GunZ 2 Silent Avenger Guide

GunZ 2 Silent Avenger Guide by ijjiAngry

Sup, I’m called Angry in-game. I’ve mainly been playing as a Silent Avenger since the first beta, and decided to make a simple beginner guide for this class. I’ve seen a lot of people using it in the ”wrong” way/not using it’s full potential.

I’m going to talk about certain weapon choices, movement use, picking gears and unlocking skills. Some of this content contains my personal prefences, you may have a different opinion about these.


There are 4 different snipers ingame. A sniper is the main weapon for the Silent Avenger, these contain the starting sniper called Deerhunter, Predator, Reaper and the Krasnov. Each of these snipers but Deerhunter have 2 versions of them. The custom versions of these snipers are the better ones, which you unlock after killing people with the sniper.

I like the Golden Predator the most, it deals the most damage with body shots (2 hits is a kill). Headshots are 1 hit kills, except for Shield Troopers, you leave these with atleast 1 HP. The Predator sniper is a pretty accurate sniper, a little bit less accurate than the Krasnov. If your playing style consists of sniping a lot, I would suggest the Golden Predator.

If you like having more bullets in one clip, I would recommend the Green Krasnov. It deals less damage than the Golden Predator, but is still a 2 hit kill when aiming at the body. A headshot is an instant kill, and surprisingly this also counts against the Shield Trooper. When hitting a Shield Trooper in the head with a Green Krasnov, they’re dead, meaning this sniper deals more damage when hitting a ‘critical hit’ than the Golden Predator.

The Reaper is an automatic sniper. I personally dislike it because its damage is too low for me. If you’re new to sniping or if you want to get used to sniping this might be a good option for you though, it’s good for practicing.


When talking about secondary weapons, you can pick between 4 different submachine guns. The Scorpius (the starter weapon) Striker, Coffin and Schmeisser.

When picking a SMG, I would go for the Schmeisser (Custom if possible). The Schmeisser SMG is an accurate one, it’s fire rate is low, but it deals the most damage. I go for the Schmeisser because when you’re using a SMG, you’re mostly using it to finish off people, for instance after hitting them with ur main weapon, the sniper. If you’re mainly using your SMG to finish off people after hitting them with your sniper, the Schmeisser would be the best option for you.

My second choice would be the Striker (Custom that is, ofcourse). The Striker is less accurate, it deals less damage but it’s fire rate is high. You can finish off people fast, but again, this gun is less accurate which means it’s less reliable. If you want to be a silent player, this would be the perfect gun for you.


When picking a melee weapon, you again have 4 choices. The Katana (the starter weapon), Cutlass, Saw Blade and the Saber Blade.

Dark Cutlass in this case is by far the strongest. It deals the most damage. Yes, its defence is the lowest, but I personally don’t block much with my sword. If you do actually use block a lot, which I dont recommend, you most likely want to pick the Saber Blade.


When talking about movement, there’s many different opinions. I don’t move around much. I like finding good spots to stay in, but also switch between specific spots a lot. When people get close to me, I will turn into a very flexible player, stay close to walls and defend my spot. I don’t suggest no-scoping when people get close, this is because it’s not reliable at all. I try to quickscope, and after hitting them switch to my SMG, stick to the walls and finish off my enemies.


And then you have 4 different gears you can pick between, you unlock your first gear slot after reaching level 10. When playing as a Silent Avenger you have 2 choices:

1) Go for a few penetration gears (Gear of Perception) and make sure you have ”Range Piercing” to kill with 2 body hits. After that, get HP (Gear of Fortitude) or AP gears (Gear of protection) I would go for HP if I had to choose, this is because you can give other snipers a hard time by doing this, for example giving them the need to hit you 3 times instead of 2 times.

2) Go in fully penetration-geared. This is what I use, you can finish off people more quick with your SMG because you leave them with even less HP/AP. Your sniper becomes very powerful, it’s also handy against Shield Troopers, after 2 body hits even these don’t have many HP/AP left either.


Playing as a Silent Avenger you have 2 different active skills you can use, Death Strike (Q) and Cyclone Kick (E). The Death Strike is a one hit kill against every class but Shield Troopers. For this, the Shield Trooper needs to atleast 1 HP gear to, this will leave them with atleast 1 HP after getting hit by a Death Strike. The Cyclone kick knocks down your enemy, with a pretty huge amount of damage. This attack is very useful to use against Shield Troopers. Around corners, you can surprise your enemies with this attack, knocking them down to the floor.

While leveling up, you will unlock 4 more skills, these contain:

1) Parry – A very useful skill to block attacks of people swording you. This skill is hard to use, you’ve got to time your clicks very well. (hit the left and right mouse button at the same time to use, unlocked at level 3)

2) Rising Attack – When getting knocked down to the floor, you stand up and launch yourself at enemies. (hit main fire button after getting knocked down to use, level 5)

3) Aerial Dodge – Dodge after getting hit up in the air, you won’t fall down the ground. (hit jump button while in the air to use, unlocked at level 5)

4) Lightning Blade – This is an attack that knocks your enemies to the floor, except for Shield Troopers if they are blocking. (hit ‘R’ to use, unlocked at level 10)

You will also unlock passive skills, which are:

1) Shadow Cloak – Turn invisible after hanging on a wall for 3 seconds. (unlocked at level 8)

2) Silent Stalker – Your footsteps will be very silent when walking around with your sword equipped. (unlocked at level 15)

3) Lucky Bullet – The last bullet left in your magazine will be a critical hit. This is one of the most useful skills, it’s unlocked when reaching the maximum level. (unlocked at level 20)

You probably won’t see many videos with my gameplay in it any soon since GunZ 2 doesn’t have a decent replay system yet. I might make a more advanced guide in the future.


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