Yitien Battle Rating Factors Guide

Yitien Battle Rating Factors Guide by Theos

What is Battle Rating?
Battle Rating is the ‘Indicator of character’s overall power’ or simply the combined rating of different factors strengthening one’s character.

What increases Battle Rating?
There are many factors affecting one’s battle rating, here is a general summary:
~Base stats~
~Skills and Skill Level~
~Wardrobe System~
~Inner Strength~
~ Fate and Talent System~

Here is a simple explanation of each factor:

~Increase the base stats of your Mount by doing either:
1. Training – Consumes 1 Mount Orb or 35 Ingots
2. Advanced Training – consumes 50 Mount Orbs or 1750 ingots

*(Rare) Mounts attribute bonuses are stacked.
*Mount Orb/s are consumed first if present in the inventory before using ingots.
*Training level limit depends on character level; Rare mount’s ‘Max Mount Attribute lvl +2’ increases the limit by 2 levels.

~Upgrading Meridians increase your attributes
~Completing certain condition unlocks additional bonuses
~To upgrade Meridian Vessels, certain number of Meridian Orbs are required

*Meridian Orb synthesizing requirements: (1) Meridian Orb Synth Scroll, (10) Black Creams, (10) Spiderworts, and (10) Crystal Beads.
*Meridian Orb Synth Scroll is obtained from Deluxe Treasure Chests(random) from the Dueling For Treasure event and Challenge the Masters.

Base Stats
~As your level increases, your base stats increases as well.
~Marriage system also affects base stats; wedding rings used in marriage sets the base stats bonus received when reaching certain amounts of intimacy. 

*For Marriage Guide Click HERE

~Equipment is the one of the main factors that can increase the attributes and battle rating.
~Equipment itself has different factors and bonuses to unlock.

*Equipment type, enchant level, refining bonus, and equipment bonuses are some of the factors of an equipment.

Skills and Skill Level
~As you level-up skills or unlock new ones, your battle rating increases.

*Skill Books (level 1 to 4) are sold in Skill Book Vendor.
*Skills level 36 to 68 can be bought in the HONOR SHOP.

Wardrobe System
~This newly added feature offers additional stats from clothes (character costume);
~Clothing bonus can be unlocked by purchasing certain number of clothes;
~Clothes can be upgraded to increase it’s attribute bonus.

*Costumes can be upgraded using ‘Small Fashion Shard’ which is sold in the SHOP under CLOTHING tab.

Inner Strength
~Gives attribute bonuses depending on the Essence orbs level.
*Essence orbs gain exp from the slot machine (spinning the slot machine requires Essence)
*Essence is obtained from Challenging the Masters, Checkpoint (Rock-Paper-Scissors) and Watermelons

Fate and Talent System
~The newest addition in the game to help boost one’s attributes and battle rating.
~Fates (Fate Orbs) are the ORBS which you can level-up (by consuming other LOWER type of Fate) and equip.
~Talent System, which was released recently together with Fate, offers additional attributes which can be unlocked by simply increasing your Talent level.
~Upgrading Talent level accumulates Talent Blessing exp.

*Fate Chests, which gives Fate Orbs, is obtained from clan’s Gogadon (click HERE to read more about clan’s Gogadon)
*Talent Blessing level must be higher than Talent level to activate Talent Blessing Bonus.

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