Hearthstone Druid Mill Miracle Legendary Rank Deck

Hearthstone Druid Mill Miracle Legendary Rank Deck by Coleisepic

https://i.imgur.com/V3ulgIw.png Original deck

https://i.imgur.com/fcGzHPN.png New version

http://i.imgur.com/QI53m1d.png Proof of legend

Intro Today I reached legend rank playing a self built miracle, dragon, mill, tempo druid deck. The deck has 2 major win conditions being malygos, double moonfire/malygos, double innervate, swipe, double moonfire for 12/21 damage and the standard FoN Savage roar finisher. The goal of the deck is to ramp into alexstraza or auctioneer and then draw into combos while milling and clearing the board. I would say that the deck isn’t very complicated to play and do well but to use the deck to it’s full potential is not easy. The original deck was built around the end of test season 4 for fun but quickly became something I thought may be viable. The idea was over for a long time while zoo and huntard dominated ladder. Recently though with the return of miracle and handlock the deck has become very viable and possibly top tier. When returning to millacle I thought of it’s weaknesses and strengths when I used to play it. One major weakness was the lack of keeper of the grove so I cut the leeroy combo which seemed to gimmicky and added a keeper. I also cut a nourish for a second ancient of war. The second ancient of war helps to bait removal and make it possible to play malygos and not have it die. I quite commonly have malygos live so I can swipe for 6 to all and finish the game. Some people may be suprize by only one druid of the claw but I just can’t fit a second one. The list is very tight and after playing it you can see that every card is very important.

Matchups This deck has no bad matchups I have found besides aggro paladin which beat me each time I played it. Against aggrolock you need to just mulligan for standard druid cards and completely ditch the mill strategy but against all other decks you keep the same cards.

Mulligan Guide I only keep 5 cards in this deck. Wrath, wild growth, coldlight oracle, swipe, and keeper of the grove. Against certain matchups you will need to make judgement calls obviously but I stand by only keeping these cards. Keeping innervate is almost never correct in this deck because it isn’t used like in standard druid decks. You need to think of it like a preparation not a tempo advantage. Cards I consider keeping but only in slow matchups are druid of the claw, noruish, and gadgetzan.


  • Innervate: Play it like preparation and don’t use just for a tempo lead. It can also be saved for getting a swipe off the turn you play malygos which helps against certain decks like handlock.
  • Moonfire: Cycles with gadgetzan, acts as a win condition vs handlock and control warrior. Don’t be afraid to cycle against decks with lower life totals.
  • Claw: This card is extremely good in this deck and probably the only reason the deck works. When cycling with auctioneer getting out a claw often is what allows you to clear the board. Also the 4 health it adds to your hero can help with beatdown matchups.
  • Naturalize: This card is amazing. 1 Mana for mill, tempo lead, and hard removal. Normally the card is bad because it draws for your opponent but since you want your opponent drawing it becomes the best card in the game. Against aggro you really need to try not to use it but sometimes when pressured by cards like doomguard you may be forced to drop it.
  • Wild Growth: Standard ramping to help get combos off earlier.
  • Wrath: Standard removal for any druid deck. Cycles well with auctioneer.
  • Healing Touch (1): This card helps against burn mage, aggro decks, and when you have a slow start and can help take you out of combo range.
  • Savage Roar(1): FoN, Savage roar combo.
  • Coldlight Oracle: I normally mulligan for this and drop it on turn 3. It helps set up for milling in the future and causes handlock to burn 1 card.
  • King Mukla(1): Helps with tempo and mills.
  • Swipe: Standard druid removal. Combos with malygos for 9 to face and 6 to all minions.
  • Keeper of the Grove(1): Can’t fit 2 but having one silence against control and removal vs aggro makes the card very important.
  • Nourish(1): Helps ramp before playing gadgetzan or to get a turn 6/7 alexstraza. Only one because two is to slow.
  • Druid of the Claw(1): One more taunt vs aggro, baits black knight against control, and can act as a win condition with charge + savage roar.
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer: Auctioneer can’t be concealed in this deck obviously so you need to play it very different from how you might think. As mentioned earlier you want to save your innervates for auctioneer and also make sure you have at least 7 mana crystals before playing auctioneer. If on turn 5 you have nourish, innervate, and auctioneer in hand then you should always play nourish for mana first. You can’t cycle enough if you play it to early.
  • Force of Nature(1): FoN, Savage Roar combo.
  • Ancient of Lore(1): This card is rarely used for card draw in this deck. It normally acts as a 5/5 that helps keep your life total up but if you fail to draw auctioneer this card can help search for vital combos.
  • Ancient of War: I play two of these for aggro matchups and to bait removal before playing malygos. It is a very good card and is useful for staying alive while searching for combos.
  • Alexstraza(1): If you can innervate this out you normally win. It gets your opponent within range or close to within range of combos and gives tempo. Also against burn mage and hunter it gives you more heal which is very important.
  • Malygos(1): Against handlock this is basically your win condition but against decks like druid and rogue which lack hard removal just dropping this beast will force them to waste vital cards.

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