WildStar Warrior Leveling (1-25) Guide

WildStar Warrior Leveling (1-25) Guide by LittleBrownMan

So I made one of these during the Winter Beta and wish I saved it prior to being deleted and the guides for now all show you what a level 50 should look like.

So here it is.  What got me through level 40 (i’m only 41 now) till I started playing my SS during the closed beta phase. Again I really enjoy the class and I’m having a real hard time deciding which class to play. DPS is the priority but then you have Tank or Heals as a fall back.

So back to the simple guide. This will be PvE leveling focus only but you can PvP with this LAS when you get bored of questing.

This also is to assume you are also at level 20 cap and now onwards to the upcoming level 25 cap.

I currently use this as my LAS with my last slot being Whirlwind for now.  I mainly PvE on my warrior and have PvP’d but changed my LAS slighly.
My Lvl 25 LAS
I did not put Tier points cause I forgot how many points we get. I suggest T4 Relentless strikes once level 25

Relentless Strikes- spam away, your main builder
Power Strikes- bread and butter
Rip Saw- nice DoT and snare
Smack Down- gotta put the smackdown and debuff these fools
Breaching Strikes (Prior to 21 I used, Savage Strikes)

Kick- used to interrupt and as my MoO
Grapple- used to interrupt

These are the only 2 AMPS you will have to buy/choose that you can use for this build.

Tier 2 AMPS that are a must have:
Quest : Algoroc or Celestion
-Power Hitter

Whitevale – Thermock Hold 8K Rep

I also invested 3 points in Lifesteal, but it’s not included cause I forgot how many points we get at 25 for AMPS

The warrior can seem very spammy but you need to take advantage of your Movements of Opportunities (MoO) My MoO that I use is the kick.

So what is my rotation…simple and basic

Relentless Strike (build up your KE) once you see a MoO -> Kick-interrupt -> Smackdown -> Power Strike x4 -> Rip Saw.

Still level 20 and using savage strikes. Relentless Strike (build up your KE) once you see a MoO -> Kick-interrupt -> Smackdown -> Savage Strikes -> Power Strike x4 -> Rip Saw.

LeveL 21+ Now with the same basic rotation combo, you’ll see some yellow numbers flying somewhere, thats a crit, now you can use your breaching strikes.

Relentless Strike (build up your KE) once you see a MoO or Crit  -> Kick-interrupt -> Smackdown -> Breaching strikes- > Power Strike x4 -> Rip Saw.

Once you Crit with an ability, you have a short window unleash hell.  You can Breaching Strikes anytime after you crit but you get more benefit when you create a MoO once you crit.

When it comes to Rip Saw, I sometimes use it freely when spamming my RS-KE builder.  DoTs can win you a fight when you have to kite a few mobs waiting on a CD

Some people don’t like grapple but I use it for the interrupt and sometimes when I’m just questing and want to feel like a Death Knight or Scorpion….GET OVER HERE! It comes in handy also cause you can remove 2 interrupt armors as the DPS.

Again this fit my playstyle, this may not fit yours.  I used this in open world pvp in farside and wilderun.  I only changed my LAS if I lost of course, changing what i needed based on who was running around.  I always try to fight 2 minimum, but 3-4.  As many mobs as possible.  You see later levels that once you start criting your TTK comes down a lot.  Again, try a solo mob first and then work your way to more mobs.  More mobs leads to more chances to crit leading to more MoOs and shorter TTK.

I’m always open to opinions.  Haven’t done any theorycrafting really as a warrior. I just wanted to get this out there since reading the Warrior forum, i was one of those low level warriors asking when it gets good and wanted to share my limited experience to others.

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