Heroes of the Storm Abathur Advanced Tips

Heroes of the Storm Abathur Advanced Tips by bnovc

Greetings. Abathur is my favorite character, and I thought it might help some others to share some tips. Some of this may seem obvious, but I see a lot of Abathurs who haven’t thought about it and miss out.

There are a lot of great guides about Abathur, but these are some things I hadn’t read:

mine placement: you should check if their comp has players who can attack the ground and blow up your mines. If they do, you should space them out more and not put them in obvious positions (e.g. put them right outside a bush instead of inside it).

This may be destroyed in one hit and obvious: http://imgur.com/a/KL05T

This is less obvious and may avoid their abilities: http://imgur.com/a/0Bhot

tunnel anywhere w/vision; not just w/mines: sounds obvious, but I see people wasting mines just to get somewhere. You can tunnel to your minions as they walk instead and save yourself a mine. You only need vision to hit Z, not the entire time.

Here’s my minion wave: http://imgur.com/a/FGy3y

And here’s where you tunnel at the end of it: http://imgur.com/a/0ikHo

…but don’t show yourself accidentally: if their minions are near where you tunnel, then you will be seen and risk someone killing you. e.g. if you tunnel here: http://imgur.com/a/pqpUY, then you will be seen on everyone’s mini-map.

body soaking isn’t always a good thing: people may not like if you’re not body soaking, but it isn’t worth the risk of death sometimes. If their team (a) has a stealth character alive and not visible, (b) you’re on a small map, or (c) their team is roaming constantly, you’re usually better off just standing by a fort…. sometimes even all game! Remember: you also soak with your Q.

baiting with visibility: a lot of people get really excited when they see an Abathur on their mini map and want to pounce. You can use this to your advantage. You can split apart their team and sometimes get kills with mines. Stuff all your mines in a bush, show yourself for a bit, then back up.

protect yourself from stealth chars in base: Zeratul and Nova can kill you inside a base and get out alive. You can minimize how often this happens by being in the middle of the building structures (in range of towers and main building) and placing a single mine in the obvious path to reach you (e.g. bottom path to base on infernal shrines: http://imgur.com/a/kHtBg).

Pretty safe: http://imgur.com/a/qkVuL

Not very safe: http://imgur.com/a/hWLBc

backdoor from the right spot: if you want to locust backdoor, then make sure your locust aren’t headed towards the core when it’s invulnerable.

This is generally the best spot: http://imgur.com/a/Q43qA

Make the most out of your backdoor by waiting until your trait locust is about to spawn before you tunnel, then Q your locusts as much as possible while they’re attacking the fort.

if they have heavy lane pressure, mine their minions: you don’t have to mine heroes. Stick a couple mines in the middle of a minion wave, and you’ll take significant life off them.

symbiote a minion that’s not the front one: your hat can last longer if you don’t use the minion that’s going to take all the damage. You want to at least be able to get off your W and Qs first.

I’d love to hear others’ tips too.

Other Tips by darkshark9

If you’ve been caught body soaking and know you can’t escape by running or tunneling in time, you can use Ultimate Evolution to escape. It has half the cast time of your Z, allowing you to escape quickly.

If you’re not hatting something, place your mines. Too many people forget to place their mines over time. Don’t do that.

Use your mines to gain vision of the entire battlefield. They can be just as effective as Zagara’s creep in showing team rotations, which is a very powerful tool.

When spawning a monstrosity, try to target your mage minion so the enemy team loses out on the health globe, because fuck them.

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