FFXIV Tam-Tara HM Tips and Boss Guide

FFXIV Tam-Tara HM Tips and Boss Guide by Sreyb

Boss 1 – This boss is awesome. She summons a bunch of adds. Do NOT KILL THESE ADDS! upon killing them, a group wide pulse will inflict vulnerability up on the party and do a chunk of damage. There are two target indicators this boss does. There are three spinning red spheres connected with a line. This person is the target of the adds the boss summons. This person kites the adds around the room. The second indicator is an orange mark above one’s head similar to the one used by the Archer in Moggle Mog’s fight. This person is the target of a volley of arrows that hit in a wide radius. This attack can also kill the adds the boss summons without giving vulnerability. See the pattern? (It’s awesome!) Person who gets marked with the red starts running around the room in a circle. When the person who is marked with orange gets marked, run to the adds and the boss’s AoE will kill the adds painlessly. Other than this, the boss is a pushover.

I’ve gotten quite a few comments about strats for this first boss. The most common revised strat is to have both DPS and Heals stand behind the boss and not kite at all. This way DPS focuses on burning the boss. The key note is to not do any AoE when the adds are out. The boss’s low HP make it perfect for a burn strat.

Boss 2 – This boss isn’t fun. There’s an NPC in the middle of the room. If this NPC dies, the boss will instantly cast a party wide wipe. This boss starts off as a tiny lil’ guy and does barely any damage (though he is very beefy). Around the room are voidgates. Throughout the fight orbs will appear and start floating toward the NPC in the middle. The other party members MUST intercept these orbs so the NPC doesn’t die. An important note: The boss can absorb these orbs. Each orb absorbed will make the boss grow in size and give him a Damage Up buff. Try to make it so only the 3 other party members besides the tanks are intercepting them. Tanks, be sure to kite boss to avoid the spheres. When they detonate, the boss can absorb them via the blast.

Boss 3 – This boss is one beefy monster. There are technically two enemies, but you never directly fight the ones in the middle. Instead, you focus on the flying guy. The person in the middle frequently summons monsters from the sides. There are three different types of monsters summoned. Gargoyles: These are the most common adds. They’ll do a straight line AoE damage. Don’t be too worried about taking the damage. One or two are easily managed. As soon as the AoE is performed, these adds disappear. Voidrigas: These monsters perform Terror Eye (a large circular AoE) this one can hurt a little. These adds will disappear after performing their AoE.

Grooms-to-be are the last adds. These guys suck and are the true mechanic of the fight. These adds will start pouring into the room from the sides and slowly crawl to the middle. For every Groom that successfully makes it to the center and to the boss lady will die and cause a glowing red glyph to appear on the floor. After all of the Grooms have been taken care of (either by killing them or by them making it to the center) the boss will perform a party wide AoE called Red Wedding. This move’s damage is dependent on how many Grooms made it to the center. On 2 glyphs it caused about 3000 damage and at no glyphs it caused about 700-1000. For this portion it is highly recommended that the healer helps dps the adds via Cleric Stance.

After dealing with the gimmicks, just keep wailing on the boss until you get him down. Have fun with it! This is my new favorite dungeon theme. It’s so good.

Tips: *This dungeon is best with BLMs, SMNs, DRGs, and BRDs. There are lots of pulls with little monsters and there is quite a few portions where mobility is preferred. MNKs may struggle a little on the last boss depending on gear.

*Each tethered enemy throughout the dungeon performs a different AoE. The Cultist Orb will not be destroyed until all of the enemies in that room are killed. This includes any adds the tethered enemy may have summoned.

I will update this with any comments/questions/further tips as people reply and this grows.

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