Heroes of the Storm Nazeebo Guide

Heroes of the Storm Nazeebo Guide by HORSEPANTSU


  • HC: Hexed Crawlers
  • ToD: Thing of the Deep

I’m here today to talk about my favorite African frog tosser Nazeebo. I think this hero is incredibly strong in the HL meta, and even stronger with the build I’m about to grace you with. He is a late game terror along with being a situational unstoppable pick. Just a note, I don’t have as much experience with this build as I did with the Tassadar one. At the same time I feel really comfortable to write about it because I’ve tried all of his other builds ALOT and still put a decent amount of games into this one, and this one has felt MUCH stronger than the others in every situation. Spiders were a fad, toads were a prank.

The sections will be the following:

  • Pros/Cons/Onions
  • Main build/builds/talent explanation
  • Gameplay (limited for now)
  • Edit (Anything useful from comments/guide fixes/additions)


I liked the format of doing this then talents, so here’s the main build: http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/nazeebo#oqF- I’ve cleverly named it the ‘Spider Zombie Thing’ because it’s a combination of all of his strongest talents. If your friends ask you what dumbass, no direction build you’re going tell them to fuck off THEN let them know the name.

Let’s look at some overall pros/cons of Nazeebo:


  • TODDLER TIER EARLY GAME. Seriously, this hero is super underwhelming early game. This is one of the benefits of taking Thing of the Deep (ToD). Your damage is over time and potentially inconsistent (spiders long CD, toads/walls are readable and dodge-able
  • No CC. None. 0. Nazeebo has anxiety. I’m sure most of you can relate. He might get judged if he controls the crowd.
  • Zombie wall may or may not work. I’m including this because Blizzo loves making it so you can dash out of his wall (Valla vault for example). When this bug is in effect he loses alot of his strength.
  • Needs to focus on stacking to ensure 150 stacks. Although the garg upgrade is alright, Vile is on a different level. Not to mention increasing your health and mana is important. This is con because your Jebaited teammates don’t care about you or your African heritage. You’re practicing witch craft and don’t deserve these stacks.
  • NO MOBILITY. Seriously, challenge a toddler to a race. When you enter dad hood the alcohol lessens the pain of the enemy team and you’ll have more health which will make up for this.


  • DAD STRENGTH TIER LATE GAME. Post level 10 is when you begin to enter dad hood. The mix of Garg/Dead rush will give you consistent teamfight damage. If it’s a superstition game you’re hard to deal with. Level 16 spiders offers a consistent dead end jo… damage. Level 20 allows you to spread your seed, which in turn will convert more people to Nazeebo. Every talent tier after 10 further your dominance. This hero’s late game damage is broken honestly.
  • ZOMBIE WALL. This ability is fantastic when it lands, a huge reason for taking ToD. Without ToD this ability is way too hard to land consistently. This is one of his greatest strengths as some heroes can’t deal with this at all. This is his only early game strength.
  • SUSTAIN. This hero’s sustaining power is crazy, and never having to backup is always a strength. And because it’s % based it only gets stronger as the game goes on.
  • POKE. LIKE. SUBSCRIBE. Bob bless thing of the deep.
  • Good wave clear. This comes with blood ritual/dead rush. You can blow your load on every wave thanks to BR, and DR cleans up waves much quicker/stack MUUUUCH quicker A huge strength of this build.
  • SIEGE. Late game you are building cancer.

Main build/builds/talent explanation

I’ll be referring to talents like this: 1 4 7 10 13 16 20, then a bullet point going from left to right on the talents I link. The main talents will be in bold. Situational picks will be in italy.

MAIN BUILD aka ‘SPIDER ZOMBIE THING’: http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/nazeebo#oqF- le USE ME I le REPEAT PLZ USE | note: he has situational picks. Look below for those

SPIDER BUILD: http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/nazeebo#gOik | Still a strong build, I prefer ToD at level 1 but this is the most common spider build.

FROG BUILD: http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/nazeebo#kg92 | I think in the right scenario this build is bonkers, it was my bible build for a bit and was taken every game. What situation it’s good in I have no clue I’m not very smart.

Runner up: Zombie wall build. I won’t link it though because a 2nd place build doesn’t deserve it.

Level 1:

  • Widowmakers – The choice for spider build.
  • Pandemic – The choice for frogs (at this point to the guy who’s about to make a comment about how they are toads, PRANKED BRO)
  • Thing of the Deep – Awwwww yiss. This talent is amazing. It allows you to position much safer, and makes landing zombie walls consistently actually possible. It gives you much more space to lead a running enemy into them because of how delayed they are. That’s the main reason for this talent, the added range onto spiders and toads are a bonus. This hero is super telegraphed, and casting from further away fixes those issues (think of Chromie). Everytime I try a different Naz build I feel cucked when I don’t have this


  • Hexed Crawlers – I’ll take this talent over BR on a map like BoE where we are fighting in the middle a ton.
  • Big Voodoo – This talent is good, but overrated imo. Late/super late game it does play on your stacking strengths, and will give you a hefty hp increase (600 more once you reach your 150 goal), but at the price of broken sustain. Not to mention it’ll be harder to get these stacks since with BR, or even HC, you get crazy sustain so you can continue stacking. I only like this with toads because of Soul Harvest. Even then not the biggest fan.
  • Blood Ritual – The least picked, but in my onion the strongest choice. 14 percent health + mana every creep wave (7 creeps/wave), not including the globe and the small amount you gain from stacks. With this talent you NEVER have to back up, and can blow your load on every creep wave resulting in faster clear, and more consistent stacks. It’s % based so it restores even more raw health and mana as you stack. A little known fact is this works on monsters, such as the objective minions on Infernal Shrines. You won’t get stacks, but you’ll get the 2 percent regen from each. Just look at this image of its strengths: http://i.imgur.com/OiwtwQ5.jpg


  • Spirit of Arachyr – Spider build talent.
  • Dead Rush – I used to go spider build but with ToD until I learned about how strong this talent is (not to mention I like BR over HC). This talent is amazing, let’s go through some of its strengths:
    1. Consistent stacking/faster wave clearing.  You can W > Q a wave and call it a day if any teammate is nearby. Not
    to mention it plays on my rule of not trusting/relying on teammates.  The zombies will ensure you spread your seed
    and get stacks.  This is probably the greatest strength of this talent and the reason I always get 150+ stacks.
    2.Consistent damage.  Once they uproot they will beat on heroes for really good damage, not to mention they can
    block skill shots.  Consistency is important on a delayed skillshot hero, having these AND garg beating on people is
    3. FANTASTIC SEED SPREADER.  Level 20 these will uproot and spread your vile seed onto the enemy team.  It's amazing.

    Overall, another consistency talent like ToD. It’s damage output is greater than Spirit because at this point you don’t have Widowmakers

  • Toads of Hugeness – Frog build talent.


  • Gargantuan – CONSISTENCY. Place him down and forget. Hit R when enemies group up or someone is right underneath him. His damage output is I N S A N E considering he doesn’t hinder your spellcasting abilities. When your Jebaited frontline doesn’t peel for you, you’ll always have budget tank in your pocket. Not to mention at 20 he spreads your seed.
  • Ravenous Spirit – Honestly, this ult is strong. There might be some wombo combo scenarios this is better than Garg, but even then garg can cause AoE damage too. It has a higher CD, doesn’t put a body on the field, and requires every bit of wisdom and focus you learned at witch doctor school.


  • Guardian Toads – If you can’t pick superstition, this isn’t a bad alternative. I’d take this if they don’t have any super hard dive, and they are heavily physical damage focused.
  • Superstition – SOUND THE BROKEN ALARM. Seriously, this talent is broken, moreso than my arm. You’re a ranged backline with VERY good cast ranges. That means it’s hard to get the chance to auto you while taking half the damage from any pathetic attempt at poking you down. Then you sustain all of that pathetic damage back. The ONLY time you don’t take this talent is against heavy physical damage teams. Even if it seems like it’s just an ‘okay’ game for this talent, take it. The majority of damage you’ll suffer is AP. Wombo lockdown comps won’t even phase you. Examples of where you might not want this is against an EQ + BL comp, an Odin that is able to hit you constantly, illidan focused comps. Comps where you’ll be consistently punished by the negative aspect of this talent. But if the enemy is heavily AP focused and you need a ranged damage dealer, snap pick this hero.
  • Ice Block – It’s ice block. I like this more than guardian toads if I can’t take superstition. 3 seconds of stasis will save you and allow your team to turn on the enemy/save you if have become the dive target.


  • Spider Colony – What the fuck is this. Michaeludall is probably rolling in his pro career’s grave. You’re telling me that you take a picture of the spider when you clearly ignore ALL OF THE OTHER PICTURES? Well, hear me out. 3 spiders that attack once a second for 65 damage each for 4 seconds. That’s 780 potential damage, not including the added 100 jar damage. Correct me if my GoogleMath TM is Jebaited. Ring of poison does 600 and has a MUCH longer cooldown and requirement to do its damage. This talent is simple too much damage and consistency to pass up. Even without the other spider talents it’s fantastic. It also helps spread your seed at 20 too.
  • Ring of Poison – I think ever since this talent was nerfed, spider colony was buffed, soul harvest was buffed and spiders linger it’s just become a trap talent. I’m calling it a trap because zombie wall build was considered the strongest build at first, and because this build follows that old build pretty closely you’d be inclined to take this. The truth is that it’s just not as good as the other talents now. It doesn’t fit the other builds whatsoever. The only strength is that yes, if you can catch people you’ll have the spider damage AND this damage and melt them. Nazeebo plays more around poke/trapping people when he CAN. His damage is already there and he will kill/chunk them without this.
  • Soul Harvest – This works on all ENEMIES. It’s the go to with the toad build. I repeat it works on ENEMIES. I forced multiple streamers to try the toad build, watch them hit 16, then not fucking realize this. I swear you big nosed freak, your ability to not read abilities is astounding. 98 percent positive it works with Big Voodoo. Massive health + ap increase, super strong talent.


  • Please
  • Take
  • Vile
  • Infection. You’re Rocky. You trained your whole career for this moment. You’ve stacked harder than my father stacks beer cans. Spread your seed.


In case you’re wondering why I don’t go in-depth on how to actually play the hero, this section is for that. I’m not good at explaining gameplay so I’d much rather show you through actual gameplay. My drafting skills aren’t the strongest so I don’t want to go in-depth with that.

This aside, here’s quick tips:

  • Rotate and stack 1-10. You need the mix of garg + dead rush to be really useful in fights. Focus on stacking and maybe catching somebody with a zombie wall during rotations. Remember you’re a toddler early and dad later.
  • Stacking involves hitting as many creeps as possible with the jar and walling the wave. Position at an angle with toads if needed. Level 4 just go ham on the waves. If you’re low mana throw jar, auto missed ones, have team clear.
  • Learn zombie wall timing/leading. ToD helps with this.
  • For drafting, he’s BROKEN anti magic. Draft him into magic heavy enemy teams. Don’t draft if you already have a mage, need a support or frontline. He’s okay as a 2nd mage if the enemy team is also magic heavy because of how broken superstition is.

Misha’s Shire game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119508891?t=04h53m48s | Bumpy early game, but dominate late game. You’ll see how many stacks I was able to gather thanks to dead rush, the damage I don’t take from KT/other heroes thanks to superstition, and I was able to do 44 percent of the teams damage + majority of siege damage. Ended with 230 stacks, 101k damage. | Sorry if it mutes towards the end.

SPECIAL THANKS: The guy from HGC week 1 who ran this build on Infernal Shrines but took crawlers instead of ritual. Ritual works on the shrine dudes you Jebait. Thanks for the build dude, I stole it and made it my own. If anyone remembers the name of the player I’ll add it here.

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