Aura Kingdom Duelist DOT Guide

Aura Kingdom Duelist DOT Guide by ChaserJD

After alot of sadness and getting my butt whooped in duels i decided to stop dueling and work on How my build worked in Aura Kingdom.

Dots (Damage Over time) In any game is a specific amount of damage Split into smaller amounts that is Dealt in Ticks over the course of a certain amount of time. This is the same For any game.

*Speed. The Speed Stat (not to be confused with Movement speed) Increases your Auto Attack Speed and the cooldown of your Abilities.

*Crit (Or Crit %). Is the Chance you have of increasing boosted damage to a enemy

*Crit DMG (Crit DMG%). Is how Much Bonus Damage you do during a crit.

*Skill Level. Increases the Skill Damage Of a specific Skill

Damage(STAT) Unlike the damage done by a skill Bonus Damage is given from your gear/stats, And increases how ard you hit in general.
The Damage Stat given by gear will be called bonus damage in this guide while Skill damage is skill damage

Now in Aura Kingdom dots work In a very Unique way and im going to say this one nice and clear


This means All of your bonus damage from gear and spamming points into damage is 100% useless on DOTS.
Instead Dots Only Increase Damage By Crits, Crit DMG, and speed.
But why speed?
The Way Aura Kingdom works Is A dot will deal ??? amount of Damage per tick Instead of a Fixed amount of damage split into pieces.
Speed comes into play here because for a certain amount of speed you have it will Increase How fast a dot ticks.

Cross slash is a DOT from the Duelist And with no speed it will deal X Skill Damage every 1.0 second for 12 seconds. Meaning 12 Ticks of X Damage.

With 10 % Speed. this lowers to It will Deal X Skill Damage every 0.9 Seconds for 12 Seconds. Meaning 13 ticks of X damage.

With 30% Speed this lowers to It will Deal X Skill Damage Every 0.8 Second for 12 Seconds. Meaning ?? ticks of Damage.(do the math)

So in painful observation i learned that Dots are very Unusual and personally i find them weak for not being able to rely on Bonus Damage, and in my personal opinion are tedious in pvp.

(everything here

But there is one dot that Rises against this.
The Duelists Cross slash.

Like i explained above Cross slash Deals X Skill Damage every tick for 12 seconds This skill stacks 5 times.

Stack means if you cast cross slash with the Cross slash dot already on a target it will do X times the number of stacks over time. To a maximum of 5 stacks.

There is Also a ultimate skill that increases Cross slash Duration to 15 Seconds (meaning more ticks)
In PVE this Is the Main Single target Damage in the Duelist arsenal and should always be active and with 50% speed this Skill Becomes spammable.

In a PVP situacion it is more difficult to reach 5 stacks of cross slash Since Anything that removes debuffs will kill cross slash completely
But if any poor fool reaches 4-5 stacks of Cross slash with out some form of large heal or Despell there Death is sealed even if you have already been killed (only in BattleFields)

I always found it humorous as i got Cross slash kills from beyond the grave.

But this is My Cross Slash (The Dot Guide)
Hope you enjoy and add whatever info you want or questions Leave in a post below

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