WildStar Tips and Tricks

WildStar Tips and Tricks by Caithleen

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New Player / Tutorial / Arkship

  • When you are ready to leave the arkship you can change which starting area on nexus you are transported to. (Select no, go to other shuttle terminal)


  • ALT-F1 : FPS and Ping
  • On your innate skill and the recall skill you have little arrows that give you options like changing stance or porting to your home (if you have one).
  • Instead of using the button in the questtracker to use a quest item, you can simply press T.
  • When you click on a questtitle in the tracker you get arrows pointing you in the right direction.
  • There is a TINY icon with which you can disable dodging. No more falling out of trees! [MacHaggis&Scythe]
  • Yellow hexagons are quest objective areas and orange hex are path mission areas! So easy to read once you get used to it! [Mahanaxar]
  • Taxi stations show up as white circles on the map. [jetpuff]*
  • There is a button you can assign to perform directional dodging. No need to double tap a direction. [Ironstones]*


  • When you are in a questhub or city lookout for built settler stations, they can give you some awesome buffs or even offer more taxi routes.
  • When there are multiple settler terminals, you can get buffs from all of them. I don’t know why I assumed I could only have 1 buff. [MacHaggis]
  • The sprint key also works on your hoverboard [MacHaggis]
  • While questing, lookaout for special settler-taxi stations, those usually travel short distance to your current quest areas.
  • Shift+Scroll Wheel while hovering over a stacked inventory item will split stack. [Kataryna]
  • The Hoverboard is the only mount (so far) that allows double-jump. [Zap-Robo]*
  • Banks do exist but they don’t currently show up on the maps. Look for them in the capital cities near the auction house. [Qhue]*
  • You can type in /dye to dye your clothes instead of run to town every time! (but who are you paying when you dye your clothes in the middle of no-where? hmm..) [jetpuff]*
  • Taxi stations show up as white circles on the mini map when they need to be discovered (You can discover them by right click a taxi station) [jetpuff]*
  • To preview the telegraph for an ability, simply mouseover the ability icon for a moment. Very useful to gauge the instant cast abilities. [toazd]*


  • Challenges with “Kill X of creature Y” refers to packs, not creatures. (a group of 2-3 that stand and aggro together are a “pack”-caith) [heraldTyphus]
  • You can get special weapons from named monsters for which if you complete the imbuement quest it will give the weapon a special effect (caith: in other words : your weapons can have “mini kill quests” on them to make them better!) [toazd]*


  • Engineer : When your bot is spawned, the ability becomes the activator for the bots special skill


  • That you can right click on nodes to harvest them instead of attacking them…. [Lograthsun]*
  • But you can also attack them, at least the plants and lower level nodes.


  • Soldier : Look for SWAT Weapon terminals in the questarea early, those special weapons can help quite a bit with the kill quests.
  • As an explorer, be sure to explore parts of the map while you are close to them. Don’t start exploring when you’re about to leave the zone. [MacHaggis]
  • Scientist : Scanbot wont stealth with you, fellow stalkers, keep that in mind for PvP areas.

Instances / Groupplay

  • If you want to run a Dungeon from the Group Finder, you have to discover the dungeon entrance in person first [Zap-Robo]*


  • Dont post screenshots with your watermark as long as nda isnt lifted. (There are trolls here, for sure!)
  • Do not read every “Hey I am a stress tester thread” on the forums during stress test phases or you may risk a heart attack… [Legedric]*

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