WildStar Controller/Gamepad Support Guide

WildStar Controller/Gamepad Support Guide by ruff1298

Other Controller Jury-Rig Plug

Yet another Controller Jury-Rig Plug


  • I am not responsible for any problems that might arise from your installing anything on your PC. Install and modify at your own risk.
  • This is not perfect. Keep your KB+M handy for things like menus and targeting specific units.

Speaking from personal experience, playing WildStar with a controller is totally possible, and actually pretty effective and fun. Even in CBT3, before the advent of Deadlock, I was able to play well.

What you will need:

  • Joy2Key, a wonderful free program for all your DIY, jury-rigged controller support needs (other programs also available, like Xpadderand Pinnacle) My setup for Joy2Key here
  • A controller (any will do; personally, I use a wired Xbox 360 controller)
  • Deadlock, or Deadlock Extended, a wonderful addon giving you mouse look (or, in this case, non-awkward camera turning)
  • Mission Control, in case you don’t already have it, a great tool for installing addons

What you need to do:

  1. Plug in your controller, and install all necessary drivers and/or software. Playing WildStar with a gamepad won’t work if your computer doesn’t know your controller exists!
  2. Install Joy2Key or your controller jury-rigger of choice. Remember to configure it before running WildStar! For Joy2Key, I’ve attached my own configuration profile
  3. Download and install Deadlock. This is vital. Get Mission Control to make your life easier.
  4. Test. You must keep Joy2Key open for this to work, and since I’ve only ever tried this on my own computer, I’m not sure if it’ll work for you, too.
  5. Reconfigure and adjust as needed. The beauty of this method is that you can rebind everything and dial up to what speeds and sensitivity you’d prefer.


What the heck is AxisX(<0)?

Please Google the answer. Images are no longer allowed here. Sorry.

I’m not using Joy2Key or downloading your setup. What buttons do you recommend I use for what?


  • Set something as a modifier for X + Y combos. I prefer using Button 6/RB and set it to “Use Joystick2’s configuration” (Special > Use the setting of other Joystick Temporarily)
  • For convenience’s sake, any “Modifier” button will be referred to as “RB”
  • I’m using the letters on an Xbox 360. Expect to see “RB,” “Back,” and “A.”
  • “L3” and “R3” are pressing down on your thumbsticks


WQSE: Left Analog Stick
Jump “Space”: Button 1 “A”
Camera/Mouse Movements: Right Analog Stick
Sprint “Shift”: Button 5 “LB”
Dodge “Ctrl”: Axis3(>0) “LT” (Personally, I bind this to my Directional Dodge key in the options)


Map “M”: D-Pad Up
Interact “F”: D-Pad Left or RB + Button 1 “A” (for button mashing)
Vacuum Loot “V”: D-Pad Down
ComCall “C”: D-Pad Right
Use “T”: Button 7 “Back”
Path Ability/Soldier SWAT Weapon/Scientist Scan “G”: Button 8 “Start”
Summon/Dismiss Scan-Bot “Insert”:  RB + Button 8 “Start”
Enable/Disable Deadlock (Default) “X”:  Button 9 “L3”
(Optional) Mount/Qu ickslot 1 “Ctrl + 1”: RB + Button 7 “Bac k”


Target Enemy “Tab”: Button 10 “R3”
Target Friendly “Ctrl + Tab”: RB + Button 10 “R3”
Target Self “F1”: RB + Button 9 “L3”
Target Party Member 1 “F2”: RB + D-Pad Left
Target Party Member 2 “F3”: RB + D-Pad Down
Target Party Member 3 “F4”: RB + D-Pad Right
Target Party Member 4 “F5”: RB + D-Pad Up

LAS 1: Button 3 “X” (Spammer)
LAS 2: Button 2 “B” (Usually used for Blade Dance, Whirlwind, or Charged Shot)
LAS 3: Button 4 “Y” (Reserved for Finishers, or DoTs)
LAS 4: Axis3(<0) “RT” (CC)
LAS 5: RB + Button 3 “X” (Secondary Damage skill, like Wild Barrage, Concentrated Blade, Savage Strikes)
LAS 6: RB + Axis3(>0) “LT” (Support Skill/Self-Healing)
LAS 7: RB + Button 2 “B” (Secondary DoT, Debuff)
LAS 8: RB + Button 4 “Y” (Secondary CC)
LAS 9: RB + Axis3(<0)
LAS 0: Unbound
Innate Skill “R”: RB + Button 5 “LB”

Why would you want to use a controller with a PC MMO, anyway?

You would want to use one if you:

  • Have problems with carpal tunnel and “claw hand” from extended play
  • Want to travel around a big, wide world without holding down W all the time
  • Want the added comfort and ergonomics of controllers

Does this really work? Isn’t it awkward?

You get used to it fast. I can actually foresee WildStar being perfect for native controller support; the game really fits the style well.

Good luck being competitive in PvP/Raids with a controller!

Competitive PvP-ers and Raiders pretty much forsake everything but their precious KB+M, anyway. I’m writing this up for those that don’t mind the lessened precision.

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