Yitien Marriage Guide

Yitien Marriage Guide by dms143

Here is the Step by Step Marriage Guide

1. A.)Level Requirement of 35+
B.) Intimacy of at least 100
P.S. you need ingots for flowers or a long standing party relationship with the partner to get 100 intimacy as “Friends”
Name:  intimacy.JPG Views: 2539 Size:  23.6 KB
C.) Rings :
Name:  ring.JPG Views: 2542 Size:  63.4 KB

2. Now the players must party up with the companion and follow the leader, the leader must then go to the wedding hall and click the marry npc to marry, make sure you have the ring and necessary intimacy!
Name:  marrynpc.JPG Views: 2552 Size:  130.7 KB

3. The ‘Following’ party member Should Accept the proposal and make sure that you guys have 100 at least intimacy

4. Marriage lasts for 10mins wherein you can send envelopes and players can send gifts to your wedding which contains flowers and other goodies:

Name:  envelope.JPG Views: 2534 Size:  53.8 KB

Here is the players option of sending gifts inside wedding hall:
Name:  wedding gift.JPG Views: 2539 Size:  46.7 KB

5. You can click the attend wedding icon to automatically get to the wedding hall.
Name:  attend.JPG Views: 2531 Size:  8.5 KB

6. Stats should increase if you successfully gotten married. Note: Max stats of rings are only possible if you have over 30k+ intimacy
Name:  buff.JPG Views: 2549 Size:  54.9 KB

7. BTW you can divorce! Same NPc costs you 1k silver unbound!
Intimacy from your partner stays so you can remarry again!

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