Heroes of the Storm Objective Timings Guide

Heroes of the Storm Objective Timings Guide by mrroach

Mercenary Camps

Siege camps spawn at 2:00 and respawn every 3:00.

Bruiser camps span at 2:00 and respawn every 4:00.

Boss camps spawn at 3:00 and respawn every 5:00.

Cursed Hollow

First tribute spawns at 2:30.

Curses last 1:08.

Respawns between 0:50 – 1:40.

Notes: Tributes are random and cannot spawn in the same location twice. There can only be one tribute up at a time. Respawns are delayed after a curse.

Haunted Mines

Mines open at 2:00.

Mine Minions respawn 2:00 after the last golem is killed.

Mines contain 100 skulls: 70 from skeletons and 30 from the golem.

Notes: You can enter the mines at any time after the first opening.

Dragon Shire

First shrines spawn at 1:15.

Shrines have a 2:00 respawn after the dragon is killed.

Neutral shrines take 4 seconds to capture and enemy shrines take 8 seconds.

Notes: The Dragon Knight’s stats increase with match time elapsed so you can easily catch up later in game.

Blackheart’s Bay

2 chests spawn at 0:50 with 5 coins each.

Camps give 2 coins each.

Blackheart spawns at 1:15.

First round of fire costs 10 coins.

Note: Hit TAB to see how many coins the enemy team has and take them out!

Garden of Terror

First night starts at 1:30.

Next nights start 3:20 after the last night.

180 seeds total, 90 on each side.

100 seeds are needed for the garden terror.

Sky Temple

First temples spawn at 1:30.

Temples respawn 2:00 after clear.

Each temple fires 45 shots.

First temples will always be top and middle. Second temple will always be bottom. Third temples will be either top and bottom or middle and bottom. The rest are random.

Tomb of the Spider Queen

Enemy spiders drop 1 gem and come in waves of 3.

Gems last 8 seconds.

First turn in requires 50 gems, +5 for each subsequent turn in.

Notes: If a teammate dies you can grab all of their gems. If an enemy dies you can get 3 gems.

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