Rift Tasuil Minion Card Guide

Rift Tasuil Minion Card Guide by AvocadoRiftThrowaway

So recently there was a bit of hubbub on the forums when it was discovered that the 5/15 minute minion deck had some link/chained adventures that we had only previously seen during the Fae Yule event – here’s a guide on how to complete that chain!

Beginning the Chain

Prerequisites: Una and Rirnef

Una is a minion purchasable upon reaching Friendly notoriety with the Onir. Rirnef is acquired through the storyline quest “Questionable Allegiance” from Finric in Port Scuddra.

Once you have Una, you can start doing 5/15 minute adventures and eventually see this mission. This begins the chain which leads to missions such as this and this. The final mission in this subset is Plan a Dimensional Heist.

Acquiring the 6 minions

If you keep doing 5/15 minute missions at this point, you’ll notice unchained missions such as “Make a Pact with Quag” and “Win Over Orlan”. This indicates that you do not have the minions named in these missions. You now need to find:

  • Pyrestorm – Dropped from the rare mob “Pyrestorm” in Goboro RReef
  • Orlan – Dropped from secret chest or rare mob “Blightbeard” in the Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight chronicle
  • Ionraic – Dropped from Instant Adventure Caches
  • Lil Reggie – Dropped from Nightmare Rift Caches
  • Quaq – Obtained from completion of the “Levaithan” event on Tyrant’s Throne
  • C1-0N3 – Crafted by an apothecary

One you have the minions, make sure to begin leveling them to 10.
(You can also check your local auction house; Ionraic/Lil Reggie are common.)

Assemble (and level) your crew

Once you have all 6 of the listed minions, you can begin the next part of the chain. You will see “Your Team is Assembled!” in the 5/15 minute deck. There are only two chained missions you can do before all 6 of your minions have reached level 10: “Search for the Drowned Halls Sliver” and“Case the Drowned Halls”.

At this point, if your 6 minions are not level 10 you will see missions such as “Orlan Grows Gardens” and “Quaq Swims Laps”. Keep running them through 1 minute EXP adventures until they are level 10.

Heist the Drowned Halls

One your 6 special minions are level 10, keep doing 5/15 minute adventures until you see “Heist Team Manugo Party”. After the manugo mission, you’ll see one special mission for each minion – make sure to save 5 stamina for each! Pyrestorm, C1-0N3, Lil Reggie, Orlan, Quaq, &Ionraic.

Make sure to start saving minions slots after you’ve finished the 6 single-minion missions – you need at least 3 minions slots to do the next part of the chain.

In the 5/15 minute missions, you’ll see missions that don’t look to be part of the chain related to two minions: C1-0N3 and Quaq. To get to the next chain minion, you must have both missions active at the same time (think attractor minion) which will lead to “Guards Tricked Into Dungeon, Door Sealed”. Repeat this for Lil Reggie/Pyrestorm (“Explosions Cleared the Corridors while Reggie Sulked”) and Orlan/Ionraic (“Vault Lock Opened, Inner Doors Lifted”).

Rescue Tasuil, Dragon of Telara

You’re close to being done – just keep doing 5/15 minute adventures until you see this mission! (It personally took me 100+ 5/15 minute adventures.)


Snedhepl has stated that this chain is repeatable. Personally purchasing Una started the chain for me, so I’m not sure what the trigger is to do the chain again. EDIT: Snedhepl messaged me on live and hinted that there is a secret prerequisite to starting the chain that no one has discovered….

There’s a bug where you complete the Tasuil mission but don’t get the minion – seems like this is a known bug and will be fixed, but I had to reach out to Snedhepl on the forums. If you bugged out too, shoot him a PM on the forums. (Also Snedhepl will be changing the attributes so Tasuil isn’t the same as Greatfather Frost.)

Thanks to Crithappens/Jonus for first informing us of the chain!

Shoot me a tell (Avocados@deepwood) if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the guide.

tl;dr get 6 minions, level them to 10, spam 5/15 minute adventures

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