Rift Mage Harbinger Guide

Rift Mage Harbinger Guide by Zaviel

Fellow Mage Ascended,

I bring you a spec of my own creation that allows you to be robust enough to survive trash mobs galore and dps the life out of them in the open world.

Introducing the arbinger. (from upt North where we drop a lot of h’s)

2.7 Arbinger (Open World DPS/Tank) Spec with Macros

The Build


ST Slashing

show Storm Slash suppressmacrofailures cast Essence of Wind cast [notactive] Charged Blade cast vengeful shock cast vorpal slash cast storm’s fury cast Glacial Spike cast Galvanic Strike cast blazing light cast storm’s fury cast Rending Slash cast blazing light

AOE Slashing

show Lucent Slash

suppressmacrofailures cast [notactive] Charged Blade cast vengeful shock cast vorpal slash cast storm’s fury cast phase step cast lucent slash cast blazing light


Check out the video…

Ok fine so you want to read this instead. I’ll put it into chunks of useful info

The basics are similar to a normal harbinger where you just go in and start slashing. The difference here is that you need to be aware of the amount of trash being pulled and where it is (unless you choose blademark then ranged mobs are easier). You have AOE and ST taunts but not the yank. Make sure to watch for incoming mobs if you are low on HP.

Important to remember is that your healing from doing lots of damage. Using the AOE macro with the luminous weapon blade on makes you quick work of your enemies and heals. also, using EA procs for vile spores means you will have near constant 25% more intelligence all the time and a small heal over time (thanks to the chloro points).

Another good thing to remember is that you will have to balance your charge. As you see i’ve left charge blade in the macro. If you take it out your charge management will be under your control and manually toggling it might become annoying. If you loose your 30% armour buff and need it like snap! then use sirling winds to fill up your charge bar right away. Be leaving charged blade in, you more or less keep the spell buff up.

Make sure blazing light, withering vines and piercing beam are up on the main target at least. All give extra damage. They also generate charge if you need it fast.

BUFFS – You need to manage your blades and “stances”. If you are going for big pulls, reaper blade gives more healing and does life damage, pure dps lighting blade (benefits from arbiter damage buff), aoe luminous (life damage again). Your stances just need to change in situations. You can do it mid fight and depends on your situation.

As ever let me know good or bad your thoughts and let’s have a constructive discussion.

PS It’s a Yorkshire thing

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