Heroes of the Storm Muradin Guide

Heroes of the Storm Muradin Guide by Tolvinar

Hello everyone! My name is Tolvinar aka Tolvy. I’ve had access to the alpha for a while and have played all the characters, but I’d say I’m best with Muradin. I’m going to share with you my thoughts on how to best play as Muradin and explain why he is one of the best heroes in the game.

I hardly ever seen anyone play as Muradin, which is most likely due to his low damage output. It’s true that his damage is extremely low, but he is the best hero for stuns and his ability to stay alive is what really makes him shine.


if you are familiar with Muradin and know his basic abilities feel free to skip this section

Although Muradin is considered a warrior, I see him more as a support character with lots of health. And when I say support, I don’t mean heals, but rather stuns. Muradin really can’t take on any hero on his own, but when paired with an assassin, the combination is deadly. Muradin’s primary ability is the “Stormhammer” which deals a small amount of damage and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds. Use this to stun enemy heros any time you are chasing down weakened heroes or need to escape.

Immediately after the stun, you should follow up with your second ability, “Thunderclap”, which deals a little damage and slows enemies in an area by 25% for 2.5 seconds. As you can see, enemy heroes will have a hard time running away when faced against Muradin with both a stun and a slow.

The third ability, “Dwarf Toss”, lets you jump to a location dealing a small amount of damage to enemies in an area when landing. While this can be used offensively later in the game and can help while chasing down enemy heroes, it’s primary use is for escape. When I play Muradin I primarily focus on the talents that upgrade Dwarf Toss (I’ll go more into detail in the Talents section).

Muradin’s combat trait is called “Second Wind.” This is an awesome ability that lets Muradin heal himself. All you have to do is not take damage for 6 seconds and he begins to heal. Most heroes will have to hearthstone back to the starting point to heal, but Muradin can just back up for just a few seconds (perhaps behind some towers), and he’ll be strong enough to go rejoin the fight. This is very beneficial early game to continuously keep getting xp from the minions.

Finally, we come to the ultimate abilities. Since Muradin isn’t focused on dealing damage, I always pick “Avatar” for my ult. It grants extra life and also turns all your normal attacks into mini .25 second stuns. More stuns are always useful! You can also use Avatar as a “heal” when you are low on life and stay in the battle longer.


Click here to view list of talents

Rank 1 I almost always go with Infused Hammer here to start the game. This ability refunds mana when hitting with Stormhammer. This trait allows me to spam my abilities more often which would normally run me out of mana. The other option would be to just go for Path of the Warrior for more health each level if you have Malfurion on the team for innervates. Skullcraker’s stuns aren’t very useful once you get Avatar at rank 10 and the extra damage from Perfect Storm takes too much time and mana in order to really be effective, and I’m not looking to be dealing loads of damage with this build anyway.

Rank 2 The only trait worth getting here is Landing Momentum. It increases your speed after using dwarf toss for 2 seconds, making it great for escaping. Plus, as I said in the previous section, I want to upgrade Dwarf Toss as much as I can with this build.

Rank 3 Rank 3 is another obvious choice of Stormbolt. It allows you to stun 2 enemies instead of one with Stormhammer. You can’t go wrong with doubling your stun capabilities. The only other option you could go with is Block, but this is only if you’re having trouble with sneak attacks from heroes like Zeratul and Nova who have huge damage output. I still find the double stun to be more useful in general.

EDIT: This trait also combos well with Infused Hammer in rank one. It gives double with amount of mana back so you can cast Storm Hammer for free as long as you hit two enemies with it.

Rank 4 I always choose Avatar. Even with the recent buff, Haymaker still doesn’t quite do enough for it to be worth it.

Rank 5 Here I go with Dwarf Launch. The increased range of Dwarf Toss allows you to jump over gaps which comes in handy especially on the pirate ship map (jump over the water gaps) and the mines map (Jump over the trees). It increases your escape possibility immensely.

Rank 6 This rank is a bit tricky because there are many good options. Executioner is good because you deal 50% extra damage to stunned and slowed enemies (and they will be slowed and stunned a good portion of the time). You could also go with Imposing Presence to slow your enemies attacks which is always beneficial. However, I usually just go with Heavy Impact to yet again upgrade Dwarf Toss. It give you an extra stun in your arsenal, and this build is all about the stuns. When getting all the upgrades for Dwarf Toss, the ability because almost as powerful as the ultimate ability for Barbarian (Leap) and it only has a 12 second cool down!

Rank 7 And finally rank 7 you can go with either go with the upgrade to Avatar or Resurgence of the Storm. Avatar upgrade just lasts longer and makes you almost immune to stuns/slows/etc and Resurgence lets your rez right away after dying. Both are good options in my opinion.


Muradin with this build is all about survivability and locking down enemy heroes with stuns. You are pretty much useless on your own(Taking down merc camps on your own takes forever). Try to stick with an assassin hero if you can and you will rack up takedowns very quickly. Playing along side Uther and Tyrande also work very well since they can heal and do stuns of their own.

I like to try and set up traps as well. Since I can escape so easily, many times enemies will try and chase me down to try and finish me off. They will often times be out of position in this case and will lead to easy kills for my teammates. Plus my combat trait lets me heal up quickly to repeat the process again.

In team fights your main job is to simply run in, stun and slow enemies, take a little bit of damage and then jump out with Dwarf toss. Once your cooldowns have reset, repeat. Simple as that. Don’t worry about dealing lots of damage, let your allies do that. While most warriors will be in the thick of things for the duration of team fights, Muradin will be running in and out of battle. It may seem a bit strange to be running away all the time, but Muradin is almost useless if his abilities are on cooldown.


I love playing Muradin because no one else seems to play him. He can lockdown enemy heroes with his stuns better than any other warrior. If you want super high damage then Muradin is not for you, however, I am usually either 1st or 2nd on my team in takedowns simply because of Muradin’s ability to survive for a long time and to effectively chase down enemy heroes. I hope this guide was helpful. Leave questions and comments below and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

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