Hearthstone Freeze Mage Tips

Hearthstone Freeze Mage Tips by taq99

Hey guys, I’ve been playing freeze mage for as long as i can remember so I’m gonna try to help whoever is struggling. Grab a seat this is going to be a long guide but if you have any other questions go ahead and ask. I would also love feedback on how i can improve the guide and such.

Deck: First things first I’m using Hyp3ds mage This is the most popular freeze mage deck on the ladder atm, their are many variants though but I’m just gonna explain this one.


Novice Engineer vs Loot Hoarder: Both are great cards which at the end of the day go back to you. Loot hoarder is pretty good because it gives you that extra damage early on in the game, if kept alive it helps you go through Warriors armors and could help you clear the board against hunters (Both are hard match-ups.) The reason why novice engineer cant be used like this because its mostly used as a cat-nip, meaning its just there to draw u a card and nothing else. At the end of the day its your choice.

Why Antonidas?: Later on in the game antonidas can be used in combos that will allow you to draw atleast more than 1 fireball, which beats the damage of pyrobalst in damage with less mana. Combos such as Anotnidas + Frost Novacan save ur antonidas to the next turn aswell as give you a fireball which is crazy.

Mulligans: As a freeze mage your objective is to mulligan for card that give you draw (Loot hoarder, Arcane intellect, Thalnos.) Along with that Mad scientist is always a keep. Versus Zoo, hunter, warrior, and rogues you usually always wanna keep doomsayer to prevent the aggression.

Early game: On the early game what u wanna do is draw cards and prevent aggression at the same time(Acolyte of pain, Loot hoarder.) Once you hit turn 5 you can play an acolyte of pain + fire-blast it for at-least 2 card draws. If you are starting second it is preferable if you keep the coin until you play antonidas. The coin here is basically worth a fireball.

Mid Game: This is where you start stalling, stall as much as you can as well as you can until you either draw into alextraza or get lethal. Combos you can do to clear: Blood mage thalnos + Cone of cold Blood Mage Thalnos + Flamestrike/Blizzard Frost Nova + Doom Sayer

Late game: Make sure you have an iceblock up and use alextraza to lower enemy health (Not always.) Then you can start fishing for lethal aswell as play antonidas to draw into the big guns.

High Damage Combos:

Bloodmage Thalnos + Frostbolt + 2x Ice Lance + Fireball = 10 MANA, 21 DAMAGE

Bloodmage Thalnos + 2x Fireball = 10 MANA, 14 DAMAGE

Bloodmage Thalnos + Frostbolt + Ice Lance + Fireball = 9 MANA, 16 DAMAGE

Matchups: (I’m gonna try my best to explain the match-ups in brief explanation)

Druid: In my eyes this is a really hard match-up if they get a lucky draw it is going to be one sided. This never used to be like this until the edition of spectral knight. A turn 1 spectral knight (2x Innervate.) can result in you losing the game. It is 60/40 towards the druid but if you play it right and you get lucky u can win. Note: Doomsayers are very vulnerable towards keeper of the grove, so if you can wait till he gets greedy then bait the second keeper out you should be able to win.

Hunter: Hunters are a pain in the ass and almost an 70/30 on their side. They counter you in every single way, their 3 strongest minions (Belcher, loatheb, savana highmane) are all 5 health escaping the flamestrike range. And they have flare which can remove your iceblock/icebarrier. The way you win them is to mulligan for doomsayer and hope you can get it out by turn 5 and then followed by a blizzard. This way you can stall until you get lethal.

Miracle Rogue: Miracle rogue is pretty favored, mages counter them in almost every single way. Rogues cant OTK cause of iceblock + icebarrier. And the round they get gadgeztan + conceal is the round you get flame strike which kills the gadgeztan even in stealth. Early on you want to frostbolt his SI:7 Agent to make sure you take the least amount of damage.

Handlock:This is also another hugely favored matchup. Handlock will help you in many ways. 1st Handlock is such a slow deck giving you a huge advantage 2nd he eats his life down by life-tapping which gets you closer to lethal. Once Giants are in play simply stall them and wait until Warlock’s health is within burst range. Doomsayer/Frost Nova will help alot in this matchup aslong as they dont have siphon soul or owl.

Zoo Lock: Also one of the best match-ups. Doomsayer slows them a lot. Once you pass their early game burst and hit 7 mana you basically won the game aslong as you drew into atleast blizzard or flamestrike.

Warrior: Warrior: Is almost unwinnable. If your opponnent is playing properly and stacking up armor with Shield armor and Passive it is almost literally unwinnable. A way you can win is mulligan into doom sayer and the second he plays armor smith you need to play doomsayer and pray he doesnt have a removal for it.

Priest: This matchups is mostly a 50/50 all you have to do is stall for alextraza but its preferable to stack up on fireballs (using antonidas) and wait for draws like Frostbolt,icelance so you dont give him a chance to heal up.

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