Mabinogi Tank Guide

Mabinogi Tank Guide by Setzer

So you may be wondering, How do I become a beastly tank? What is involved in this?
Why is Windguard so OP, why can’t I tank like that? WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU CAN WITH

We’ll go through this step by step, one at a time, to maximize your Hp, Defence, and Protection.
By the Time we’re done mana shield will be a thing of the past!


We’ll start off with the basics; All those low ap skills that you can get right off the bat.

Defence! It is the essential skill for Good tanking.
Sitting at a Moderate 173 AP For Humans and giants, and 121 AP for elves, It’s a good first step!
Ranking Defence to 1 Will gives Humans and giants 41 HP and 15 Defence. Elves Only Get 10 Defence, but it’s still a great skill

HUMANS: 41 Hitpoints, 15 Defence, 0 Protection, 173 AP Spent
ELVES: 41 Hitpoints, 10 Defence, 0 Protection, 121 AP Spent
GIANTS: 41 Hitpoints, 15 Defence, 0 Protection, 173 AP Spent

Next Up Is another handy skill.
You guessed it! Combat mastery
Comming in at 198 AP for Humans and Giants and 129 for elves, ranking combat mastery gives a

All stats will now Be abbreviated.
HUMANS: 191 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 373 AP
ELVES: 191 HP, 10 DEF, 0 Prot, 250 AP
Giants: 191 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 373 AP

This easy to rank skill gives you nice boosts in HP, however eats alot of AP! You even get a new pose!
Ranking it to 7 will cost you 90 AP, however will net you 50 HP!

HUMANS: 241 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 463 AP
ELVES: 241 HP, 10 DEF, 0 Prot, 340 AP
GIANTS: 241 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 463 AP

This Low cost AP skill will give you 40 HP at Rank 6, while only costing 68 AP!
On a side note, ranks 7 and 6 can be rather hard to achieve.

HUMANS:281 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 531 AP
ELVES:281 HP, 10 DEF, 0 Prot, 408 AP
GIANTS:281 HP, 15 DEF, 0 Prot, 531 AP

Now that you have some basic skills down, we’ll skip through a few things. Your Tanking has only just begun!

Next Up, we need to get a couple key alchemy skills. These are barrier spikes, and life drain.
The barrier spikes mastery title will give net 12 protection, and lifedrain gives you 45 HP
Barrier Spikes runs in at 153 AP, and life drain at 328, For a total of 481 AP. It’s getting harder now.
Both these will take time to do.

HUMANS: 326 HP, 15 DEF, 12 Prot, 1012 AP
ELVES: 326 HP, 10 DEF, 12 Prot, 882 AP
GIANTS: 326 HP, 15 DEF, 12 Prot, 1012 AP

As you may know, All races have a few skills that no other race can have.
Here we will go over the one that matters most for a giant, Windguard!
Wind Guard will give you a very nice 56 HP at R1, However that is not the best part. Upon activation it will increase your defence by 10 and your protection by a MASSIVE 50! WOW!
Anyways it’s 416 AP. Have fun giants. Windguard effects will be in parenthesis

HUMANS: 326 HP, 15 DEF, 12 Prot, 1012 AP
ELVES: 326 HP, 10 DEF, 12 Prot, 882 AP
GIANTS:382 HP, 15(25) Def, 12(62) Prot, 1428 AP

More skills for all Races
While these skills give much less of a boost, They still do add on additional HP!
Spinning Uppercut(Fighter, 10 HP, 180 AP)
Respite(Fighter, 15 HP, 285 AP)
Drop Kick(Fighter, 10 HP, 270 AP)
Dischord(Bard, 22 HP, 120 AP)
Act 9: Invigorating Encore (Puppet, 20 HP, 286 AP)
Colossus Marionette (Puppet, 5 HP, 22 AP Needed to get the max hp boost at r9)
Pierrot Marionette(Puppet, 5 HP, 22 AP. Same as colossus.)

This skill. Oh, this skill.
I have no idea how it works. I haven’t touched it yet.
What I do know is that with an arch lich transformation, you get extra protection. If anyone could explain this properly for me, I would be grateful
Anyways this skill costs 385 AP, Gives you bonus (Base 40) HP When transformed, and gives you 57 HP at rank 1.

With All Our Basic Skills complete, Let’s see our score!
HUMANS: 470 HP, 15 DEF, 12 Prot, 2582 AP
ELVES: 470 HP, 10 DEF, 12 Prot, 2452
GIANTS: 526 HP, 15(25) DEF, 12(62) Prot, 2998 AP

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