RotMG Max a Knight from Scratch Guide

RotMG Max a Knight from Scratch Guide by Eanton

I have used this method and I am very close to 6/8 in about 6 hours.

INTRO: So you want to max a knight you say? You find it boring to play on a wizard for countless hours in the god-lands to collect only a few pots? Well then this guide is for you!

STEP 1: MAXING DEX- So this one is simple, you should be using basic god-lands gear, those you will have to get. I recommend a Raven, Gshield, Dscale, and sup Def fo this. Start farming dex worlds, and only those. Do not do any other dungeon, not even Oryx. Do not risk dying, nexus in dangerous situations. By the time you finish maxing dex, you may have collected a few def pots. Save these up for now. Kill any sprite gods you see in the sprite worlds as they have a high chance of dropping attack pots.

STEP 2: MAX SPD– This on is easy, with your current dex, you should be able to complete Snake Pits in around 2 minutes. Maxing speed may take a while, but it will help in the next few steps.

NEW GEAR- I recommend you buy some better equips, preferably a Mithral Shield, as the defense on it does help out. This step is optional, but it is helpful. Mith is going for around 2-3 def ATM.

STEP 3: GETTING DEF AND VIT from the REDNECKS– Time to max def and vit. For this step, I would STRONGLY recommend having a good form of healing your self, such as a pet or lots of HP pots. You can also find a priest or pally that would be willing to do them with you. If you do not have any of these, don’t dis-pare! You can still solo them, but they may take a lot of time. Just run in a little and drag some brutes out and stun and shoot. DO NOT do treasure rooms unless you have a lot of mana pots and that Mith. ALWAYS clear white demons at the boss as this will make him easier and they drop attack a lot. You might have a chance to get a arcon/deso drop from Malphes, as well as a dblade.

STEP 4: ATK- If you haven’t already maxed attack, just go around and stun constructs with your Mith and keep stunning one until it dies. Repeat the method on the other 2, and they have a good chance on dropping attack. At this point, eventing should be a breeze. Do skulls and cube when you see them, as they drop attack and better gear.

STEP 5: WIS- This one is easy, just run UDL’s and drink the wis. Rushing shouldn’t be a problem with your max def and vit.

CONGRATZ! You know have a 6/8 knight! This process may take some time, but in the end it’s worth it, as a 6/8 knight can do almost anything. Once you max him, run some more abysses to buy better gear and save up in-case of a death. Hope this guide helps, have a good day mates :)

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  1. QMan ROTMG says:

    Going to use this same general guide for my pally. Sounds like it will work. Thnx!!!

  2. anonymous says:

    i think only steel construct drops atk so you dont really have to worry about regiice and regirock

  3. Xirone says:

    THX its good

  4. THX says:

    Thx, it really helped me, couse im a noob and pls keep doing more of those! (-=

  5. russelling says:

    It really helps alot TK :D

  6. Get Rekd says:

    Why do u have to max spd second
    ? I always think that def is required 2nd

  7. Kutsua says:


    Rednecks = demons in Abyss of Demons dungeon
    UDL= Undead Lair Dungeon

  8. TLynchKing says:

    Ok so, I was reading this page and, for def. “Rednecks”??? Also. “UDL’s”??

  9. Luke says:

    Thank you so much I just died with a 3/8 knight and read your article, I will try this ASAP because I always tried to max def first but I could cuz I would die

  10. PIGIN says:


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