Guild Wars 2 Combat System Guide

Guild Wars 2 Combat System Guide by DreamyAbaddon

 GW2’s Combat System is based on:

Every class must learn how to deal Damage while staying in Control and being able to Support themselves to stay self-effeciant.

“Damage” is important for every class to help contribute in. It’s the very thing that helps you kill the enemy.

“Control” has many Factors. Every class has their own ways of staying in “Control” while in combat. There are 2 Basic primary ways of staying in “Control”:
[Movement] and [Dodge]

[Movement] alone can evade tons of attks, while [Dodge] can help you evade bigger attks, or even help you adjust your positioning while in combat.
Positioning is Key.

What is Control?
Control is when you take control of the Enemy.
Control is when you make it difficult for the enemy to attack you.

Control = Movement, Dodge, Stun, Daze, Chill, Cripple, Immobilize, Blind, Push, Pull, Knowckdown, Knowckback, BlowOut, Freeze, Weaken, Vulnerability, Confusion, Evade, Roll backward, Quick Roll, Leap Backward, Teleport, Stealth, Shrink, Fear, Illusions etc.

” What is Support?”
Support is when you support yourself by enhancing your combat abilities.
Support is when you use Heals, Boons, Blocks, or Condition Removals.

Support = Healing, Swiftness, Regen, Protect, Fury, Might, Vigor, Stability Retaliation, Break Stun, Quickness, Freenzy, Haste, Aegis, Revive, Condition Removal, Condition Transfers, Invulnrabality, Blocks, Endurance Refill, Condtion Convertions. etc.

What is Damage?
There are 2 types of Damage.
Direct Damage & Condition Damage.

Direct Damage = Slashing, Physical Projectiles, Casting Magic
Condition Damage = Poison, Bleeding, Burns, etc.

This Video Shows you how to apply Damage/Control/Support
durring actual Combat! A nice breakdown on how each skills function

This Video Will Give you an Idea of How ALL 8 Professions work in Combat.
You can use this Video as a Guide to help you Select a Profession you might like to try.

Team Play (Party Play)
Because all Classes are effeciant and have their own ways of staying effective in Damage/Control/Support . You wont be looking for a specific Class you need to party with. Instead, You’ll be looking for good players who you can coordinate with as a Team.

In a 5 man Dungoen Party , you want to work as a team by
coordinating “Control” & “Support” while contributing in “Damage”.

Keep this in mind:
Damage/Control/Support are NOT ROLES.

Damage/Control/Support are the 3 Basic Combat Mechanics based on GW2’s Combat System. The Combat system relies on these 3 mechanics for all classes.

This is to ensure every player who decides to play what ever class they enjoy, to be able to play effeciantly and effectivly ikittenman Dungoen Party or Solo.

Because there are NO :
Tank Roles
Healer Roles
DPS Roles

The combat system drives for serious team play for these types of group Content.
In fact, it’s more challenging Now because of this, since you dont have anyone to babysit you anymore.


You dont have a Babysitter to Heal you so you can Feel Safe to fully focus on DPS.
You dont have a babysitter to Tank for you so you can Feel Safe to focus on DPS.

You are now responsable for yourself and for contributing in your team.
Coordinate “Control” & “Support” while Contributing “Damage” in your Party is vital for a good team play.

You become an Asset if you play GW2’s combat system for what it is.


 ((Weapon Selection Guide for Combat))
All Weapons & Utility Skills are 100% Useful. It’s how you use them that truly deterimines their usefulness.

Never look for Weapons based on “Damage” alone.
Always look for Weapons based on what Skill-sets it comes with!

((Trait Selection Guide for Combat))
Traits are 100% Customizable to build your OWN Playstyle.
What Traits work for you, Wont always work for Others!

Press [H] key -> Go to [Trait Menu]

You’ll Notice 5 Trait Lines
The Customizable Traits are under:

You can Select Any Traits you like on any Trait Lines to build you Own Playstyle Prefferences.

Class -Engineer
(Firearms Trait Line) -> Adept -> Trait#V

Maybe This Engineer likes to cause Vulnerablity to his enemy by doing lots of critical Hits for more damage?

Class- Engineer
(Firearms Trait Line) -> Adept -> Trait#VI

Maybe This Engineer prefers his Rifle, Pistol, and Harpoon guns to have 20% Skill Racharge Rate instead?

It’s Important to choose the Traits you want to Build your own playstyle.

Next, you’ll notice 2 small icons in each Trait Line which gives you

The first 2 Stat-Bonus should be:
(A) Power Increase
(B) Condition Duration Increase

NEVER Choose a Trait Line based on these Stat-Bonus
ONLY Choose Trait Lines based on What Traits actually do.

((Armor Selection Guide for Combat))
Once you choose your Weapons/Utilities, and Traits to customize your playstyle,
The next thing is to “Fill in the Gabs” .

Remember when I told you to “NEVER Choose Trait Lines based on Stat-Bonus.”?

Well Now is your chance to start Gearing Up, and getting those missing Stats that your Trait Lines Don’t offer! This means for example; if you have a Trait Line that does NOT offer you “Power Increase” & “Condition Increase” then this is your time to start getting Armor/Upgrades to get those Stats Up!

Because you are choosing Traits that will fit your Own playstyle, You won’t be looking for the same Armor/Stat Upgrades that another player would be looking for. Regardless if you are playing the same class as someone else or not.

Just because Player (A) and Player (B) are both Playing Warrior class, doesn’t mean they are both using the same Traits. And it doesn’t mean they are both going after the same Armor/Upgrades.

In Closing
GW2’s combat system is fast pace, and action oriented game which allows you to customize your character’s playstyle in many differet ways using Traits/Armor/Weapon choices.

It is Important to Balance up your Stats while building your own Traits for your Own Playstyle prefferences, but It’s also Important to make sure you have the right Balance of Control & Support Skills so you can do enough Damage without a high risks of death.

Once You understand how these Combat Mechanics work in GW2’s Combat System, The next Step Really is to just practice and learn what you are capable of doing.

NOTE: Combo Fields & Combo Finishers are NOT Included in this Guide!
But you are more than welcome to add to it if you want! :P

Please discuss what you enjoy the most about GW2’s Combat System.

Best of wishes to you all! =)

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