the bonus for the tendril event make sure you kill the roots before you kill the tendril.

Serene Event – During the Serene event bring swiftness due to the fact her pathing to the 5th and 6th Crystal is really awkward as she tends to go back and forward and also to speed up the event. If she dies she will have a timer where she must be revived one thing to note whenever the timer is left at when she dies it will start there. So for example if you revived her with 1 minute left when she dies again it will start at 1 minute.

Basket aka Plume – For this event you must prevent the inquest from stealing the supplies. Since the inquest will crowd in the area using aoes will burn them down quickly. If they are grabbing supplies use CCs and interrupts to reset them walking to the basket again. If by chance they get the supplies you have to stop them before they run back to a certain point. To get the bonus you have to ensure the inquest don’t get any supplies.

Moa Triple Toe – When she spawns you just hit her with some CC or Daze once you do just stack on her and DPS her down during the fight a bar will fill up when you see it use another interrupt or stun to reset the bar. If you do not interrupt her she will run around again.

Noch aka Frog When the event starts you will follow her to a platform which is kinda small. Take Guardians with Hallowed ground and Stand your ground equipped and another forms of Stability. When she does her huge AoE be prepared with stability next take note she will go in a circle and use a dart attack so keep moving.

Queen To start the event interact with the tooth really simple just avoid the roll.

North Mine Basically you must 12 NPCs out the mines usually have a team of 10-12 people doing this event. One thing we did was split the groups one group will be escorting and the other rescuing. Bring Swiftness and Water fields incase they get hurt by the mobs and the rocks that fall from the ceiling. One thing to note to get the bonus you must keep all 12 NPCs alive and if 6 Die the event will fail.

South Mine Two events happen from this one is rescue 13 NPCs from the capsules when you rescue them adds will spawn you don’t have to escort them out nor fight the adds if you choose not to. The second event that happens in the south mines is the Champ Golem you must kill before the gate repairs itself. The boss itself does a leap attack so watch out for that. This is a slight DPS race not much ,but you can’t kill the repair golems until you kill the champ so be mindful of the progress on the gates.

Crystal Race For this event you must gather the crystals before the inquest. To get the bonus you not let the inquest get any crystals if they do you must either CC them to drop the crystal. Also when you get the crystal you must put in the basket or throwing it in the basket.

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