RotMG Oryx Guide

RotMG Oryx Guide by Kong

I posted this a while back on Kongregate for all the noobs. Note some stuff is inaccurate but it’s still a good guide imho.

First, keep in mind Oryx is frequently invulnerable, indicated by the small blue shield icon over his head. The invulnerability last for 4 to 5 seconds, then he is vulnerable for about 1 second, then back to being invulnerable. This keeps cycling throughout the entire battle.

Second, Oryx has 6 stages. They are:

1. Minions will protect me!

  • He tosses out a bunch of the red minions to defend him. They’re basically meat shields for Oryx.
  • Oryx himself doesn’t do much damage here (white shots), but his forest of minions makes it impossible to avoid taking damage. I think the minions do 30 to 40 dmg per shot (orange shots).
  • The barrage of Slow status stars are very annoying. Just be sure to keep track of time in case you have to run away to avoid the next phase.
  • Best for: players with high def, either heavy armor or potted robe classes. Bow classes do well, too, as they shoot straight through the minions. Range will not save you here as the minions are too spread out.


  • Here Oryx:
    1. erects a ring of invincible pulsating white orbs that both damage and inflict quiet
    2. said ring of orbs are circled by damaging black orbs
    3. fires unavoidable novas of Quiet and Weak
    4. spawns 4 or 5 minions outside of the circle (you can see these mid-air as Oryx throws them)
    5. throws bombs that do 250 dmg (I think…).
  • At the beginning of this phase you have a choice: inside or outside the circle.
  • Passing through it is very painful and will kill most players.
  • If you stay inside you have to strafe around Oryx to avoid the bombs. Any damage you inflict will be greatly reduced thanks to the Weak condition.
  • I’d only recommend staying inside if you’re skilled at dodging and are a sword or dagger class as you’re more likely to do worthwhile damage. If you stay outside you only have a few minions to deal with but you won’t do any damage to Oryx.
  • Best for: sword or dagger classes with very strong equipment (i’d say Tier 9+), or a staff class that has drank a lot of DEX.

3. My artifacts will protect me!

  • Oryx spawns 4 blue square artifacts (looks like status stars to me) that spin around him very quickly in a small circle. They are invulnerable shields and absorb lots of damage.
  • Further away there are circling white blobs that occasionally shoot little white shotguns. These won’t do too much damage but it adds up quickly.
  • The artifacts fire medium size white blobs in a pattern (instead of aiming at anything). They do 50+ damage if I remember correctly. Pretty easy to dodge.
  • Oryx fires huge white circles. These do tremendous damage but move very slowly. Avoid these at all costs, shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Best for: ranged classes, especially bow classes, anyone who has a Crystal Wand, and the Wizard. Bows and the Crystal Wand shoot through enemies, making the artifacts worthless as Oryx shields. Wizards have it easy since Oryx doesn’t move and you can precicely aim your spells to do maximum damage. Melees risk taking tons of damage because they have to be so close and will only have a fraction of a second to avoid high damage shots.

4. If I see you I will kill you!

  • Oryx stands alone, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak.
  • He shoots an enormous double shotgun that does 350 damage. Highest in the game.
  • This attack fires a couple times a second, rests a bit, then fires again.
  • The shot itself moves very fast so is hard to dodge. You can’t outrun it.
  • It aims at the closes player.
  • Best for: ranged classes, who will have the best chance of dodging. Melee and dagger classes can do well here, too, as long as they’re fast or you’re very good at dodging.

5. Another Minion phase, just like 1.

  • However, Oryx now shoots white blades for big damage, where he didn’t in phase 1. Just avoid the white shots.

6. Lets dance!

  • Similar to the Be Silent phase, but doesn’t have the Quiet or Weak effects.
  • Does not have bombs. Instead, Oryx shoots a barriage of very slow moving medium white circles.
  • The circles are spaced out just enough that you can weave through them without getting hit.
  • Best for: probably the most safe phase for all classes as long as you’re careful. It’s slower paced and all classes are within hitting distance and are unobstructed by shields/minions.

Then the cycle repeats from the start.

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    This is accurate but missing some of the newer stages of oryx, since recent updates

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