Mabinogi Refining Life Skill Guide

Mabinogi Refining Life Skill Guide by Chaos

This is Chaos attempt his very first guide on life skills ^^
In the following guide I will attempt to guide you through: Refining!


– With the introduction of merchant destiny [G15], it is recommend to attempt most like skills with this destiny as it offer 2x training value.
– This guide main purpose is to serve only as a guideline when ranking certain lifeskills. As such, basic info such as method to obtain, novice ranks etc will not be mention in said guide. Refer to for such info.

Okay let start.


Refining main purpose is to gain the ability to make ingots from ores obtain in barri dungeon with pickaxe, or fragments from beach [like port quilla] with sieve. It’s secondary purpose is to gain dex, which is why this skill is a must for most if not all archers.

Info before starting:

– 5 ore/fragments = 1 ingot
– After 180 no further increase of success rate can be obtain via dex.
– Success rate formual : Base success rate + (Dex – 60) * (Base success rate / 300) + Production Mastery Rank Bonus
– Click here for numbers and vaules of each rank’s requirement.


– Attempt this skills with zero low dex.
– Attempt this skills before ranking production mastery.
– Remember to check auto production
– Prepare to use other skills like Metallurgy or prepare to grind [although not recommend] barri dungeon for ores.
– It is recommend to spam reforge for an exp 2 refine bracelet. Each lvl increases the base value of each requirement by 10%.

[e.g with lvl 2 refine bracelet, successfully refine iron at rF becomes 6 points instead of 5 points].

– Always attempt the requirements that gives the most points first [unless its silver in some cases].
– While Attempting them always attempt to fail if it is a requirement.

[e.g : rC attempt to failed copper, so if one do succeed, one will still obtain points.]

– Mythril mine pass from G2 can be bought infinity from Gilmore at max price of 6.4k.

Achieve low dex :
– Use titles that lower dex : who Experienced Death [-30 dex]
– Eat food that lower dex : Vales fire [12~15 dex]
– Enchants that lower dex : Scarecrow [-9~6]

*Which is obtain via sickle form from punching scarecrows outside of dunbarton and other fields.
[This method require one to burn the enchant and enchant it onto other items].
Other enchants that drop dex: Fleet, Wooden Needle, Snail, Tilted, Melting, Snowfall, Stiff*

– Persona : After accomplishing G13, one can use Hamlet’s Anguish or Claudius’s Conspiracy to lower one dex for 5min. [-30]
– Failure Potions can be obtain via cash shop if one has the NX for it. [-20% success rate]
– One can effectively lower one’s dex to -99+


rF: Aim for SUCCESS in IRON

rE: Aim for SUCCESS in IRON

rD: Aim for SUCCESS in IRON

rC: Aim for COPPER FAILS. Fill in the rest with IRON SUCCESS.

rB: Aim for COPPER FAILS then aim for COPPER SUCCESS, If one has reforge, one can then aim for pure iron success. If one does not have reforge one has to aim 20 IRON FAILS before attempting to finish IRON SUCCESS.

*At this point one can always opt out fails of any kind with iron success, however this method is generally more expensive and only recommended for those with gold or has really high dex to attempt fails.*

rA: Aim for ONE SILVER FAIL then ONE SILVER SUCCESS. Aim for COPPER FAILS. 9 fails without reforge 5 fails with reforge. Then aim for COPPER SUCCESS.

r9 : Aim for 3 SILVER FAIL and 2 SILVER SUCCESS. Then aim for COPPER FAILS. 10 fails is require, while only 2 fail are require with reforge.

*At this point one can opt out silver fails for copper success*

r8 : Aim for ONE GOLD FAILS then ONE SUCCESS. Then aim for 9 SILVER FAILS or 5 SILVER FAILS with reforge.

r7 : Aim for GOLD FAIL then SUCCESS. Then aim for COPPER SUCCESS. Then attempt silver fails. 2 fails with reforge while 10 fails without reforge.

r6 : Aim for two MYTHRIL FAIL then one MYTHRIL SUCCESS. Then GOLD FAIL before GOLD SUCCESS then pure SILVER SUCCESS. [This is the ‘HELL’ rank as it requires large quanities of silver.]

r5 : Aim for IRON PLATES SUCCESS first. Then 4 MYTHRIL FAIL follow by MYTHRIL SUCCESS. One would be done with reforge. Without it, one would have to do 7 more GOLD SUCCESS to finish the rank.

r4 : Aim for COPPER PLATE SUCCESS. Then MYTHRIL FAILS follow by MYTHRIL SUCCESS and 1 GOLD SUCCESS to finish the rank. With reforge only need 2 MYTHRIL FAILS and the MYTHRIL SUCCESS to finish the rank.

*At this point one can opt out mythril fails with gold success*


r2 : Aim for GOLD PLATE SUCCESS. Then MYTHRIL FAILS follow by MYTHRIL SUCCESS. Then pure GOLD SUCCESS before fill the last 5.75 points with either SILVER SUCCESS [if one has them] or COPPER/IRON SUCCESS to finish rank. If one has reforge one can always attempt AS MANY MYTHRIL FAILS as possible until MYTHRIL SUCCESS is completed. Then fill the rest with GOLD SUCCESS. [if one can finish all mythril fails only 15 gold success is require].


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