WildStar Veteran Stormtalon Lair Silver Guide

WildStar Veteran Stormtalon Lair Silver Guide by Ohnomnomnom

Everything can be watched here with Towellie’s commentary. Needless to say all the credit of this very informational video goes to him, I had nothing to do with it except for stumbling on it on the internet. He does a good job at explaining the bosses, so I won’t go into too much depth about those.

Goal Stormtalon Lair Silver Medal:
-Complete all optional quests
-Complete STL within 30 minutes of you entering the dungeon
(Doing all the above PLUS the challenges without a single party member dying will grant you gold. The upside to this is, if you manage to do all the challenges and not die the entire run, the timelimit won’t be any trouble.)

-Communication, log onto a voicecomm, as teamwork is not only imperative, but impossible to do without.
-About 7-8 total interrupt in your group, but can vary greatly depending on how precise your group is with interrupts.

(Stalker’s Collapse is a great way to speed up some of the thrash pulls)

As I’m explaining the dungeon run, I will put down [time markers] that correspond with the time in the youtube movie so you can see what I’m talking about yourself. Note that Towellie increased the speed of the run by about 1.5-2, so it does NOT correspond with the time spent in the dungeon. It is up for you guys to find the Stems and Totems to pick up, they spawn in set locations.

Dealing with the thrashpacks is a matter of interrupts. Most Pelekk only have ONE interrupt armor, so setting up a rotation of 3-4 interrupts will keep mobs stunned often, but most importantly giving you “Time of Opportunity” on them increasing their damage taken by 50%.

One important note are the Stormweavers, they leave a harsh-ticking DoT on the group which needs to be dispelled. A note for DPS’ers: healer dispells are usually narrow and/or shortranged, but you can stack up without problem as long as you interrupt his only cast, which is a channeled storm(2 Interrupt armor).

-= Part I: Bladewind the Invoker =-

-Right after the first corner, pull the Pelekk Shaman-pack away from where they spawn, there’s a patrol around (Collapse will help get that ranged Shaman in place if you have it, minor convenience).
-Take care of the Stormweaver(dispells)

-The first boss, Bladewind the Invoker, is not hard, it’s mostly about surviving the tells on the ground and interrupting what you can in the last phase. You will have to put down the lighting called onto party members underneath the channeling Pelekk around the boss, as this will break their shield. In the last phase you’ll need 2 rounds of 3-interrupts(the boss has 2 IA). The easiest is probably to let the first cast go through and then reliably interrupt the last two of his 3-cast salvo. Kill the boss and move on.

-= Part II: Aethros =-

Here things can go slightly different depending on which optional quests you have. There’s a mini-boss called “Overseer Drift-Catcher” above the first jumping platform, which might be one of your objectives. If you have him as an optional, the main part about him you need to know is that he creates a shield on himself and starts casting mad lightning on the raid. You have to DPS down the shield asap and interrupt him after.

-Depending on your optional quest, you either go together as a group onto the jumping platform to kill the miniboss. If you don’t have the optional to kill the miniboss up there, 4 people keep clearing, whilst you send one sneaky member up top to snatch the Totem that’s up there and he jumps down(the mobs de-aggro if you jump down if you do aggro).
-Send someone up the second jumping platform aswell to be a ninja, but be careful there’s an additional pack to be cautious of. However some classes can still easily sneak past and take what’s needed.
-Ignore the two packs on the left of the room, but pull the Tempest patrolling back and forth and keep clearing towards the boss, sticking to the right wall. Pick up the Stems and Totems before the bossroom(watch out for aggro)

-Aethros’ only hard mechanic is the walk back to the boss after he teleports you to the beginning of the room and have to walk back to him before you can interrupt him casting his oneshot-spell. I believe the boss has around 3-4 IA, but with the interrupts you need to run throughout the entire run it wont take more than 2-3 people to actually reach the boss. When saving a Tank-cooldown for the adds and putting the red circles the adds spawning under partymembers on the sides of the room, all this fight needs is a little practice. One little tip would be for the dps not too be too spread before the adds spawn, this way the tank has an easier time picking all three up.

-= Part III: Stormtalon(himself) =-

This is the part when you can start cutting some corners. Depending on your optional quests you might have to kill Arcanist Breeze-Binder. He’s easy to pull back to where you want to be standing(as seen in the video I will link momentarily). He does spawn some tornado’s but they are easily avoidable and he does not hit hard. However you need to interrupt one ability and it requires 5 interrupts to do so, it’s called “Gust Convergence”, which summons 3 very hard hitting adds. If they do go through, pop some cooldowns and try to interrupt the next one. The link below will show you that the party stays where Aethros’ bossroom ends and you can see one person pulls the mobs towards the party.

-Kill the mobs necessary as shown in the video, if you have the optional to kill Arcanist Breeze-Binder(like in the video), drag him down to the party too and kill him. They pull: 1 pack of the Birdmaster Pelekk, 1 Shaman Pelekk group, 1 Tempest. (Afterwards they pull the boss, which might not always apply)

-Walljump the path as shown in the videolink above. It takes you straight to the last boss Stormtalon. Don’t forget the last and final totem to complete the last of your optional quests. It might not register right away, the optional questlog is often slow to update, but eventually it does.

-Now the final hurdle for you to tackle to obtain your Silver reward: Stormtalon! The tactic shown is quite straight forward, but there’s many ways to kill him. One vital skill you must have(apart from the obvious interrupts in the group), is a CC-break. Every class has one, although some are (much) better than others. This will make the throwback and stun alot easier to deal with. Follow a strat you’re comfortable with(there’s plenty on the internet). One note I will make is that the boss is currently bugged for pets. If you have a pet out, let’s say Mr. Assault bot, it can become the target of Eye of the Storm, instant stun the group and skip the part where you have to group up and run around. This GREATLY increases the difficulty of the fight and taking pets of your bars for this fight is highly recommended.

After this is all said and done, the run still takes alot of practice to complete, but will leave you with immense satisfaction once you do reach your goal. When you are practicing for your runs I suggest clearing around and tagging the additional ressing point on the second jumping platform before the second boss. It is a good first proper challenge towards your attunement. You will probably get frustrated at some point, probably when learning Stormtalon, but don’t forget to enjoy it all! I hope this helps some of you guys a step closer to you guys’ attunement.

Who wrote this? Epie, from the server Eko of the guild <Scruudje>. If you want to say hi, don’t be shy.

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