League of Angels Evolving Strategy Guide

League of Angels Evolving Strategy Guide by linsey

Angel Evolution is a new feature that GTArcade released a few days ago. The official post about it can be found here. Below is a simple strategy to make the most of the Seraph’s Stones that you have.

Phase 1: Evolve your main Angel to Epic (3 stars). Getting to 3 stars is fairly easy. Evolving past 3 stars starts to get very costly, so it makes a good point to stop and focus on your Guardian Angels.

Phase 2: Evolve all of your Guardian Angels to Uncommon (1 star).This will give a bit of a boost to your main and heroes and won’t cost very much.

Phase 3: Evolve your main Angel to Mythical (5 stars). This is where things become very expensive. (it cost me 500 Evolution points to get to 4 Legendary and 1200 more Evolution points to get to Mythical). ;Getting your Main angel up to Mythical will greatly increase the damage that she does during battle and give your party a strong Elemental Shield.

Phase 4: Evolve your Guardian Angels to Epic (3 stars). After all the time and expense to get your main Angel to Mythical, it is nice to take a break from collecting Seraph’s Stones for days and not seeing any progress. Once again, this will give a nice little boost to your main and heroes without costing you the small fortune that you spent upgrading your main Angel.

 Phase 5 – Option 1: Evolve your main Angel to 10 stars. This is where evolving your Angel becomes a long and tedious grind. Supposedly the rewards are worth it, but I have gotten far enough to find out.

Phase 5 – Option 2: Evolve you main Angel and ONE of your Guardian Angels. In this phase, you continue to evolve your main Angel but at the same time you want to evolve your LEAST powerful Guardian Angel. The reason for this is simple, at some point in teh future, you will want to get a new Angel. The most efficient thing to do is to transfer your main Angel to be your Main character’s Guardian Angel, and move the others down the ranks. The least powerful Guardian Angel will be the one that you use to inherit the new Angel. As there is no cap on ingeriting Evolve stars, the more stars this Angel has, the better your new Angel will be when she is deployed.

I have made it through the first 3 Phases of this strategy and have begun Phase 4. After Phase 4, I am going with Phase 5 – Option 2 to continue to evolve my Angels.

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    This guide is excellent, i’m lv 60 and wish i saw this way before now.

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