Rift Rogue Assassin PvE Solo Guide

Rift Rogue Assassin PvE Solo Guide by Meizu

The build itself http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#Tgw/ykFlliGAGl4/t8E

I apologise if there is a build like this already posted.

First thing you may want to know is: this is NOT a pure ST DPS build. Although this build still has the full 61 sin tree, making it’s ST DPS very high it is a build more based on the solo PvE content and especially in case, when you are not needed to do massive aoe dmg (go tactman instead), but single target dps and have the insane survivability options.

You may go tactman anyway (for the AOE), this build is just something fun and new, survivable as hell, and pretty helpful when taking down mobs 1 by 1 (some bosses or so). Sins ST damage is much higher than tacticians.

So let’s check up the build souls:


Pretty much fill up the whole soul as all the points nicely contribute the averall damage and DPS. Makes you perma stealth and have awesome single target damage when attacking from stealth. Awesome right?


The whole purpose of this soul is to get the Curative engine which really helps reducing the incoming damage. Every time you get hit, you get healed. Can’t get better. One point in infernal torrent just because AOE is not on the assassins list and with this single point you actually give your assassin some nice aoe capabilities. Nothing special, but hey, you might need it sometimes to finish weaker mobs faster, or just to farm lower lvl rifts faster.


This is where the main survivability kicks in. Not many points are needed to add your dps class a ton of survivability. You instantly gain some endurance, some armor increase. 5 points to max out the AP gain, and 3 points in boosted recovery. Every time you kill – you heal. So our build already has 3 effective heals that pop up automatically and you don’t even have to worry about them!

If things get really nasty you can easily pop guardian phase. In the exchange of dps (30% lower dmg), you get double the survivability and you can just plow through mass of mobs.

So if we look at healing perspective we have:

Enduring Brew – heals for a quite respectable amount of HP, 1min CD
Leeching Poison – When it procs, heals you
Curative Engine – when you get hit, you get healed
Boosted recovery – when you kill you heal

Amazing? That’s cos it actually is.

If you have enough PA points, just get yourself Vampiric Essence and you gain another 20% chance to be healed for 10% of your damage.


Just use it as any other assassin. Macros are really just the same. I use:


#show Jagged Strike
cast Thread of Death
cast Jagged Strike


#show Savage Strike
cast Backstab
cast Phantom Blow
cast Savage Strike
cast Serpent Strike
cast Break Free


#show Final Blow
cast Final Blow
cast Serpent Strike
cast Break Free


#show Impale
cast Leaping Plunge
cast Impale
cast Serpent Strike
cast Break Free

These are my personal macros, tailored by myself for my fingers so you might want to rearrange them a bit.


Go Stealth, then

Expose weakness -> Jagged Strike -> Impale macro (if you have full combo points if not spam the build macro until you get full CP) -> Puncture -> spam Kill macro untill you get all 5 combo points -> Blow macro

Then repeat everything. If you have a longer fight, you can extend Jagged Strike with the Thread of Death Macro.

Instead of pressing impale macro all the time – this is a 20sec dot, so make sure you rather spend your combo points for final blow and only cast impale when you are about to extend it.

Don’t forget to always keep puncture up. It also gives you 1 combo point per use so you don’t loose cp generation, but it raises your DPS by a nice amount.

I think that’s about it, if you have any additional questions, please write below. Feel free to criticise this or make some upgrades to the build.

Have fun leveling everybody

Forgot to write about the buffs.


Malicious Poison
Lethal Poison
Leeching Posion
Curative Engine
Planebound Resiliance

When it starts to get freaky have the guardian phase ready to pop.

And another thing – If you want to make this build more AOE afterall, you can just simply replace the Assassin soul with a Bladedancer Soul and voila – we have a nice AOE solo build again. Similar survivability though as bladedancer also has nice healing tools, but comes with much stronger AOE.

But this build is still kind of useful as you have perma stealth (nice to reach some otherwise hard to reach locations), plus if everything really goes wrong and you just cant take all the incoming damage you can just Slip Away and instantly loose all agro and you just saved yourself from dieing.

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