Rift 61 Dominator PvP Guide

Rift 61 Dominator PvP Guide by Meduza

61 Dominator is a powerful PvP spec. There are different ways to play the spec that can all be devastating to the other team. This guide details a spec and playstyle specifically for maximum AOE damage.


61 Dominator / 8 Stormcaller / 7 Harbringer


8 Stormcaller: +10% aoe damage, this is huge because almost all of your abilities are AE .. check the tooltips.

7 Harbringer: Runspeed, cool sword, and 10% SP stacks well with dominant personalities

Notable Abilities:

Charge consumers

Arresting Presence – Great ability, but I prefer to prioritize charge for Lightning Wall, use on healers.

Lightning Wall – nice AE dot, the orientation of the rectangle is determined by the direction your character is facing.

Reflective Presence – Use while Lightning wall is active (doesn’t consume charge this way)

Static Flux – I don’t use this too often but it’s available if you have extra charge and want a little boost on your air spells.


Void Wall – It’s the edges of the circle that does damage people. Stop casting it dead center over extractors u noobs.

Grasping Void – light snare and damage; the snare is a controlling effect which procs your pain armor.

Gravity Void – knocks them in the air, not the best but decent filler

Nyx’s Orb – Does damage around the orb as it moves, very situational, but always try to max the distance it goes. If you have melee on you, you can run along with the orb and try to make it keep hitting them.

Traitorous Influence – it’s gud

Storm Shackle – Another gud one

Mass Betrayal – Most Powerful offensive ability in rift. Don’t use in small skirmishes unless absolutely necessary, you want to get at least 4+ with it.

Mass Exhaustion – AE mez, Also a great tool to get Dominant Personality and Swift Control procs without needing a target.


Haunting Pain – strong dot, also since it has so many stacks, it’s great to use before cleansable abilities.

Malevolent Bolt – Sucks, but does a little more damage than neural prod, pretty much only use when everything else is on cooldown

Thunder Blast – knockback, but often your best filler when everything else is on cooldown

Transference – Ok instant damage, good filler


Split Personality – Damage is pretty weak nowadays, but still worth using when it’s up.

Reflective Command – No global cooldown, so you can macro it in your spam macros to keep it active.

Deny – good

Priest’s Lament – The name pretty much explains it, very effective, but prioritize damage with this build.

Mana Wrench – I don’t waste my time mana wrenching with this build.

Malevolent Shield – Heal Debuff, good

Death’s Edict – I usually prefer just squirreling everything. But it has its uses here and there.

Transmogrify – Cast it on anything in between blowing your cooldowns. Got 5 people chasing you? Keep tabbing and squirreling as you run away, works everytime, 25% of the time.

Dom has a wide variety of strong 30 second cooldown abilities, and it can be overwhelming using them all effectively in a pvp environment without macro’ing similar abilities together. This is what I use and am comfortable with, but by no means is this a theorycrafted ideal setup. PvP is situational so I just tried to group situational abilities together:


#show traitorous influence
cast traitorous influence
cast @self reflective command
cast storm shackle
cast transference
cast thunder blast
cast storm’s fury
cast neural prod

^^ TI + SS, your two main targeted cooldowns, with other instant abilities as backups

#show thunder blast
cast thunder blast
cast transference
cast storm’s fury
cast neural prod

^^ Instant damage abilities, when you don’t want to blow TI + SS to kill something with little health left.

#show void wall
cast void wall
cast grasping void
cast gravity void
cast nyx’s orb

^^ Ground Target AE damage, each behaves differently so dont aimlessly use this macro, know what you are using and how to place it. Nyx’s orb also needs it’s own keybind, I just put it at the end of this macro in case everything else isn’t available.

#show haunting pain
cast haunting pain
cast malevolent bolt

^^ ST cast abilities

#show deny
cast @self reflective command
cast @self deny

^^ Self cleanse and reflect


– Massive burst AE damage can be done if you chain all the AE abilities together. I like to get void wall and grasping void up, launch a nyx’s orb in maybe, then cast mass betrayal, lightning wall, TI + SS.. all the numbers can make your computer lag.

– Get your dom procs up as often as you can before big cooldown dumps, I like to use Mass Exhaustion just as I’m getting into range to get the procs up without a target.

– ST damage with this build can be very lackluster, especially when you don’t have all your cooldowns. You will have to deal with the fact that you will frequently have nothing better than malevolent bolt and neural prod left.

– Depending on the trend of fights, I will switch out of this build to pyro/dom or harb for ST burst. If the other team just has too much AE healing, you may have better luck actually killing stuff with a ST oriented build.

– I use the Harbringer Crystal for the passive 200sp.

– Buffs: Lightning Shield, Pain Armor, Lightning Blade

Couple videos of the build in action:


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