Heroes of the Storm Mercenary Camps Analysis

Heroes of the Storm Mercenary Camps Analysis by Zyfohlol and khilair

There are currently 3 mercenary camps in Heroes of the Storm, they have a few similiarities which are the folliwng: All mercenaries spawn at the 1 minute mark after the gates has opened, they drop a regen globe after death. Mercenaries always focuses structures.

Siege Giants

These has a 3:30 min re-spawn timer and has the lowest level and HP out of all the 3 mercenaries, they are also the easiest camp to kill as long as you dodge the rocks they throw at you. They can siege towers and forts without taking any damage back since they have a fairly long range, the siege giants has low damage though which compensates their long range. You usually want to go solo kill these as soon as they spawn, which is when you hit level 2 most of the time. Siege giants always push a solo lane.

Kill Strategy

When capturing them you can dodge their auto attacks. If you watch closely you can see a small red circle on the ground before they attack. Simply side step out of this circle and you’ll avoid their attack altogether. This allows you to solo them whenever you want regardless of your level. It’s also good to do in the late game to prevent unnecessary damage.


4:00 min re-spawn timer. In this camp there are 3 knights that have fairly high HP and only auto-attacks, and 1 sorcerer that shields the 3 knights if they are damaged. So it’s quite obvious that you want to kill the sorcerer first. This camp is much harder than the siege giants, so most of the time you need 2-3 people to capture them. There are a few exceptions though, with heroes like Arthas for example going full ability power and picking syndragosa as your heroic ability on level 10 you can solo it. The knights will always push the middle-lane.

Kill Strategy

Simple, kill the small wizard in the back of them. When you are capturing them he shields the other three knights. When fighting them in a lane he is the one that gives the attack speed aura.

Grave Golem

5:00 min re-spawn timer. This is hardest camp, it has huge amounts of HP and has a few special abilities, an AoE stun that he casts for 1,5 seconds or so, so you have time to walk out of it. The grave golem also has an AoE snare that he aims at 1 of the heroes attacking, you also have enough time to dodge this one. It’s pretty hard to solo the grave golem unless you are playing tinker and have picked up the healing ward talent then he just bugs out and tries to attack the ward with no success. But i see it as a bug and it will most likely be fixed. It’s also possible very late into the game with a tanky hero, will take some time though.

Kill Strategy

Again simple (when not soloing it). He has a root and an AoE stun.

The root briefly appears as a dark circle right under your feet. Side step to avoid it.

The AoE damaging stun happens when the area around his feet turns green and he raises his hand up. Run out to avoid.

A few other things that are worth to note surrounding mercenary camps.

There is a talent called Bribe that lets you freely capture a mercenary camp without killing it if you have participated in killing 50 lane minions, you can not bribe the grave golem though. When counter-capturing mercenary camps in the enemy jungle they simply just go for the closest structure and start attacking the Tier 2 walls/towers even though the Tier 1 fortifications haven’t been destroyed yet. The mercenary camps level up and increase their HP + Damage every 3 minutes.

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