WildStar Warrior Tanking Guide

WildStar Warrior Tanking Guide by OriginT


So a few weeks on I have learned and changed my build quite a bit.

  • Its improved my TPS a TON up to around 8k or 9k TPS.
  • My survivability is great with over 11k shield and 40k health after eating,
  • I also have between 17% and 35% deflect chance. It changes depending on what procs I have on me at any given time but from what i’ve observed the average is about 29% for most of the fight.
  • Still have amazing utilty.


  • ThreatMeter – No explanation required I am sure.
  • Clairvoyance – Help with CC effects such as finding your weapon.
  • TapThat – I don’t like this, feels like cheating, but Carbine say it’s fine and it makes things a bit easier with any CSI’s.
  • AuraMastery – Used to use ProcsHUD but decided AuraMastery gives better customisation options. Shows procs and cooldowns.
  • Perspective – Replaces Ayth_Quest and EntSpy. Amazing customisation for EVERYTHING. I have it set to show a line between myself and any healers in my group/raid. It turns from dark green to light green when they are within 30m.
  • SassyBuilds – Couldn’t live without this one. Allows you to change LAS builds in a split second whilst out of combat. I currently have 10 Tanking LAS builds saved with this.


My current AMP Build.

  • The biggest change I made was getting rid of Power Link. Yeah it gives a nice DPS boost, but I was finding that a lot of the time it was only hitting me or maybe just one other person and so ultimately I felt like I could put something better in its place.
  • Removing Unyielding from the Utility tree worries me but it’s going to be the first thing I get back once I have more AMP points. Being dazed isn’t great but it only happens if you take damage whilst sprinting. I think its manageable without it.
  • I took Vigor in the Hybrid S/U tree as I do sprint in combat and that stacking buff is really nice.
  • I also took Spike Armor. Assuming I get hit with direct damage every 1 second its (with my current gear) and extra 160 DPS. Pretty good passive threat.
  • Finally I took Bolstering Strike. I like it. It’s decent threat with the added survivability. Works.
  • I don’t need all the points in critical deflect as you only need a max of 15% so I just took what I needed there.

With the extra 10 AMP points I will get Unyielding and To The Pain.

As I said I use about 10 different LAS builds so I am as efficient as possible. I will show them below and explain why I like some Tiers. I won’t break down every build as the explanation of Tiers and the name of the build should explain all.

Obviously these are all mainly derivative but with SassyBuilds its easy to really min/max.

Not all builds above use all these Tiers but I briefly want to explain why they are good.

  • Tier 8 Menacing Strike. This is more for the extra damage as it’s what you will use most.
  • Tier 4 Plasma Wall. This is to get the extra deflect. More deflect = less damage taken and more Atomic Spear procs.
  • Tier 8 Atomic Spear. See Tier 4 Plasma Wall.
  • Tier 4 Polarity Field. Generates two fields which will usually overlap. Great for multi mob tanking.
  • Tier 8 Kick. 2 interrupt armour.
  • Tier 4 Grapple. 2 Charges.

If anyone have any suggestions or indeed questions please let me know.

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