FFXIV World of Darkness Tips

FFXIV World of Darkness Tips by MurasaKiso

With the addition of WoD to our raids, many new players come and join by the first time in WoD, no one of them knows what to do and theres no rush, the raid isn’t going anywhere (you shouldn’t go in turtle speed though). So I’ll put a few tips for each boss (and mid-bosses) here.

1 – Mid Boss – Chimeras

  • Lead the Chimeras to the center OR lead them outside the center, to the corners
  • Dodge the AOE
  • They can be silenced

2 – Boss – Angra Mainyu

  • This boss will put sometimes a HUGE AOE with the colors red and white. You won’t get damaged by them, but each time you get hit by(when the boss finnishes casting it) a red or white you’ll get a debuff. (Red aoe gives you Red debuff, White one gives you White debuff) To avoid getting killed (at 4 debuffs you get insta-killed) each time you get hit by a red-debuff, go to the white one next time he uses it. If you have the white one go to red.
  • Sometimes, four Final Hourglass will spawn, if they don’t get killed quickly, a Reaper will appear and will Insta-kill one of the players. Make sure to make your DPS focus on them.
  • The boss will put a roulette with a hand, when the roulette stops it will stun you and then insta-kill you. You gotta be fast to dodge it. After the last Final Horuglass is down, it will stop, the faster the Hourglasses are killed, the more time you have to dodge the stun.
  • The boss will bind one of the players and put him a giant AOE, get away from him as fast as possible, anyone linked to the player will recieve massive damage.
  • He will doom users sometimes, use the glowing circles (like in Qarn) to avoid dieing. You can dodge the debuff by looking away from him when he casts it, the name is “Mortal Gaze” so remember to look away when he starts casting it.

3 – Mid Boss – Scylla and Clone of Xantus

  • Nothing special about this one.
  • It’s mandatory to open the chest it seems but: IT’S A TRAP! (It will spawn a Clone of Xantus)
  • Killing the clouds will make less adds to spawn

4 – Boss – Five-Headed Dragon

  • This boss will do fire aoe, freeze aoe, thunder aoe, poison aoe. Your main problem is the freeze and poison.
  • Poison AOE will spawn a slime everytime, kill the slimes fast. If someone stands in the poison from the dragon boss, no slimes will be created.
  • The freeze aoe will get bigger, caution with it.
  • Sometimes he will spawn white orbs, they do much damage so make sure to kill them fast enough.
  • When 5 gems appears around the boss, he will start casting an insta-kill atttack. Focus on one of the heads (and cut the head) to make him reset the cast-time. Do this for each head, then he will unleass a 700-ish aoe (if you cut all his heads off). Then focus on the body again, if he uses this attack again follow the same strategy.

5 – Mini-Boss – Howling Atomos

  • Alliances A, B and C need to go to a platform in wich an Atomos is. Each platform has 2 levels, one high in the center and a low one around it. The round one has 4 jumpers, and the high one has 4 circles to activate the jumpers on the low platform
  • Atomos will sallow players and then drop them to the lower part, if everyone of one alliance it’s down and cant reach the upper platform everyone will die.
  • Atomos will spawn a Soldier sometimes.
  • It seems that each Alliance activates other Alliance jump-pads. A activates B, B activates C and C activates A(this is in case that A took the left platform, B the middle and C the right one)
  • When Atomos lock a player, he should drop to the lower level so no one gets eaten by him, and be carefull not to be in his cone or you’ll be absorbed.
  • When he cast shockwave, you need to place yourself bellow him to avoid to fall

6 – Boss – Cerberus

  • He will vomit sometimes, dropping purple orbs wich will give you the debuff Minimun, you can use this to enter his bod, you need to stand in the purple goop to get eaten. Being inside (and killing the stomach lining <- the important bit) of the dog is the only way to force back on the chains and remove the haste buff he gets.
  • When he gets rid of the chains, he will attack faster.
  • To chain him again, damage him until he starts charging the Re-Awakening skill, take of the chains and put it on the middle chain (right click on the glowing part). This will also top him from using that skill.

7 – Final Boss – Cloud of Darkness

  • When she changes sides, make sure to dodge her massive AOE laser.
  • When she starts swallowing darkness, focus everyone on the dark clouds, if she eats many of those, she will unleash an inata-kill attack. If you enter on the hit box of the clouds, you place heavy status on them, on the big ones requires 2-4 persons to place said debuff, usefull to buy time while killing all the clouds. Don’t use any knockback skill on the clouds or they’ll move really fast. The more people on a Dark cloud/storm the more powerfull is the “Heavy” debuff.
  • After the serpent-like(Shadow Lurkers I think?) mobs appears, there will be 3 dark storms on the ground, each one surrounded by a circle (wich trasnforms into a barrier). Each Alliance has to go inside a circle (there are 3 circles, one for each alliance), and kill the Dark Storm when the barriers start, if they don’t kill the Dark Storm fast enough, the raid will probably suffer a wipe.
  • If you hit the shadow lurkers at least once each time they pop up, they go away so they don’t bad breath the group.
  • Sometimes she will spawn comets, at least 1 person MUST be in the circle or everyone will suffer damage. If there are 2 or more persons in the commet they’ll take increased damage.
  • When she uses the lightning attack, if you get a crosshair, run away from the group and don’t stop moving. A lightning AOE will strike where you’re standing repeatedly with no other indicator. Run in a straight line (or at least don’t backtrack) away from other players.
  • USE YOUR LIMIT BREAKS. It seems to be really easy to build it on Cloud of Darkness.

And I think that’s all. If I wrote something wrong (or I forgot something) and would like to contribute to these tips feel free to do so.

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