Black Gold Online Tips and Tricks

Black Gold Online Tips and Tricks by Emralyn

Just going to start a guide with some helpful tips I’d wish I’d known from the start. Add your own here or let us know if something has changed.

– When you complete your first dungeon and get a ring, turn around go back in as many times as you wish and get a second ring.

– If you are in a guild, do the side quests, don’t skip them!! The reward given are guild points needed to improve and upgrade the guild!!

– You can’t use chat until level 10. You will be able to que at level 13 for instances and you will get a teleport option at lvl 15.

– The (plot) scout mission is buggy, I had to delete my first character since I couldn’t move or teleport or que for anything at level 10 and a GM wasn’t responding at the time. Ever since then, each character I play has not bugged on (Plot)Scout mission when I make sure I summon my trained battlemount (the R key) before entering the portal into the island. Not sure why, but it works for me now and I can finish the mission.

– In your bag you have a decompose button, you can decompose items higher than white quality for green crystals and blues for blue crystals, probably higher but I haven’t done those yet.

– You can use mail anywhere. To send items to your other characters just hit Original, drag the item and it costs like 5 silver. Certain items in your bag are not bound (although many are from the gifts) the ones I’ve noticed are black iron fragments and item identification coins used to identify blue and purple items.

– Use your battle mount to kill mobs…its a beast and does a lot of damage fast.

– Do the events that pop up on the map!! You get rewards like crystals, gold and rare stuff as well as honor points and xp.

– On the main website where it says “Media rewards”, check it out and follow the links to places to get a free mount for a week, one type per account. I think you can save them until activated, not sure…but keys are still working and available.

– You can press the button G for guild and apply to guilds from there if you want.

– If you delete your character name, currently you can not reuse the same name when making another so…be careful with that.

– You get two free “sands of time” time vials per day. As you play the vials will fill up with blue equipment, possibly purple with higher quality vials and other items of value. The vials are “saves” of bonus items you have accumulated while playing. Your two free saves per day will allow you to look into each vial and choose which items you would rather have and keep. This is why they do not have an item mall, the new money system is how they will attempt to make money to keep the game going for us to play and they want us to be able to choose what we buy and when. You can check what is in the time vials under the ball icons. You will gain one item automatically from choosing that vial, you will also get the unopened vial with another piece of equipment inside. You can choose to sell it to other players unopened or open it and then sell the item on the auction hall. Most of the items have unidentified stats on them (note tip previously about identification stones currently able to mail to alt characters and others, they are not bound so that should help for now)

– The battlefield is large scale pvp Isenhorst versus Erlandir.

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